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Who is Prettyboyfredo?

Prettyboyfredo is a YouTuber who makes videos. Prettyboyfredo is best known for his gaming videos and vlogs. As a result, he now has over 7.35 million members on the network, and his following continues to increase. He also streams on Twitch.

Early life and Childhood

Prettyboyfredo was born on August 20, 1993, in Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

He also uploads vlogs, pranks, and challenges, among other things.

He was not raised by his biological parents because he was supposedly put up for adoption by his parents when he was a child, and he had a lot of problems as a result.

 Despite this, he was able to secure sufficient funding to continue his education.

Education Details

Prettyboyfredo went to the University of Central Florida to study (UCF).

With over 66,000 students from 157 countries and all 50 states enrolled on campus, the state institution is notable for having the most students on the campus of any US university.

It now offers over 200 degrees through 13 colleges.

The school was established in 1963 with the goal of increasing the number of people who could help the US space program.

The university has given over 290,000 degrees and features an NCAA Division I sporting team.

During his stay at university, he developed an interest in launching an online business.

Professional Career

Prettyboyfredo launched his YouTube page in 2009, but he didn’t intend to make material until 2014, therefore he didn’t start uploading videos until then.

Like many ambitious YouTubers, he intended to use his channel to gain fame and money.

Google’s AdSense service, which generates advertising revenue, allows content providers to make money directly from Google.

Despite the fact that the website was extremely competitive, it was able to thrive despite it having the world’s largest online video library, which included clips, documentaries, music videos, films, trailers, video blogs (vlogs), and much more.

He chose to concentrate on the video game franchise “NBA 2K” at first.

The game is a basketball simulation game based on the National Basketball Association (NBA), which has been operating since 1999 and simulates NBA basketball.

 Each annual iteration, released by 2K Sports, highlights advancements over prior editions.

On 18 platforms, the franchise has published 18 main editions and various spin-offs.

The game has regularly received positive reviews and sales, making it one of the best-selling NBA franchises.

The 2K franchise has sold over 90 million units as of December 2018. He eventually gained popularity for various types of videos, such as pranks, vlogs, challenges, and the like.

This resulted in a major boost in his subscriber base, as he gained over five million as a result of his programming.

As a result, he began to make more of these types of movies rather than gaming ones.

He would raise his money as a result of his celebrity, which he would utilize to help fund his video production.

He began going on shopping sprees, philanthropic activities, and money-related challenges, and his videos received millions of views in return.

He also purchased fancy automobiles, footwear, and other items, which he displayed in films.

While he appears to have abandoned gaming on YouTube, he remains passionate about it and occasionally streams from a Twitch channel.

Twitch is an Amazon-owned live-streaming network that focuses on video game live broadcasting, however, it has recently added other sorts of streaming.

With over 2.2 million broadcasters and over 15 million active users, it is regarded as one of the most popular platforms of its sort.

While he enjoys playing “NBA 2K” games, he also uses his YouTube channel to play other games that he enjoys.

Net Worth and Salary

In late 2019, Prettyboyfredo’s net worth was estimated to be $2 million.

Relationship Status

Prettyboyfredo previously had a long-term relationship with Jasmine.

They had been dating since the mid-2010s, and she had become a celebrity after appearing in numerous of her ex-videos. fiancé,

They have a child together and were engaged, however, their relationship ended in mid-2019.

Since then, he’s teased about having other girlfriends, numerous girlfriends, and even a personal assistant with whom he might be connected.

Despite the fact that they are no longer together, she continues to appear on his channel on a regular basis.

Prettyboyfredo with his wife. Sources; Pinterest

Body measurement

Prettyboyfredo stands at 5 feet 9 inches (180 centimeters) tall. He also weighs around 70 kilograms or 154 pounds.

Social Media

With over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Prettyboyfredo channel provides a glimpse into his life away from the cameras.

He dislikes having his entire face shown in photographs, preferring to take them from the side or with some way of concealing his face.

He has around 400,000 followers on Twitter, where he is quite active, tweeting several times a day.

On other accounts, he has fan pages as well. He mentions in his reports that despite not having the best background, he found a way to improve his life and that anyone can do the same.

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  • Prettyboyfredo was born on 20 August 1993, in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, and is a YouTube personality, known online as Prettyboyfredo for his channel on which he mainly uploads videos pertaining to the “NBA 2K” video game franchise.
  •  He enrolled at the University of Central Florida (UCF).
  •  This increased his subscribership significantly, as he gained over five million due to his content.
  •  While he has seemingly put gaming behind him on YouTube, he continues to be very passionate about it, and at times, streams from a channel on Twitch.
  • Prettyboyfredo has previously engaged long-term partner Jasmine.