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Nia Rader, Youtuber, Relationship?

Nia Rader
  • Nia Rader is an American stay-at-home mother who enjoys crafting ornamental wreaths in her leisure time.
  • Rader personal channel’s most popular videos include My Husband Betrayed Me |
  • Nia owns a little company named “Wreaths by Nia.”

Who is Nia Rader?

In addition to co-running the family vlog YouTube channel “Sam and Nia” with her husband Sam, Nia Rader is an American stay-at-home mother who enjoys crafting ornamental wreaths in her leisure time.

At her church, Nia Rader has also coordinated Sunday school.

Additionally, she runs a YouTube account.

Nia Rader is how old?

On September 2, 1988, Nia Rader was born in Texas, the United States.

She was a Virgo (32 years old) when she was born. She is of American descent.

The names and phone numbers of Nia’s parents are not yet known.

Likewise, there is no information known regarding her siblings or other family members.

She seems to prefer keeping her parents hidden from view.

Nia’s academic history and credentials include her time spent at Wills Point High School.

Later on, she went to Trinity Valley Community College and graduated with an associate’s degree.

The following several years were spent by her in Terrell, Texas, managing a Maurices store at the Tanger Factory Outlet Center.

More Facts About Nia Rader

Full Name: Nia Rader
Age: 32 years
Birthday: 02 Sep
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Virgo
Marital status: Married
Net Worth: $264K
Height: N/A
Profession: Youtuber
Kids: Three (Symphony, Abram, Juliet)
Birthplace: Texas
Education: Trinity Valley Community College

How much money is Nia Rader worth?

Her net worth is $264K based on her earnings and income.

YouTube is her primary source of income.

She also earns money from other places.

Scams involving Nia Rader

On a list of “YouTube’s most scandalous scandals” published in February 2017 by the UK-based entertainment website “Digital Spy,” Nia and her husband Sam came in sixth place.

Additionally, Nia’s family channel saw a sharp decline in ratings soon after its debut.

In 2015, Sam revealed that Nia was expecting their third child in a vlog video on the channel.

This vlog was no different, receiving a lot of attention, as such videos frequently do.

The “comments” portion of the vlog immediately flooded with supportive messages once it was posted.

Unexpectedly, not even Nia Rader knew about the information.

According to reports, her husband independently checked the pregnancy by taking a sample of her urine from the bathroom sink.

They disclosed a miscarriage in another vlog three days later.

The couple was then charged with fabricating both the pregnancy and the miscarriage, according to a horde of haters who attacked the vlog.

Later, it was claimed in a report from a reputable maternity center that a urine sample taken from a toilet bowl could never yield a specific result.

The couple had yet to fully recuperate from the effects of this scandal when she was struck by a different one.

Her husband Sam, according to a well-known website, was a member of the secret Ashley Madison dating service for married and committed individuals.

Sam and Nia’s marriage was once again destroyed by this scandal.

The pair attended the “Vlogger Fair” in Seattle as the dating-site scandal persisted.

Furthermore, Sam and the media got into a nasty verbal fight about their failure to respond to inquiries regarding their controversies.

They also said that they will stop vlogging as a result of this occurrence.

But approximately a month after the announcement, they started up again.

Is Nia Rader in a relationship?

Sam and Nia Rader were best friends in high school.

They met at “Wills Point High School” in Texas.

Later, they both enrolled at and graduated from “Trinity Valley Community College.”

On September 12, 2009, in Wills Point, the couple tied the knot after a roughly five-year relationship.

Nia Rader was a manager at the “Maurices” women’s apparel store at Terrell, Texas’ “Tanger Factory Outlet Center” at the time.

The following four years saw her remain there.

In a similar vein, the couple welcomed Symphony Pearl Rader, their daughter, on July 18, 2010.

Abram, their son, and second child was born on September 18, 2013.

On June 1, 2016, Juliet, their third child, was born.

The family is currently expecting their fourth kid.

Adventure sports are another one of Nia Rader’s loves.

She wants to go skydiving at least once despite her motion sickness.

Nia too wanted to become a teacher before stepping into the “YouTube” scene.

What height is Nia Rader?

There is currently no information about Nia Rader’s height, weight, chest, waist, hip, or other body measurements.

Her entire set of metrics is currently being examined.

Nia Rader
Nia Rader with her Family. Source: Pinterest.

Her eyes are brown, and she has light brown hair.

Nia Rader’s career trajectory

A video of Nia and Sam’s lip-syncing to a Frozen song in their car was created.

And the video gained popularity.

Later, their followers requested that they begin vlogging their daily activities.

Their YouTube journey began in this manner.

Similar to other average Texas couples, they never envisaged becoming sudden celebrities.

Sam and Nia are the names of the couple’s own YouTube channel.

They launched the channel on March 9, 2007, and as of this writing, it has been seen 1,070,496,046 times.

They share vlogs primarily on their channel.

The couple even shares the tiniest details about their kids, including when they experience surprises or new things for the first time.

On their YouTube account, they additionally publish challenge videos.

This YouTube channel’s opening video is titled Whole Worlds | Sam & Nia.

The video was posted on June 14, 2007, and as of now, 62K people have watched it.

Similarly, DAD TURNS POOL INTO EMOJI!! | Sam & Nia is the most watched video on the channel.

Since it was published on August 3rd, 2016, this video has seen 61 million views.

Additionally, they have over 100 films that have received more than one million views, 14 that have received more than ten million, six that have received more than twenty million, and one that has received more than sixty million.

Additionally, Nia Rader maintains a YouTube channel named “Nia’s Nest.”

Since the channel’s debut on May 18, 2015, it has seen a total of 5,252,726 views.

She writes and publishes material that reflects the unvarnished truth of being a mother and a woman.

Additionally, this channel mostly focuses on her vlogs, just like her family channel does.

Nia also blogs on this channel about her life, her aspirations, and her challenges.

She also publishes DIY projects, cosmetic tutorials, and storytime videos in addition to films in which she responds to inquiries from fans.

The channel’s opening video is titled Nia’s Nest Intro…FINALLY!

Since its release on May 18, 2015, this video has amassed 35K views.

Her personal channel’s most popular videos include My Husband Betrayed Me |


180K people have watched all of these videos as of this writing.

Nia’s Instagram feed is also replete with pictures of her family and herself.

On her Instagram feed, she has so far published 4648 photos.

Additionally lovely, attractive, and eye-catching are her photos.

Additionally, Nia owns a little company named “Wreaths by Nia.”

She works from home to operate her company.

She also creates wreaths and hair accessories and sells them on “,” an internet store.

Furthermore, Nia ran an art-and-crafts company before she became a mother.

She was not, however, doing well in her business.

She also had very little time for her hobbies after the birth of her first child.

Similar to this, she previously required a wreath for her home but found the selections online to be unaffordable.

And Nia came up with the idea to create one herself, which inspired the founding of her business.

She is a coordinator for Sunday school as well.

Similar to Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps, she is the matriarch of a YouTube vlog series.

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Prizes 0 of Rader, Nia

Their March 2014 video went viral and included them singing “Love is an Open Door,” a song from the animated movie “Frozen.”

Within a few days of its release, the vlog, titled “Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s Frozen (Love Is an Open Door),” had millions of views.

Similar to that, it won “Artists Music Guild” award for “Video of the Year” in 2014.

Additionally, Sam and Nia decided to start blogging when the video became popular.

They created a YouTube channel to share videos about their lives for this reason.

Similar to how their channel started to develop at a respectable rate after the enormous popularity of their initial video.

In addition, “Sam and Nia” were listed as the third-most influential YouTubers of 2015 by “The Daily Dot” in December.

In February 2017, “Digital Spy” listed “Sam and Nia” as the sixth-most startling scandal on YouTube out of seven.