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NLE Choppa’s Girlfriend: A Look Inside His Love Life

NLE Choppa
  • NLE Choppa’s love life is one of the most often asked questions about him.
  • Blasian, a successful social media figure, is one of his girlfriends.
  • The former couple was much in love and had a daughter from their relationship.

Love affairs and breakups are a part of practically every celebrity’s life. In fact, their lives are always being investigated by different rumors concerning their romantic interest. In this scenario, millions of people are currently interested in learning more about Rapper NLE Choppa’s partner.

To clarify, Choppa, born Bryson Lashun Potts, has had a number of previous partners. But, in terms of his current dating status, things appear to be a little hazy. In addition, he and his ex-girlfriend Mariah had a baby girl.

So, in this section, we’ll go through every element of his romantic life.

 Who will be NLE Choppa’s girlfriend?

NLE Choppa
Choppa with his girlfriend source: SoundCloud

NLE Choppa’s love life is one of the most often asked questions about him.

And now, his relationship status in 2021 has piqued the interest of all his followers. Is he currently dating anyone?

In this situation, there have been no confirmations from the rapper himself.

Choppa has not recently stated whether he is single or dating.

However, based on his social media activities, he does not appear to have a girlfriend in 2021.

So yet, there have been no posts that hint at his romantic relationships or love affairs.

If Choppa is dating, we’re quite confident he’s keeping it under wraps.

Furthermore, one of the sources stated unequivocally regarding the Shotta Flow rapper’s dating status, adding,

If we’re talking about his current girlfriend, he isn’t dating anyone right now,

and if he is, he hasn’t made it public yet.

In 2021, all we can say is that our beloved NLE Choppa is currently single

and focusing on her little daughter as well as his work.

NLE Choppa dated social media star Yung Blasian for a short time.

While NLE is currently living alone, the rapper’s situation has not always been the same.

He appears to have had a few romances in the past.

Yung Blasian, a successful social media figure, is one of his girlfriends.

Speaking of NLE Choppa’s ex-girlfriend Young, she is not only

a social media sensation but also the CEO of an eyelash firm called ‘Winks By Blasian.’

The lovely lady has approximately 1 million Instagram followers.

Yung Blasian NLE Choppa Girlfriend

NLE Choppa’s girlfriend Yung Blasian Choppa and his former Blasian

made their romance public for the first time via Instagram live in late 2020.

The new couple appeared in a live session to chat with their followers,

during which they also presented themselves as a couple.

Not only that, but Blasian has also posted a couple of photographs of herself

kissing Choppa on Instagram. In one of her now-deleted posts, she added a lovely caption that said,

I’m riding for you, and you’re riding for me… We resemble Bonnie and Clyde (sic)

Furthermore, Yung, who has a large Instagram following,

shared the poster for her then-boyfriend Choppa’s album Shotta Flow 5, aiding in the promotion.

However, the pair is no longer together. She was previously linked to another rapper, NBA Youngboy.

Choppa and their ex-girlfriend Mariah have a daughter.

The listing of NLE Choppa’s relationship does not stop with Yung.

He previously dated a YouTuber named Mariah.

The former couple was much in love and had a daughter from their relationship.

The rapper announced the arrival of a new child in the family via an Instagram post in March 2020,

months after their breakup in November 2019.

Despite their disagreement, the two chose to work together for the benefit of their child.

NLE even posted a picture of an ultrasound report.

Clover Brylie Potts, the couple’s first child, was born on June 20, 2020.

Following the birth of his daughter, NLE posted a video clip of himself cradling her on Twitter.

He seemed to be in love with his child.

He had an ugly divorce from his child’s mother.

Though things were going well between the two at first, towards the end of 2019,

things had devolved into pandemonium.

The couple was so inseparable that they had tattoos of each other inscribed on their bodies.

But what appeared to be an act of love ended in vicious hatred on social media.

Mariah even called him a broke a*s ni**a and accused him of numerous infidelities.

She wrote in her Instagram post,

NLE had a nasty breakup with his girlfriend.

Mariah NLE Had An Awful Breakup With His Girlfriend Mariah \sNLE

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Choppa’s Daughter Instilled in Him the Value of Women

NLE claimed shortly after the birth of his daughter that having

a daughter had transformed his attitude toward women.

In reality, on May 27, 2020, after finding that he was expecting a girl,

he released a Twitter message in which he stated that he was already learning to appreciate girls. He stated,

But if you’re a selfish ass who wants to keep a baby, KEEP IT POOOH POOH.

People mistake me for a nasty person, but in reality, I wanted my baby to teach me to love myself.

I wanted a boy, but God gifted me with a daughter to teach me to respect women more.

Later, on June 14, he wrote another tweet on Twitter, this time apologizing

to his then-pregnant girlfriend Mariah for everything he had done to her. Visit the post here.

Mariah, NLE Choppa’s girlfriend, is expecting their first child.

With all of this in the past, Choppe is now content with his girl child.

He is not currently dating anyone, but we hope he finds the perfect mate for himself soon.