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Natasha Raskin, Married To Producer Husband

Natasha Raskin
  • Natasha Raskin is a Scottish television presenter.
  • Natasha also contributes professionally to the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip.
  • She was the middle child in the Raskin family of three.

Who is Natasha Raskin?

Natasha Raskin, a Scottish television presenter, was credited as Natasha Raskin Sharp in the BBC’s program Bargain Hunt, which was enough to create a buzz about the presenter’s personal life. The Glasgow native is a regular on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt.

Natasha also contributes professionally to the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

Natasha Raskin hosts the reality TV show Bargain Hunt, which focuses on the purchasing and selling of antiques (published on 19 February 2017)

Natasha’s strong Scottish accent adds to the allure of her presentation and herself.

Sharp, Natasha Raskin Age, and height

Natasha Raskin was born in 1986 to Scottish artist Philip Raskin and his mother, Barbara Raskin.

Her father had instilled in her a love of the arts and antiques.

She was the middle child in the Raskin family of three.

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Partner After briefly pursuing a degree in law, Natasha dropped out and went to arts and antiques.

She enrolled at Glasgow University and finished with a degree in art history and French.

Natasha is fairly tall for a Scottish woman, standing at 5 feet 8 inches.

Natasha’s net worth stems from her work as an antiques and art expert.

Natasha joined McTear’s Auctions shortly after graduating from college and specialized in modern art.

Her work with the McAteers did not go unnoticed, as her artistic talent stood out, leading her to feature in a number of vintage events.

In 2016, she was appointed as a host and antique expert for the BBC’s Bargain Hunt.

The presenter had a very productive year in 2016, as she made numerous television appearances.

Aside from her daily work at McAteer, she was assigned to five shows.

Due to her rigorous schedule, she had to give up her day job in order to fulfill her obligations.

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Natasha has also been on Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, For What’s It Worth, and Baggage Battles, among other arts and antiques-related series.

Natasha reprised her role as the expert in the new season of Antiques Road Trip offshoot, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, which premiered on BBC2 on November 14th.

Natasha’s Work Extends Beyond Antiques

Aside from her love of antiques, Natasha has also acted as a guest presenter for BBC Scotland Radio’s The Music Match, where she juxtaposed her knowledge of art with music and played a strange playlist.

She has also presented the story segment of BBC One’s The One Show.

The Scottish presenter relished her fresh assignment.

She was always a fun-loving, cheerful lady who enjoyed the life of perpetual travel and discovering new locations.

Furthermore, as of 2018, she is still involved with all of the live concerts and is living her life on the go.

When it comes to earnings, it is easy to see that she has made a lot of money from her work.

She lives an opulent lifestyle and has an incredible net worth that has yet to be published.

Natasha Raskin Sharp Identifies Her Husband

Natasha Raskin’s name has changed to Sharp when the 47th season of Bargain Hunt premiered in 2017.

A short search of the public records revealed that Natasha had married TV producer Joe Sharp in 2017 and had adopted her husband’s surname.

Many people were surprised by the wedding announcement because there had been no dating rumors displayed from Natasha’s side.

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Natasha Raskin Sharp and her spouse Joe Sharp have married life

Natasha Raskin
Natasha Raskin with her husband source: BBC

The pair married in an unidentified place in Scotland.

Despite her best efforts to keep the wedding details hidden, her enlarged name exposed all about her partner.

Joe is the director and producer of the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip, and Natasha serves as a guest expert.

Furthermore, Natasha has spoken about her love for her husband in several interviews, describing him as a supportive and kind man.

The couple appeared to be in a relationship before their marriage, as evidenced by her June 2015 interview with the BBC.

She said in an interview that she used to spend her leisure time with her partner eating wonderful meals at Glasglow restaurants.

She has already achieved unimaginable heights at the tender age of early thirties, and with a loving husband by her side, she has achieved much greater heights.