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Nikita Jasmine gets stern advice from Australian dating expert, Mel

Nikita Jasmine
  • Who is Nikita Jasmine?
  • Nikita Jasmine’s professional life
  • Mel Schilling’s recommendation to Nikita
  • Mel and her profession

Who is Nikita Jasmine?

Nikita Jasmine has a good heart, but she speaks harshly. Following the success of MAFS UK, Nikita Jasmine will now try to find love on Celebs Go Dating. Mel Schilling, an Australian dating expert, has a serious message for this Geordie lass.

Nikita Jasmine’s professional life

Nikita Jasmine, 27, appeared on the UK show The Geordie Shore.

She later appeared on the British version of Married at First Sight.

She was accompanied by her husband, Ant Poole.

However, Nikita was fired from the show after only a week.

This was due to her being extremely rude to other cast members as well as her husband.

She had violent rage outbursts.

The show’s producers could not stand such conduct and fired her.

Nikita is now hoping to find love on Celebs Go Dating.

However, Australian dating expert Mel Schilling, who was also a relationship counselor on the past season of MAFS, believes Nikita should be careful with her words.

Nikita Jasmine
Nikita with her date on Celebs Go Dating source: Independent. i.e

Mel Schilling’s recommendation to Nikita

Mel Schilling, an Australian dating specialist, advises Nikita to be cautious on the new show if she truly wants to meet a love partner.

Mel stated: “Think twice before you speak.” “Slow down, she has a golden heart, no doubt about it, but many of her words and actions may be pretty destructive.”

“So, in a serious tone, my message to her is to think before you speak.”

“Don’t just speak; consider the impact of your words and actions on others.”

Mel continued: “I think she understands what she wants; I think her biggest struggle will be to compromise and be a little bit flexible in allowing someone in who doesn’t fit all of her boxes and just demonstrating a little bit of openness to difference and acceptance of individuals,”

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Mel and her profession

Mel was a fan favorite on the UK version of MAFS.

She will also be on the 2022 MAFS UK version. She is overjoyed.

She has seen disparities between MAFS in Australia and the United Kingdom.

She said: “I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to return.”

“I’m presently filming Aussie season nine, but I’m definitely looking forward to returning to the UK.”

“Having a group of people was such a breath of fresh air, because the UK is so diverse and has such different perspectives on life and relationships, and their accents still baffle me.”

“I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it.”

“We followed the Aussie style with the fun stuff like the commitment ceremony, dinner parties, and final vows.”

“But I guess what makes it different is the people’s culture; you can apply the exact same methodology and get such different results because people in the UK have such different experiences and cultural attitudes toward relationships – so it turns out very differently.”