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Phoenix Wolf Margera, Truth About Bam Margera Son

Phoenix Wolf Margera
  • Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd have a son named Phoenix Wolf Margera.
  • Phoenix’s father is a professional skateboarder, stuntman, and media personality.
  • Bam married Melissa Rothstein, an American model, and photographer.

Who is Phoenix Wolf Margera?

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd have a son named Phoenix Wolf Margera. He was born in the year 2017. Bam, Phoenix’s father, is a professional skateboarder, stuntman, and media personality.

Skateboarder’s son:

On September 28th, 1979, he was born.

He has 41 years on the clock.

Nicole Boyd, a graphic designer, model, and actor, is Phoenix’s mother.

Her birthday is January 24th, 1984. Her age is 36 years.

The origin of his name:

When Bam asked why he called his baby Phoenix Wolf,

he just stated that he loved the name and that everyone agreed to stick with it.

When asked the same question again, he stated that he and his wife Nicole met at the Phoenix Theater.

That’s why the couple chose the name Phoenix for their child.

Phoenix Wolf Margera
Phoenix Wolf Margera with his father and mother source: alpes-holidays –

Skating lessons for his son:

Bam shared a video on Instagram of himself training his youngster to skate.

Bam is overjoyed and can’t wait to teach his youngster to skate.

For the time being, he is teaching his son how to balance the board.

Bam promises to teach his son tricks and acrobatics when he is old enough to understand.

Bam’s Legal Problems:

Bam got hit on the head with a baseball bat in 2010.

He was transported to the hospital with a severe head injury.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that a woman named Elizabeth struck him with a bat because Bam said the N-word.

However, he rejected the charges, claiming that he used the term “idiot bitch” rather than the N-word.

Bam was arrested in 2013 at an airport in Iceland.

He was accused of fleeing the country without resolving a rental vehicle dispute.

Bam had leased a car in Iceland and returned it in a horrible condition.

He was about to flee the nation without paying for the damages when officers apprehended him.

He was released later that day after paying the outstanding money.

Bam’s Relationship:

In 2007, Bam married Melissa Rothstein, an American model, and photographer.

They later separated and went their separate ways in 2012.

Bam married Nicole in 2013.

He revealed Nicole’s pregnancy and happiness in an Instagram post in 2017.

They are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy named Phoenix.

The following are the reasons behind his first failed marriage:

Bam was a binge drinker.

He used to get into conflicts with his first wife all the time.

Margera once ended up in the hospital as a result of heavy drinking.

He’s also a habitual cheater on his wife with other women.

Melissa, his ex-wife, couldn’t stand it and left town, subsequently divorcing him.

Mom’s problem

Bam Margera appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and talked about losing his mind and his troubles with his mother.

Bam expressed his dissatisfaction with his wife and mother during the conversation.

He revealed that his mother constantly calls him and frustrates him, causing him to lose his sanity.

He was behaving strangely and claimed to be having a mental breakdown.

Bam was 39 years old at the time of the interview, and he stated that his mother interfered in his personal life needlessly.

He stated that he never asked her to do this, but she does it on her own initiative.

After hearing Bam’s chats, Dr. Phil advised him to tell his mother to keep him out of his personal life

and to avoid people that anger him and disrupt his mental serenity.

Dr.Phil then video-spoke with Bam’s mother to discuss personal limits.

Bam told his mother that the castle house was his and that he could do whatever he wanted with it.

Her mother informed him that she had better ideas for the castle residence, but Bam does not want anyone in there.

She also revealed that her son Bam wants to invite his pals to the house.

According to her mother, Bam’s pals are bad for her since they will ruin her life.

Bam complained that his mother was driving him insane since she never listened to him.

His mother constantly keeps asking him questions, but she never tries to understand what Bam is saying.

The interviewer advised his mother to give Bam his mental peace and allow him to live alone.

Dr. advised Bam’s mother not to worry about Bam.

Came across a naked woman.

Bam spoke with Sneaky Tv about his film, his admirers, and the benefits of celebrity.

He began the conversation by discussing the ride and his troubles operating a stick shift.

Bam then discussed the worst party he had ever attended, which he claimed was hosted by P. Diddy.

He was beaten up after stepping on one of his homies’ brand-new Nike shoes at that party.

Margera also stated that holding parties on your own is really stressful since you have to take on all of the obligations because it’s your party, which he believes is not good.

He stated that attending other people’s gatherings is enjoyable because

he does not have to take on any duties and can simply enjoy himself.

They were offered free drinks at P. Diddy’s party, but Bam spent $30 for a Heincers.

Bam then described one of his fan encounters.

A girl claiming to be a Bam admirer sneaked into Bam’s residence naked.

He had no idea what to do because she was entirely naked.

Bam inquired as to her identity, and she replied that she was an AI sent from Jupiter.

He dialed 911, and five officers arrived at his home to arrest her.

When the girl saw the cops, she didn’t know what to do and cartwheeled away.

She took refuge in Bam’s wooden tree, which had collapsed after a storm.

After a 7-hour hunt, the cops eventually arrested her.

Bam then discussed the benefits and drawbacks of celebrity.

He stated that one of the benefits of being famous is receiving several gifts

and that if he is seen on a flight, he is given a first-class seat.

However, he stated that no matter how exhausted he is,

he must appear pleased, and this is a downside of being famous.

Another issue is that supporters often interrupt him, which irritates him, but he can’t do anything about it.

Did Bam spend a year in rehab?

Bam discussed his drinking and how a year in rehab improved his life in an interview with Steve O’s Wild Ride!

Bam had a drinking problem.

He was under the effect of alcohol for over a decade, and it was a nightmare for him.

One of the friends, Novak, advised that Bam go to treatment for a year since it would be worthwhile and he would feel better.

Bam tried 60 days of therapy but it didn’t work out so well that he opted to stay in rehab for a year.

He still had 90 days of class left when he gave that interview.

Bam revealed that a year in recovery had done a lot for him and that he had never felt better in his life.

He called his friend Novak and said he felt much better than earlier.

Bam reflected on his past and related how he used to wake up with hangovers.

He used to sit at home all day, drinking, cracking jokes, and watching TV.

Margera tried abstaining from drinking, but it didn’t help.

He stopped drinking, then started again, and it was giving him a lot of issues.

Bam was unable to achieve anything useful as a result of his increased drinking.

To be sober, one must be a part of a sober team, and Bam moved to San Marcos since there was a skater group there.

He didn’t even touch booze while he was there.

He became more active after going skating with a friend.

They used to get up early to go skating and hiking, but he twisted his ankle after a few days.

He became unable to do these things and returned to his drinking habit.

Alcohol addiction is quite harmful; initially, he believed he would drink just a glass of whisky,

but gradually he goes for two, three, one bottle, two bottles, and so on.

Bam does not want to return to his previous life after completing a one-year rehabilitation program.

Sources of income and net worth:

Phoenix is three years old and too young to work.

As a result, he has no net worth. However, his father’s net worth is as follows:

Sources of wealth

Twenty million dollars

Producer of the reality program

Height, weight, and age:

Phoenix has been alive for three years.

His height and weight remain unknown.

His father is currently teaching him how to balance on a skateboard.