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Morgan Beasley

Morgan Beasley

Who is Morgan Beasley?

Morgan Beasley is an American who has chosen a nomadic lifestyle. Morgan Beasley’s birth date and location are unknown; he rose to prominence after appearing on the reality TV show “Mountain Men.”

Morgan is currently living deep in the Alaskan woods, attempting to win the battle against the harsh Alaskan winter.

Early life and Childhood

Morgan Beasley is very private about his personal life and hasn’t revealed much.

Margaret, like Morgan, has not disclosed her date of birth to the public; she was born in Houston, Texas, USA

About his family history, including any information about his parents.

Morgan Beasley
Morgan Beasley Posing with his Sister. Source: gossip.dekhnews

All that is known is that he has a younger sister, Jill Beasley, who works as a medical sales recruiter.

Education Details

Morgan Beasley is well-educated. Having graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science.

Professional Career

Beasley, unlike most people, chose not to pursue a specific career in his field of studies or in any other field.

He supported himself by working at several construction sites.

While also fishing and selling fish and guiding tourists as the owner of the Apricity Alaska Wilderness Adventure.

An organization that provides trips and tours for tourists.

Morgan explained how he grew tired of industries and now enjoys doing odd jobs and spending time outside in nature.

He rose to prominence after appearing in the fourth season of the History Channel’s “Mountain Men” reality show. Alongside stars such as Eustace Conway and Tom Oar.

Many people talk about it, few succeed at it, and few decide to do it. Morgan chose to live a nomadic life and relocated to Alaska to do so.

He’s been doing this for over ten years, and he owns 37 acres of land in Alaska. But he only goes there when the weather is too harsh for him to handle.

he spends all of his time out in the wilderness and has traveled across Alaska at least twice. Morgan first appeared on the reality TV show “Mountain Men” in 2015 and has remained a part of it to this day.

The series, which airs on the History Channel, revolves around Eustace Conway and his Turtle Island. Eustace brings people to the island and teaches them basic wilderness survival skills.

Other people featured in the show include Marty Meierotto. Who lives in the Alaskan town of Two Rivers and flies the Piper PA-18A0159 Super Cub aircraft.

Tom Oar, a former rodeo cowboy, and George Michaud, an Idaho fur trapper. Morgan is the first person to grow garlic in Alaska.

He was able to do so thanks to his knowledge of the soil and climate there.

But he hasn’t revealed the secret to anyone.

Net Worth and Salary

Morgan Beasley’s net worth has been estimated to be more than $1 million.

Owing largely to his appearance in the “Mountain Men” series and his Apricity Alaska tourist agency.

Relationship Status

Morgan Beasley is not married, which is due in part to his nomadic lifestyle. He is almost always on the move. He is said to be dating Margaret Stern.

A botanist whom he met while filming “Mountain Men” own the Apricity Alaska agency together. Margaret, Morgan’s alleged girlfriend, also runs the agency’s website.

Body Measurement

Morgan Beasley is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m) tall and weighs around 75kgs.

He has long brown hair and a brown beard, blue eyes.

Social Media

Morgan is not active on the Internet at all.

However, his Apricity Alaska agency has an Instagram account that is followed by nearly 1,800 people.

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  • Morgan is an American who has chosen to live as a nomad.
  • He started appearing in “Mountain Men” reality TV series in 2015 and has stayed as part of the show to this day.
  • Beasley is said to be dating Margaret Stern, a botanist, who he met during the filming of the “Mountain Men”  they are co-owners of the Apricity Alaska agency.
  • He managed to do it thanks to his good knowledge of the soil and atmosphere there but hasn’t shared the secret behind it with anyone.
  • His net worth has been estimated to be over $1 million, largely thanks to his appearance in the “Mountain Men” series and his Apricity Alaska tourist agency.