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Nicole Mejia

Nicole Mejia

Nicole Mejia is an entrepreneur. Nicole Mejia is a model who has become a self-made woman after experiencing an anguished youth as a victim of bullying. The bullying occurred in her younger years and as a result of her weight.

Today, Nicole is a gorgeous model and fitness guru who uses her platform to inspire others through fitness and self-growth.

Nicole genuinely keeps things easy when it comes to exercising in order to look the way she does.

Aside from the occasional weight workout, she primarily focuses on light cardio training paired with squats and other gluteus workouts.

Mejia, like her meals, occasionally posts training videos on social media, all with detailed instructions on what to do and how many times to do it, albeit each of her routines can be copied from the programs her company offers.

Early life and Childhood

Nicole Mejia, is an almost 31-year-old Hispanic fitness model, businesswoman, and Instagram celebrity.

She was born on November 18, 1988, under the sign of Scorpio in Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA, to Colombian and Italian parents.

Nicole was raised in her native state with three siblings, one of whom is named Noelle, by her Colombian father and an Italian mother.

Her parent’s identities and occupations are unknown.

Nicole evidently had little interest in physical activity as a child.

Her adolescent years were marked by a hormonal imbalance, which caused the future celebrity to acquire weight.

Education Details

Nicole Mejia faced everyday bullying because of her body type.

While attending an undisclosed high school in her birthplace, and upon matriculation in 2006.

She resolved to permanently remedy that problem.

There is no reliable evidence that Mejia attended college.

She is currently assumed to have been an avid gym-goer since high school.

Professional Career

Mejia had the shape she had long desired in 2009, but she expected this achievement to just rescue her from bullying.

Instead, she was approached by a friend and asked to pose for her photographic portfolio, where she discovered the benefits of modeling.

Nicole Mejia
Nicole Mejia during her workouts. source: Biography Tribune

Mejia went into the profession for the sense of confidence and independence it brought, rather than for the monetary gain, first renting her beauty for little to no money.

Three years later, she began modeling for major companies and well-known magazines, earning an incredible income.

It allowed her desire to take another step forward.

She established the “Fit and Thick” movement on Instagram in 2013, shortly after launching her eponymous firm.

Her target audience consists of women who are dissatisfied with their bodies.

Nicole assists them in achieving long-term goals by providing important information.

Such as the best high-intensity workout and which foods to consume as a shortcut to the dream figure.

Nicole’s company has been running for six years and is still her primary source of revenue in 2019.

She periodically promotes other things on her Instagram profile and occasionally collaborates with other companies, which helps to her fortune.

Nicole, despite her primary emphasis on her business, may occasionally pose for a photograph.

Prints of her greatest new images are available for purchase on her website, both with and without an autograph.

She also includes her modeling résumé, as well as a number of photo albums prepared by other professional photographers.

Her initial goal was to just reduce weight, but she soon realized she needed to establish a new goal to work toward.

In 2019, her followers are, in Mejia’s words, “the greatest and most persistent inspiration she has.”

while her father will always be the one who got her started along this path, persuading her to run with him when she was just finding exercise.

Net worth and Salary

According to reliable sources, Nicole Mejia’s net worth is close to $300,000.

 She has amassed it through lending her face to several businesses and periodicals throughout her career, and later through entrepreneurship.

Given that she is far from retired at the moment, the aforementioned sum will very certainly rise.

Relationship Status

When it comes to her romantic relationships, even though Mejia’s never released information about any partners.

There have been reports that Mejia is dating a specific Ibrahim Sebai.

But one of her social media postings in mid-2019 proved that this allegation is false.

Nicole hasn’t shared anything else about her love life since, so it’s reasonable to assume she’s single.

She hasn’t been spotted at a public event with a male escort. She lives alone in Miami at an undisclosed address.

Body Measurements

Mejia stands 5feet 4inches (162cm) tall and weighs 135lbs (61kgs).

She has the following vital statistics: 34-24-40.

Her shoe size is 8, and her dress and bra sizes are currently unknown, while her body shape is described as athletic.

She has light blue eyes and blond hair, as well as generally bright but tanned skin.

Social Media

Nicole, like any other model, can greatly enhance her earnings by posting about her life on a daily basis.

She appears to be aware of this since she enjoys connecting with her fandom as often as possible.

She shares both personal and professional information with her committed audience on all three of the most prominent social media networks.

Her Facebook page has over 65,000 fans, her Twitter account has approximately 55,000, and her Instagram account has over 1.2 million followers.

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  • Born under the sign of Scorpio on the 18th of November 1988, in Pembroke Pines, Florida USA, of Colombian and Italian descent.
  • Nicole is an almost 31year old Hispanic fitness model, entrepreneur, and Instagram celebrity.
  • In 2013 she started the “Fit and Thick” movement on Instagram.
  • Son after creating an eponymous company.
  • Exercise alone is not enough, and Nicole strictly follows a completely plant-based diet to make up for the other half of staying toned.
  • There is no information on when exactly Nicole started eating this way, but she is assumed to have been vegan for over five years now.
  • The verified sources suggest that her net worth is approaching $300,000, which she’s earned by lending her appearance to numerous brands and magazines throughout her career, and later due to entrepreneurialism.