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Nima Shirazi

Nima Shirazi

Who is Nima Shirazi?

Nima Shirazi is a Vice President at Spitfire and an American podcaster, communications, and program strategist. Nima Shirazi also co-hosts the Citations Needed Podcast with Adam Johnson. Nima was previously an Editor-at-Large for Muftah magazine.

Early Life and Childhood

Nima Shirazi was born on June 8, in New York, United States. Nima could be 43 years old.

He was born and raised in New York.


Nima Shirazi used to open for bands like Joan of Arc, Rainer Maria, Hey Mercedes, and The Dismemberment Plan at The Grog Shop in Cleveland while in college.

Despite the fact that he is a public figure due to the nature of his work, Nima has not disclosed where he received his high school diploma or bachelor’s degree.

Professional Career

Since August 2020, he has been working for Spitfire as the Vice President based in New York.

Nima directs campaigns, strategy, and development for fearless clients committed to eradicating white supremacy, defending civil rights, dismantling government surveillance and discrimination, and desegregating education.

Nima, on the other hand, joined Spitfire as a Director in October 2018.

Before joining Spitfire, he was an editor at large for Muftah, a digital magazine that covered the Middle East and North Africa by cultivating a diverse community of writers and providing fair and insightful analysis of current events.

Nima worked as an editor for the magazine’s Iraq, Iran, and Turkey sections during his time at Muftah.

He has also worked as a Communications and Creative Strategist for the Consultant during his career as a communications strategist.

Nima was a Senior Fellow of Program and Communications for The Narrative Initiative before joining Consultant in January 2018.

Nima Shirazi
Nima Shirazi on his own podcast. Source: youtube

He has also worked for New York Theatre Workshop, The Atlantic Philanthropies, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC, Deep Focus, On My Signal, Weintraub, Siegal, & Coleman Public Relations, and Miramax.

He is the co-host of the podcast Citations Needed. In addition, he and Adam Johnson co-host the podcast. Citations are also a media criticism podcast that challenges propaganda and holds power accountable.

Furthermore, the podcast debuted in July 2017 and has since grown in popularity; it is also consistently ranked in the iTunes Top 200 for News and Politics podcasts.

Citations Required is also based on political commentary and media analysis, with a heavy dose of history, skepticism, and humor thrown in for good measure.

Furthermore, the show’s podcast criticizes and corrects the media’s reliance on stereotypes, tropes, and destructive narratives.

Citations Needed was also a 24th Annual Webby Awards Honoree in the Podcasts: News & Politics category in 2020.

Furthermore, the podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, ListenNotes, and the show’s website.

Net Worth and Salary

Nima Shirazi’s annual salary is $113,000. Nima is worth $2 million.

For nearly two decades, he has worked as a communications strategist, editor, and podcaster. As a result, there are no lingering doubts that Nima has amassed a sizable fortune over the years.

Relationship Status

For at least a decade, Nima Shirazi has been a happily married family man to his lovely wife.

In February 2015, Nima tweeted that his wife proposed registering anti-vaxxers as sex offenders, tracking and searching them in order to keep children safe.

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Body Measurements

He stands taller than average. Nima stands 5 feet 8 inches tall ( approx 1.73m ).

Social Media

His Twitter handle is @WideAsleepNima.


  • On June 27, he was born in New York, New York, in the United States. Nima could be 43 years old.
  • He has been happily married for at least a decade. Nima, on the other hand, has not revealed the identity of his wife.
  • He is an American political analyst, media critic, podcaster, communications, and program strategist working as SpitFire’s Vice President of Communications and Program Strategy. Nima is also a co-host of the Citations Required Podcast.
  • Nima is worth $2 million.
  • Nima stands 5 feet 8 inches tall ( approx 1.73m ).