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Ozzy Osbourner Wife Thelma Riley Now Find Some Interesting Detail Here

Thelma Riley
  • Thelma Riley is the ex-wife of Ozzy Osbourne, an English singer, and songwriter.
  • Thelma was formerly married to singer Ozzy.
  • Ozzy has called his marriage a “bad mistake” on many occasions.
  • she had already given birth to a son in 1966.

Thelma Riley is the ex-wife of Ozzy Osbourne, an English singer, and songwriter. He is best known as the front singer for the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

As a member of the iconic band, he sold millions of copies of hit albums such as Blizzard of Ozz, Under Cover, and many more.

She is not only known as a former celebrity wife, but she is also a mother.

In this section, we’ll go into her work, relationships, children, and other little-known facts about her.

What is Thelma Riley’s background?

Thelma Riley, also known as Thelma Osbourne and Thelma Mayfair, is a professional English teacher.

She is best known as the ex-wife of singer and composer Ozzy Osbourne.

She was born in England and is of British descent.

Little is known about her educational background, but given that she wants to be a teacher, it is clear that she has a good education.

Ozzy Osbourne’s First Wife Is Thelma Riley

As previously stated, Thelma was formerly married to singer Ozzy.

The couple married in a private ceremony in 1971.

After only a few months of dating, she decided to marry her then-husband Ozzy.

Ozzy had just joined Black Sabbath and was doing well in his career at the moment.

Riley and Osbourne met just a few months before their wedding at the Birmingham nightclub Rum Runner.

Thelma Riley
Thelma Riley Source: Reddit

Ozzy discussed his wedding to Thelma in his 2010 autobiography I Am Ozzy, saying,

I met Thelma in a nightclub shortly after I became successful with Black Sabbath.

After that, we married and had two children, Jessica and Louis.

When we bought a property for 20,000 pounds, I believed myself, ‘I’ve arrived.’

Because of Ozzy’s addiction, she divorced him

Though Thelma and Osbourn had a wonderful start in their marriage, their relationship did not work out.

Their marriage began to deteriorate only a few years after they married.

In reality, Ozzy has called his marriage a “bad mistake” on many occasions.

At one point, he even stated that he had no idea how he had made the worst decision of his life, referring to his marriage to Thelma as a “big mirage.”

Riley filed for divorce roughly 11 years after his marriage, and it was finalized in 1982.

Later, Ozzy admitted that his addiction to booze and drugs was the cause of his divorce.

He stated in his 2010 book,

And if I loved Thelma, I didn’t treat her like that.

If I have any regrets in my life, this is one of them…

She didn’t deserve it: she wasn’t a nasty person or a bad wife.

Before she married Ozzy, Thelma was a mother

While Thelma married Ozzy in 1971, she had already given birth to a son in 1966.

She had given birth to a baby boy named Elliot Kingsley in 1966 as a result of her involvement with an unidentified man.

Ozzy adopted Elliot, who was 5 years old at the time after she married.

Unfortunately, she has kept most of Elliot’s information hidden.

In 1973, Thelma Riley was photographed with her son Elliot, daughter, and husband Ozzy.

Thelma Riley, her son Elliot, her daughter, and her husband Ozzy In 1973

Aside from Elliot, she has two additional children from her relationship with Ozzy: Louis Osbourne and Jessica Starshine Osbourne.

Louis was born in 1975, whereas Jessica was born on January 20, 1972, in Grimsby, United Kingdom.

Her children are all grown up and doing well in life.

In reality, her daughter Jessica is a successful actress who has appeared in films such as Romeo and Juliet vs. the Living Dead, Yellowville, Sin Temer la Noche 2011, and others.

The most intriguing aspect is that she raised all of her children as a single mother.

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In 2021, where is Thelma Riley?

Thelma has been living a life away from the spotlight since her divorce from Ozzy.

According to reports, she has chosen a teaching career and is now a teacher in Leicestershire, England, where she goes by the name Thelma Mayfair.

She is also not on any social media platforms.

And she appears to be enjoying her life away from the spotlight.

Furthermore, there is no information on whether she married following her divorce or whether she is dating a new man.

However, we are hopeful that we will hear from the lady shortly.