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What is the Net Worth of Getter? House, Mansion, Cars, Earnings


Tanner Petulla, known professionally as Getter. Getter is an American DJ, producer, rapper and actor from San Jose, California.

He was signed to Datsik’s label Firepower Records in 2012, while also releasing through other labels such as Rottun Recordings and OWSLA.

What is the Net worth of Getter?

Getter’s net worth is currently assessed to be $ 2.5 million.

Quick Facts About Getter:

Net Worth $2.5 Million
Profession Professional DJ
Birth Date 13 April 1993
Origin The United States Of America
Height N/A
Official Name Tanner Petulla
Professional Name DJ Getter
Spouse N/A
Profession Professional DJ

Getter Mansion, House, and Car Collection

Getter with Habstrakt- Source: Facebook

Getter Automobiles: Getter is the proud owner of a $164,900 Audi R8.

FAQ about Getter:

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Who started Suh dude?

Suh Dude became a viral phenomenon in 2015. Originally created by vine stars “Nick Colletti” and “Tanner Getter”.

Shortly after the meme was posted, “Suh Dude” quickly became a part of everyone’s vocabulary.

By owning the authenticated Suh Dude NFT, you will be owning an original piece of internet history.

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Who does getter produce for?

That same year, he produced rapper Pouya’s Underground Underdog album.

In 2018, his full-length debut finally arrived.

Visceral was released on Mau5trap and featured appearances by the Allan Kingdom, nothing, nowhere, Joji, and more.

The set debuted in the Top 20 of the Billboard dance/electronic chart.

Are Getter and terror Reid the same person?

Bass music maestro Getter (real name Tanner Petulla) has been dabbling in the world of hip-hop and rap under his alias Terror Reid for a few years now.