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What is the Net Worth of Ma Huateng? House, Mansion, Cars, Earnings

Ma Huateng

Ma Huateng, popularly known as Pony Ma. Ma Huateng is a Chinese business magnate, investor, philanthropist, engineer, online entrepreneur, and internet and technology entrepreneur.

He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Tencent, the most valuable corporation in Asia, one of the world’s largest Internet and technology companies, and the world’s largest investment, gaming, and entertainment conglomerate.

What is the Net worth of Ma Huateng?

Pony Ma Huateng is a $58.7 billion Chinese online entrepreneur.

Quick Facts About Ma Huateng:

Ma Huateng Mansion, House, and Car Collection

Ma Huateng
Ma Huateng with Jack Ma- Source: The Standard

Ma spent HK$480 million in 2009 for the 8,000-square-foot property on Big Wave Road, which is now believed to be worth HK$1.9 billion.

FAQ about Ma Huateng:

How did Ma Huateng get rich?

Ma Huateng’s fortune stems from his 9.7% ownership in Tencent Holdings.

He is said to own property in Hong Kong as well as art worth $150 million.

In Hong Kong, he has a rebuilt palatial mansion of 1,820 m2 (19,600 sq ft).

Who is Tencent’s owner?

Ma Huateng (also known as Pony Ma) is the chairman of the Chinese internet behemoth Tencent Holdings, which is one of the country’s most valuable companies by market capitalization.

WeChat, Tencent’s popular social messaging software, has over one billion users.

What did Ma Huateng study?

Ma Huateng, a Chinese business entrepreneur, was co-founder and CEO (1998–) of Tencent Holdings Ltd., one of the world’s largest Internet firms.

Ma Huateng was born on October 29, 1971, in Chaoyang, Guangdong province, China.

Ma got a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Shenzhen University in 1993.

Why is Ma Huateng called Pony Ma?

Pony Ma is Ma Huateng’s nickname. Pony’s surname Ma means “horse” in Chinese, hence his nickname.

Tencent’s Chinese name, teng xin, is similarly based on a horse.

Can Pony Ma speak English?

Pony is his nickname because the term Ma in Chinese means horse, and he also speaks fluent Cantonese and English.

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Does Tencent own TikTok?

According to Chinese media, Tencent Holdings has significantly increased its damages claim against Douyin.

The Chinese version of ByteDance’s TikTok short video app, for alleged copyright infringement of popular anime program airing on Shenzhen.based

Internet giants video channel, for alleged copyright infringement of popular anime program airing on the Shenzhen-based internet giants video channel.

Is Tencent a good company?

Tencent is the world’s largest video game retailer and one of the world’s most valuable corporations.

It is one of the most powerful social media, venture capital, and investment firms in the world.