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Norman Kali

Norman Kali

Norman Kali is an American actor, production assistant, and director who was born on an unspecified date in 1978 in Hawaii, USA. Norman Kali is probably best known for his relationship with Canadian actress and singer Evangeline Lilly.

Early life and Childhood

Norman Kali is a 40/41-year-old.

He was born in the island state of Hawaii to an American family; little is known about his parents or early life.

Despite working on some of Hollywood’s most popular shows and films.

Norman prefers to keep these details private. Throughout his relationship with Evangeline.

He has been asked numerous questions about his childhood and background.

But he has politely refused to answer any and all of them.

Education Details

Norman Kali struggled in high school and dropped out at the age of sixteen.

It was difficult for him to make a living without a high school diploma.

So he bounced around from job to job before relocating to Hollywood at the age of 18.

Professional Career

Kali’s resume as a production assistant, on the other hand, is extensive.

He has worked on hit TV shows like “North Shore” and “Lost,” as well as films like “Special Delivery” and “The Prince of Motor City.”

His involvement in the industry led to him meeting his beau, as they worked on the same set in “The Hobbit:

The Desolation of Smaug.” Despite being in a relationship with one of the most popular actresses of the last decade.

Norman prefers to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye whenever he and Evangeline are seen together in public, mayhem ensues.

Norman struggled to make ends meet after moving to Hollywood as a teenager.

To earn enough money, he had to balance learning the ins and outs of the industry with working a full-time job.

In 2003, he worked as a production assistant on the set of “Tears of the Sun,” .

A film in which Bruce Willis travels to the Nigerian jungle to handle a difficult hostage situation involving a doctor and 70 refugees.

Working on such a high-profile title gave Norman the confidence to advance in his career.

and he later worked as an office production assistant for “The Big Bounce” and “50 First Dates,” which increased his reputation in Hollywood even further.

His most notable professional achievements, however, came later in his career.

When he worked as a production assistant for the hit shows “North Shore” and “Lost” in the mid-2000s.

His work on “Lost” was so good that he was promoted to second assistant director for the episode “He’s Our You.”

He also played the same role in three episodes of “Undercovers” in 2010.

Norman’s perseverance and hard work paid off, and he ended up working alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Unbeknownst to most, Norman has also appeared in two films: “Off the Map,”.

In which he was credited as Local Rescue Worker, and “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” in which he co-starred with his girlfriend, Evangeline Lilly.

There are no indications that Kali intends to return to acting, but it’s most likely that he took on his two cameo roles for fun.

Net Worth and Salary

Norman Kali’s  Net Worth is $7 Million.

Relationship Status

Norman Kali and Evangeline Lilly were dating,in 2010.

Because Lilly was already well-known, the couple was constantly followed by the paparazzi wherever they went.

Despite media pressure, they refused to reveal any juicy details and remained tight-lipped.

Norman Kali
Norman Kali With his wife. Source:l egit

They met on the set of “Lost” and hit it off right away. On May 23, 2011.

They announced that their family had grown by one, as Evangeline gave birth to a son named Kahekili.

They welcomed their second child, a girl, in November of 2015.

Prior to meeting Evangeline, Norman was in a relationship with actress Lisa Edelstein, which lasted only six months in 2009.

Lisa had nothing but positive things to say about Norman in subsequent interviews.

He is an avid sports fan who enjoys rock climbing and surfing, both of which are popular in his home state.

He also visits the gym several times per week but prefers to jog on the beach.

Evangeline relocated to Hawaii in 2011 for filming and to be closer to her boyfriend.

Body Measurement

Norman Kali is 5feet 10inche (178cm) tall, weighs about 165lbs (75kg).

He has a muscular build, though his other body measurements are unknown at this time.

Social Media

It is in most celebrities’ best interests to keep their fans up to date on their activities in order to maintain.

And potentially increase their ratings and profit.

Norman, on the other hand, does not appear to be concerned with maintaining his involvement in this trend.

Given that his presence on social networks is all but ubiquitous at the moment.

He does not have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

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  • Norman was Born on an unspecified date in 1978, in Hawaii, USA.
  • Kali is a 40/41-year-old American actor, production assistant, and director.
  • He, After moving to Hollywood as a teenager, Norman still found it hard to make ends meet.
  • Norman Working on such a high-profile title gave Norman the confidence to push onwards in his career.
  • He then worked as an office production assistant for “The Big Bounce” and “50 First Dates”, which further increased his reputation in Hollywood.
  • Norman’s greatest professional accomplishments would come later on, as he was a production assistant for “North Shore” and “Lost”, both hit shows in the mid-2000s.