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Petronella Barker Now Everything About Anthony Hopkins’ Ex-Wife

  • Petronella Barker is the ex-wife of the famous actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins.
  • In the latter, she played the part of Rawlins.
  • Barker married actor the two-time Academy-winning actor.
  • He also stated that he had become “boring, angry, and stupid”.

Petronella Barker is the ex-wife of the famous actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins. The couple was married to each other from the mid-’60s to early ’70s whilst becoming the parents of a daughter in between.

Barker was also a stage actress with some works on TV as well.

As to traditions, Hopkins had his first serious relationship with Barker but the union was everything but blissful.

It had been over fifty years since they separated.

However, it’s the Silence Of The Lamb actor that managed to stick with the public renown.

Petronella Barker Is The Daughter Of An Actor Couple

Barker was born on 12 October 1942 in Sittingbourne, Kent, England.

Her father Eric Barker was a comedic performer and her mother Pearl Hackney (also an actress), is known for TV shows including Coronation Street, The Famous Five, and All Creatures Great and Small.

Petronella Barker is the daughter of Eric Barker, a comedic actor, and actress, and Pearl Hackney renowned for TV series like Coronation Street.

Barker’s father was a BAFTA winner renowned for his part as a barrister’s clerk in the film Brothers in Law (1957). (1957).

His other significant films include St Trinians films and the legendary Carry On British comedy film series.

Petronella Barker grew up in the village of Stalisfield, Kent, and went to Ashford School.

Barker Has Had a Long List Of Theater Appearances

Barker trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama for three years (1960 to 1963).

(1960 to 1963). In her final, she earned the Carlton Hobbs Bursary, which offered her a six-month contract with the BBC’s Radio Drama Company.

A year later, in 1964 she joined the English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre for three plays: Inadmissible Evidence (understudy), Julius Caesar (crowd and understudy), and Cuckoo in the Nest.

In the latter, she played the part of Rawlins.

Petronella Barker
Petronella Barker Source: The Sun

During four seasons with the National Theatre Company at the Old Vic Theatre between 1964 and 1968, Barker featured in Hobson’s Choice (as Ada Figgins), and Mother Courage and Her Children (Yvette) (Yvette).

Her previous works include A Flea in Her Ear (as Eugenie), The Storm (Glasha), The Dance of Death (Jenny), Othello (Crowd), Juno and the Paycock (Neighbour), and The Crucible (Mercy Lewis) (Mercy Lewis).

Additionally, the former Ms. Hopkins also acted in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (as Courtier and Attendant), and in Volpone (Androgynous) (Androgynous).

Her last confirmed theater work was portraying Miss Prue in William Congreve’s play Love for Love at the Old Vic Theatre starring Laurence Olivier, the director, Peter Wood.

Petronella Barker Had A Messy Marriage With Anthony Hopkins Married

Barker married actor the two-time Academy-winning actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins on September 2, 1967, in St Mary’s, Stalisfield.

They had developed their friendship throughout their stay at Old Vic Theater in London.

Together, they have one daughter, the actress, and singer-songwriter Abigail Hopkins, born in 1969.

The couple separated in the High Court, London, in 1972.

Anthony Hopkins and Petronella Barker are parents to one daughter, the actor, and singer-songwriter Abigail Hopkins. The couple separated in the High Court, London, in 1972.

Anthony Hopkins and Petronella Barker married in 1967 at St Mary’s, Stalisfield.

Anthony’s relationship with actress Petronella had already begun to crumble, and the baby changed nothing.

Apparently, it was Hopkin’s aloofness with Barker that led their relationship to fall apart.

The performer, after gaining fame on the stage, began spending a lot of time away from home.

He has also stated that he began to drink to cope with his rising workload.

The Hannibal star reportedly ended up consuming a bottle of tequila a day.

He also stated that he had become “boring, angry, and stupid”.

“I guess I am selfish. I have not been a decent husband or father,” remarked the Margam-born actor

The year was 1972 when the Scottish star left Barker and their 14-month-old daughter for Jenni Lynton.

She was a Pinewood Studios secretary who he had met when she was dispatched to pick him up at the airport.

The Welsh-born former husband of Barker is currently married to Stella Arroyave.

Her Ex-Huband Reportedly Tried To Kill Her

In the book, Last Curtsey: The End of the Debutantes by Fionna McCarthy, it is stated that Anthony Hopkins once tried to kill his ex-wife, Barker during their stay at Limestone Street.

The book explains how the relationship between Hopkins and Petronella (also called Peta in the book) was sometimes tumultuous with the former drinking difficulties.

One night, some neighbors heard a furious screaming from their room of Peta. When they neared the site
they found Anthony rushing down the street.

Barker meanwhile returned from the cellar, “in a condition of near panic, stating Tony (Anthony) was trying to kill her.”

The story claimed that the actor sat on her head, and tried to smother her.

Apparently, there was also some damage visible in the bedroom with things scattered here and there.

Barker’s Daughter, Abigail Hopkins Is Also A Celebrity

Petronella and Hopkin’s only child, Abigail is also an actress who has acted in various films and TV documentaries, including 1993’s Remains Of The Day and Shadowlands – opposite her dad – and in 2015’s Romeo Vs Juliet.

Petronella and Hopkin’s only child, Abigail is also an actress who has acted in 1993’s Remains Of The Day and Shadowlands – alongside her dad – and in 2015’s Romeo Vs Juliet.

She’s also a composer, who has to yet release three albums and an EP, including performing on BBC radio shows as a singer-songwriter.

Additionally, she is a photographer documenting wildlife and the outdoors.

Her Daughter And Her Ex-Husband Are Not On Speaking Terms

In May 2018, Barker’s ex-husband, Hopkins said he doesn’t know or care whether he’s a grandfather.

Barker’s daughter, Abigail has been estranged from her actor father for most of her childhood.

The father and the daughter had briefly reconnected in 1993 but thereafter renewed their alienation.

As per insiders, they’ve scarcely communicated for more than two decades.

The purported cause was a mixture of the actor’s drunkenness, his apathy towards them once he relocated to America, and the way he ‘treated’ Abigail’s mother.

In 2005, Abigail said she didn’t have many recollections of her father growing up.

She also claimed to have suicidal thoughts because she had stored up so much sorrow throughout her upbringing. And all the reason was her father

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Where Is Petronella Barker Now?

Petronella hasn’t had many cinematic appearances since the late 70s.

It has only been her ex-husband who has managed to grab the media attention.

Not even her daughter, Abigail has shared a bit about her.

Also, it’s unknown whether the now 80-year-old has a family of her own.

Her last TV screen appearance was in 1987 The Bretts (TV series) where she portrayed the character of Miss Brownlie in an episode titled “All Right on the Night.”

Prior to that, she had been in series such as Dramarama, Roger Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Jackanory Playhouse, Armchair Thriller, The Molly Wopsies, and Moody and Pegg, among others.