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Rain Brown

Rain Brown

Rain Brown is a reality television actress, businesswoman, and social media influencer. Rain Brown appears on Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People. Rain has six elder brothers and sisters ranging in age from 39 to 27 years old. “Merry Christmas, Kathryn Raindrop Brown,” is her full name.

Early life and Childhood

Rain Brown, a 16-year-old American actress and reality TV personality, was born on November 23, 2002, in Alaska, USA, under the Sagittarius archer’s sign, Christmas greetings Raindrop.

She rose to prominence because to her involvement in the blockbuster Discovery TV show “Alaskan Bush People” — in practically every episode, we get to watch Rain, her parents, and brothers as they try to survive off the land in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness.

Several episodes of the show were also shot in the state of Washington.

Rain is the Brown family’s youngest member, and although appearing in a play about living in the woods, she acts like any other adolescent girl.

She enjoys fashion and frequently shares songs with her admirers.

Education Details

Rain Brown was born in Alaska, although her parents, Amora and Billy, are from a tiny hamlet in rural Texas, not the northernmost of the 50 US states.

After a few years of marriage, they chose to withdraw from civilization and live off the land, without the use of any modern equipment or technological help.

Rain and her six older siblings — Matthew, Joshua, Solomon, Gabriel, Noah, and Amora – joined them in Alaska.

Rain grew up in Hoonah, Alaska, and also spent time on Chichagof Island, which is close.

Growing up was difficult for her since the family wandered from shelter to shelter, hoping to find a permanent home in the woods. Rain is still in high school, therefore she doesn’t have a job other than starring on the reality TV show.

Professional Career

Rain hasn’t featured in many episodes of “Alaskan Bush People” in recent years, owing to her hectic schedule in high school. Rain’s interests outside of education include music (she plays the ukulele) and fashion.

In one Instagram story, she stated that she enjoys sculpting and that it is one of the nicest things a person can do when camping. Rain announced on Twitter that she is a huge fan of Nancy Drew’s mystery novels.

Given that she is just 16 years old, it is impossible to predict which career she will pursue, whether she will continue to appear in “Alaskan Bush People,” or whether she will follow in her parents’ footsteps.

Rain has been kept out of the public eye by Ami and Billy, resulting in a lack of rumors and claims.

Young In 2017, Rain was devastated to learn that her mother had lung cancer.

Rain didn’t want to speak to the cameras or her family members during this moment of uncertainty. She then said that she was depressed because she was afraid she might lose her mother.

Ami Brown’s entire family relocated to Southern California in late 2017 in order for her to obtain adequate therapy. Ami had surgery on December 21, 2017, and was declared cancer-free on January 17, 2018.

Alaskan Bush Folk

Ami and Billy, Rain’s parents, have been enjoying their legendary lifestyle since the late 1990s.

Discovery TV producers learned about Billy Brown and his family in 2009, and they visited with the whole Brown clan multiple times to learn more about this remarkable set of individuals.

Billy was already well-known for his two works, “Teacher of the Old Code” and “One Wave at a Time,” both of which described the advantages and disadvantages of living in the woods.

Following these discussions, Discovery offered the Browns their own reality TV program in which they would educate people the secrets of surviving off the land and broadcast what happens in their daily life.

Billy was first apprehensive, but soon concluded that a little attention couldn’t hurt and accepted the offer.

The show debuted in 2014 and quickly became a smash, with an average of 2.3 million viewers tuning in for each episode.

The Season Three finale now retains the record for most viewers, with four million households tuning in to watch what happens. The program was renewed for a tenth season by Discovery in April 2019.

Criticism and Legal Issues

Rain and her family have faced a barrage of vitriol as a result of their unexpected celebrity. Some program watchers have accused them of being imposters who ‘live in a mansion while spending time in the wilderness simply to shoot episodes.’

The Browns’ issues were exacerbated when the Alaska Department of Revenue initiated an inquiry into their money, finally uncovering that they lied about staying in Alaska all year in order to get government support.

Rain’s father, Billy, and brother, Joshua, were both sentenced to 30 days in jail after being convicted on up to 60 charges of falsification, theft, and other petty offences.

As a result, the family relocated to Washington, where they presently reside. According to rumors, they are unable to return to Alaska since the authorities consider them “unwelcome.”

Net Worth and Salary

Rain Brown has a net worth of roughly ‘$100,000, ‘ according to numerous sources, as of mid-2019, which is impressive for a person her age.

Rain will likely have access to more assets as she grows older because the Brown family as a whole has $60 million to their name.

However, if she decides to pursue her own career in show business or another field, her net worth might quickly surpass the seven-figure mark.

Relationship Status

Rain posted a photo with a pro-LGBTQ caption in October 2017, which sparked speculation among fans and the media over whether she is homosexual or not.

She did something similar in December 2017, which upset some of her admirers.

Her Instagram comments were negative, prompting Rain to reply, ‘You should be embarrassed by criticizing other people because of who and what they love!!!’ It’s none of your business,’ she said on Instagram.

People believed she was lesbian since she refers to her followers as “rainbows.” When a fan asked her whether she was a lesbian, Rain quickly said, ‘No, I’m straight.’ And because my name is Rain, I nickname my admirer’s rainbows, but you do you, boo.’

Rain is most likely single and concentrating on her job right now. We can’t determine if she has a partner or not because there is no clear proof concerning her relationship status.

Rain tweeted a photo of her brother Gabriel kissing his fiancée on 14 February 2018, further cementing the perception that she is single – of course, she isn’t yet 17!

Body Measurement

She is 5′ 9′′  fееt аnd іnсhеѕ аnd (175 сm)  tаll, shе weight аbоut 110 lb n оund аnd 50kg іn Кіlоgrаmѕ.

Неr еr еуе соlоr GRеY аnd hаіr соlоr is Dаrk brоwn.

Social Media

Rain, like any other actress and model, recognizes the value of social media as a marketing tool.

She interacts with her followers on various channels and periodically offers sneak peaks of upcoming episodes of “Alaskan Bush People.”

She mostly uses Instagram to share photos of her two dogs, Bardum and Jakson — she has 120,000 followers.

She has 8,000 followers on Twitter, making her a bit less popular.

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  • Rain Brown was born on November 23, 2002, in Alaska, USA, under the archer’s sign of Sagittarius. Kathryn Raindrop “Rain” Brown is a 16-year-old American reality TV personality and actress.
  • She became famous through her role in the hit Discovery TV show “Alaskan Bush People” – in almost every episode, we have the opportunity to follow Rain and her parents and siblings as they attempt to live off the land, in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.
  • In 2014, the show aired for the first time and ended up being a hit, with an average of 2.3 million people watching every episode.
  • In October 2017, Rain uploaded a picture with a pro-LGBTQ description, which prompted both fans and the media to wonder if she’s gay or not.
  • People also suspected that she is gay because she likes to call her fans “rainbows”.
  • Rain is most likely single and concentrating on her job right now.
  • Rain was devastated in 2017 when she learned that her mother had lung cancer.