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Morgan Calantoni

Morgan Calantoni

Who is Morgan Calantoni?

Morgan Calantoni is the girlfriend of Donte DiVincenzo, a well-known NBA player. Although they had seemed distant in recent years, they had been together for many years and had not broken up.

Margan is also regarded as the NBA player’s wife among DiVincenzo supporters. However, the pair have yet to marry.

In 2016, the Sacramento Kings guard met Morgan while he was still a member of the Villanova Wildcats.

Morgan was also a cheerleader for her university’s basketball team.

Although it may appear unfriendly, many people would not have known her if she hadn’t been affiliated with Donte.

Her second introduction is Donte’s girlfriend. We rarely see them together in the media because she prefers to stand on her own.

The following article will delve into Morgan’s life and work, as well as her relationship with Donte.

But first, some background information.

Donte DiVincenzo’s Wife | Childhood, Family, and Education

Morgan Calantoni was born in Easton, Philadelphia, in February 1997.

Hannah, her twin sister, is her name. Her parents, George and Desiree Hartrum, had also given birth to Gina, their elder sister.

Her father, on the other hand, married her stepmother, Jennifer (Doria) Calantoni, around 2010. They had one child together, Samantha.

Morgan’s father, George, was a fervent Christian who raised all of his children in the Christian religion.

They went to church every week, and Morgan enjoyed going to church with her family.

George began his career as a carpenter under his father’s apprenticeship, but over time, he founded his own company, George Calantoni & Sons.

The company was going successfully until George died in 2022 at the age of 49.

He was suffering from lung cancer.

The Clinton family is still in mourning over the death of a family member who looked after everyone in the family.

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Morgan was a bright student who excelled in school.

She was also involved in extracurricular activities and leadership development programs, which made everyone in her family proud of her.

Calantoni enrolled in Wilson Area High School, which was close to her house, and graduated in 2015.

In 2019, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from Temple University.

Wife of Donte DiVincenzo | Career

Morgan rose to prominence following her relationship with Donte DiVincenzo, but she was famous before that as a cheerleader for their college basketball team, the Temple Owls.

Aside from that, she frequently volunteered to recruit new employees and maintain their team’s social media accounts.

Morgan also spent around three years working as a bartender and food server at Marianna’s Restaurant and Banquet Center.

She began working while still in college since she had always desired to be self-sufficient.

Morgan began her career as a marketing intern at Sideline Sportswear and Promotions after graduating in 2019.

Soon after, she was promoted to Marketing Coordinator at the organization.

She is currently employed as a Marketing Project Manager at EverythingClicks, a digital marketing firm.

Since February 2021, the 25-year-old has been with this company.

Wife of Donte DiVincenzo | Relationship

Despite the fact that Donte and Morgan began dating in 2016, they have yet to consider marriage.

The couple has already stated that they intend to devote more time to their professional lives.

They do, however, meet frequently and spend a lot of time together.

Morgan Calantoni
Morgan Calantoni with her husband Source: Players Bio

Morgan and Donte, it appears, do not want to reveal much about their personal lives, despite the fact that everyone knows they are having an affair.

Donte’s social media accounts are nearly entirely empty of images of them together.

Morgan, on the other hand, has some photos of herself with him on her social media accounts.

Donte and Morgan met through a mutual friend

Donte joined the Villanova Wildcats in 2015 and immediately began playing as a shooting guard.

He spotted Morgan and fell in love with her while traveling around the state playing basketball competitions.

Around the same time, Morgan began cheerleading for the Temple Tigers.

So when Donte asked her out on a date, she said yes right away.

They used to go on dates a lot because they lived in close proximity to Pennsylvania.

They became close over time and chose to stay in a long-term relationship.

They’ve been inseparable since the day they met.

Morgan maintains contact with Donte despite the fact that they now live in different cities due to their careers.

The couple enjoys traveling to new locations and has traveled as far as Europe together.

Wife of Donte DiVincenzo | Net Worth

Although many people have inquired about Morgan Calantoni’s net worth, she has yet to reveal it.

Morgan has probably not made much because she is still in the early stages of her profession.

Her present position as a Marketing Project Manager, on the other hand, pays well.

This is easily deduced from her Instagram photos about her lifestyle.

Her lover, Donte, on the other hand, has already made roughly $8.5 million from his NBA career.

He is currently worth anywhere between $2 million and $3 million.

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Donte DiVincenzo | Biography

Donte DiVincenzo, a basketball player, was born in Newark, Delaware, to John and Kathie DiVincenzo.

The NBA athlete was always interested in hoops and played high school basketball for Salesianum School in Wilmington.

He went on to play college basketball for the Villanova Wildcats at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

Donte declared for the NBA draft after his junior season in 2018.

The Milwaukee Bucks selected him with the 17th overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Unfortunately, a foot injury limited him to only 27 games for the Bucks in his debut season.

The 6’5′′ shooting guard from Newark has done a lot in his brief career.

With the Villanova Wildcats, he won two NCAA titles. His greatest notable success to date, though, is the NBA title in 2021.

Since the 2021-22 season, he has been with the Sacramento Kings.

Although injuries have become a serious issue for him since his debut, he believes he can cope with them effectively.

Hopefully, his forthcoming NBA seasons will be more fruitful than ever.

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He played college basketball for the Wisconsin Badgers before making his NBA debut in 2004.