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Nikita Dragun Misgendered and Imprisoned in Men’s Jail

Nikita Dragun
  • Nikita Dragun is a transgender make-up artist and YouTuber.
  • Dragun is well-known on the internet for her fashion, beauty, and information about her transition.
  • She has 27 million subscribers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • She was charged with misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor disorderly conduct as a result.

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Who is Nikita Dragun?

Nikita Dragun is a transgender make-up artist and YouTuber. Nikita Dragun was released from custody in Miami on Wednesday, according to her agent and Miami-Dade County court documents. Dragun, 26, was arrested at a motel on Monday and charged with felony assault on a police officer.

Misgendered and Imprisoned in Men’s Jail

According to the YouTuber’s representative, she was housed in a male-only section at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami.

According to Full Scope Public Relations’ Jack Ketsoyan, the scenario of Dragun, a legally “female,” being housed in a men’s unit in a Florida jail is “extremely disturbing and dangerous.”

“This decision by the Miami-Dade County Corrections Department directly violates their protocol, which mandates that transgender inmates be classified and housed based on safety needs and gender identity,” he continued.

Ketsoyan also stated that the influencer was released and is now safe, and she thanked her fans for respecting her privacy during this difficult time.

Dragun was released on recognizance, which means she did not have to post bail, according to Miami-Dade County records.

Her arraignment hearing in Miami is scheduled for December 7.

Nikita Dragun
Nikita Dragun was misgendered as male by the Miami-Dade County Corrections Department. Source: Twitter

When the transgender influencer was arrested Monday night, November 7, 2022, at The Goodtime Hotel on a felony charge of assault against a police officer, it appeared that she was having too much fun.

Officers were summoned in response to a tip that someone was behaving extremely boisterously and causing a disturbance at the hotel, according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

When police arrived, hotel security told them that the artist had been causing a disturbance and wandering the pool area naked for quite some time.

Officers were told by security that Dragun purposefully poured water on hotel employees and disobeyed orders to stop causing a disturbance.

She was charged with misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor disorderly conduct as a result.

According to a 2020 study by NBC News, the majority of transgender people are imprisoned according to the sex to which they were born, putting them at risk of being raped, sexually assaulted, and mistreated.

In the arrest affidavit, the police department stated that Dragun “appears as a female but wishes to be recognized as a male.”

In the affidavit, she is identified as a man, and the words “he” and “him” appear throughout the report.

On the prisoner profile from the facility where she was detained, Dragun is also identified as a man.

Dragun has used “she” and “her” pronouns to refer to herself online since beginning her transition in 2015.

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People were shocked to learn about Dragun’s situation, including how she had been misgendered and imprisoned in the men’s ward.

“THE MENS UNIT?” wrote one Twitter user.

You can hate her all you want, but she is still a woman with the right to the same care.”

Similarly, on Twitter, a supporter expressed concern, writing, “Genuinely scared for her and would not be surprised if something happened almost immediately upon her arrival at the men’s jail.”