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Olivia Macklin

Olivia Macklin

Olivia Macklin is best recognized for her role as Nichole in FOX’s “LA to Vegas.” Olivia Macklin is also a stage actor who has been in a number of television shows, including “The Young Pope” and “Modern Family.”

Olivia revealed in one of her interviews that she like cats and has one named Emilio, which she treats as a member of her extended family.

She is an outspoken member of the LGBT community.

Early life and Childhood

Olivia Macklin was born on March 16, 1994, in Winnetka, Illinois, USA.

Her zodiac sign is Pisces and has American citizenship.

Olivia is a dedicated member of the local Jewish community because she is a proud Jewish lady who believes her beliefs are extremely strong and she follows a traditional Jewish lifestyle.

Little is known about her parents because she never revealed much about them.

She congratulated her father, Larry Macklin, and mother, whose name is unknown, on numerous holidays by posting images of them on her Instagram account, but it is still unknown how old they are or what they do for a job.

Tatum and Emily are Olivia’s two younger sisters.

Education Details

Olivia Macklin attended New Trier High School in Winnetka and graduated in 2012.

She later enrolled at Fordham University and graduated in 2016 with a BA in theatre performance.

Professional Career

Macklin began her career as a child model before deciding to pursue a career as a professional actress.

She earned the role of Emma in the TV sitcom “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” (2015 – 2016), which presented the story of a middle-aged rock’n’roller who wanted to be famous and successful but failed at both.

Olivia also landed the role of Madre in the popular series “The Young Pope,” which only had one season in 2016 but garnered a lot of attention and support from the audience.

Olivia Macklin
Olivia Macklin in one of her shows. Source: Spotern

The series portrays the narrative of Lenny Belardo, the first and youngest Pope of Italian-American descent.

The first and so far only season cost $45 million to produce, making it the most costly series ever produced by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino.

“The Young Pope,” which stars Jude Law and Diana Keaton, is currently waiting for its next season, but there are no updates on any impending episodes.

Olivia was also cast in the part of Paula in the 2018 film “Radium Girls.”

In the same year, she was also involved in the theater performance “Horse Girls,” in which she played the lead part.

Olivia is well known to her fans for her part as Nichole in the series “LA to Vegas” (2018 – present).

She joined the cast on January 2, 2018, portraying the part of a stripper with a strong sense of humor.

The sitcom, which was launched by Fox TV, quickly became popular, but viewers are still waiting for more episodes.

The sitcom aired 15 episodes and included actors and actresses such as Kimberly Matula, Nathan Lee Graham, Peter Stormare, and Zachary Knighton.

Despite widespread popularity among fans, the series received poor reviews from reviewers, prompting the producers to terminate it just as the last episodes of the first season were being filmed.

If the cast can find good screenwriters for the next episode, the series will most likely be renewed; nevertheless, nothing is known about the series’ fate as of 2019.

Olivia once performed the minor character of Mary in the TV family sitcom “Modern Family” (2009 – present) — an interesting coincidence is that Olivia’s mother was a classmate of the series producer, Steven Levitan.

Some argue that it was the reason Olivia was invited to appear in the series, while Olivia’s followers feel she only achieved everything because she was actually gifted.

She also played Bambi in the Netflix series “Dead to Me” (2019 – present), alongside Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Olivia is well noted for her role as Becky Monroe in the 2019 – present series “Filthy Rich.”

Net worth and Salary

Olivia Macklin’s current net worth is believed to be more than $100,000, according to credible sources.

She is well-known, yet the programs in which she stars seldom get a second season after the first one is completed.

It keeps her from raising her wage and gives her hope that she may be lucky enough to participate in more popular projects in the future.

Her net worth will undoubtedly arise in the future, as she has already committed to new projects and theater shows.

Relationship Status

Olivia Macklin enjoys confounding her admirers with images of herself and various people whom she kisses in the photos, which she uses to speculate on her current relationship status.

Her supporters immediately congratulate her on a new lover, despite the fact that they are not in a relationship in real life.

As a result, Olivia shared photos of herself with Christian Eble, a writer, and actor who was considered to be her lover until it was discovered that he was gay-dating another man named Logan Thomason.

Olivia also claimed a man named Harry Hill as her spouse on Facebook, although they are not married — Olivia later revealed that they were simply friends.

She also shared multiple images with Drew Brandon Jones, a producer, and actor; the photos may be interpreted as representing a dating relationship, but it was later revealed that Drew had a girlfriend, and it wasn’t Olivia.

Olivia’s relationship status remains unknown, as she conceals any true details about her personal life.

Body Measurements

Olivia has naturally light brown hair that she bleaches blonde and wears in a ponytail. Her eyes are hazel.

Olivia is 5feet 7inches (1.7m) tall, weighs approximately 126lbs (57kgs), and has the following vital statistics: 35-24-35.

She wears a size six shoe. In terms of apparel, she favours dresses, feminine shirts, and light-colored skirts for special occasions; for everyday use, she prefers a more relaxed look.

Social Media

Olivia is very active on a variety of social media channels.

Her Instagram account has a verified badge and is followed by over 10,000 people.

She doesn’t have a Twitter account, but she updates her Facebook profile at random.

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  • Having Jude Law and Diana Keaton heading the cast of the series, “The Young Pope” is still waiting for the next season, however, there are no updates on any upcoming episodes.
  • Olivia was also invited to appear in the movie called “Radium Girls” in 2018, in the role of Paula.
  • She likes to speculate on her current relationship status, confusing her fans with various photos of herself and different guys whom she kisses in the photos.
  • It is still unknown who Olivia is in a relationship with, if anyone, as she hides any real details related to her private life.
  • Olivia’s current net worth is estimated to be over $100,000.