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Mor Shapiro: Know About Ben Shapiro’s Wife

  • Mor Shapiro is a celebrity wife best known as Ben Shapiro’s wife.
  • Her husband is a highly polarizing conservative broadcaster. Mor, on the other hand, is a family medicine physician.
  • Mor Toledano was born in Haifa, Israel in 1988.
  • Leeya, the couple’s eldest child, was born with a hole in her heart.

Who is Mor Shapiro?

Mor Shapiro is a celebrity wife best known as Ben Shapiro’s wife. Mor Shapiro’s husband is a highly polarizing conservative broadcaster. Mor, on the other hand, is a family medicine physician.

Mor Shapiro’s Childhood And Parents

Mor Shapiro was born in Haifa, Israel in 1988.

She is the daughter of a Moroccan Jewish couple who immigrated to Israel a few years before her birth.

Mor is of Israeli Jewish descent and was nurtured in an Orthodox Jewish environment.

Mor and her family relocated to Sacramento, California when she was 12 years old.

She graduated from a nearby Sacramento high school.

Mor Shapiro
Mor Shapiro with her husband. Source: brieflynews

Mor has made her life a large box of secrets when it comes to her parents.

Her husband seldom shares images with her, and she herself is not very active on social media.

Her Orthodox background appears to have something to do with her secrecy.

Mor Shapiro attended UCLA Medical School.

Mor Shapiro studied Behavioural Neuroscience and Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles’ David Geffen School of Medicine.

She began working at this prestigious organization in 2005.

In 2015, the celebrity spouse earned a Bachelor of Science degree.

Mor is a UCLA-trained family physician.

She completed her residency at Kaiser Foundation Hospital after graduating.

Aside from that, she holds other credentials and licenses from the American Board of Family Medicine, the California State Medical License, and the Florida State Medical License.

She was a Resident Physician at Kaiser Woodland Hills till 2019.

Marriage of Mor Shapiro and Ben Shapiro

On July 8, 2008, the couple exchanged vows.

The wedding took place in their native homeland of Israel, and it was a small affair to boot.

Ben’s father composed the processional song, which drove everyone to tears.

Because they were both raised in Orthodox Jewish homes, their marriage followed suit.

The wife is not permitted to divorce her spouse at this wedding since only the husband has the authority to do so.

Ben said in a blog about his beautiful marriage, “It was a gorgeous wedding in Acre, Israel, overlooking the ocean at sunset.”

Furthermore, when discussing their plans to have children, he said, “Together we plan, with God’s help, on raising healthy, happy, freedom-loving children who will grow up with the security offered by the armed guard.”

Mor was 20 years old at the time of their marriage, which generated quite a commotion in the media due to her youth.

Initially, the couple met in the mid-2000s.

Ben’s sister Abigail was the one who first introduced them.

They became engaged in 2007.

Mor Shapiro is a mother of three.

The lovebirds had three children as a result of their long-term marriage.

Mor and Ben, as previously said, are both quite private about their personal lives.

This is why there is so little information available on them.

Nonetheless, we discovered some information. In 2014, their eldest child, a daughter called Leeya Eliana Shapiro, was born.

Mor gave birth to a son after her in 2017.

A few years later, she gave birth to her third kid, the gender of which remains unknown.

Children of Ben Shapiro

Ben and Mor have three children together.

Shapiro wrote on his blog shortly after the birth of his first kid,

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to us, and that is what makes all the poop, crying, late-night feedings, and sleep deprivation worthwhile.”

Their eldest daughter was born with a medical condition.

Leeya, the couple’s eldest child, was born with a hole in her heart.

Ben announced the awful news while addressing Jimmy Kimmel.

Through his broadcast, Jimmy discussed how Obamacare assisted his youngest son, William Kimmel, during his open-heart surgery.

Surprisingly, Ben’s daughter’s doctor was the same as Jimmy’s son.

During the early stages of their relationship, Mor and Ben encountered difficulties.

Mor and Ben’s relationship was not without obstacles, just like any other.

Both of them were residing in different places when they began their relationship.

While Mor was at UCLA, her husband Ben was considering relocating to New York for a job.

Nor, thankfully, was able to move her college to New York, and the couple had no problems with that.

Mor wasn’t the only one who made sacrifices for their friendship.

Ben chose to relocate his job to California when Mor had to go for her studies.

A partnership thrives when both parties are prepared to compromise.

Ben Shapiro’s WAP Controversy: He Involved His Wife

Ben clearly does not like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song, WAP.

Shapiro, being Shapiro, blasted the otherwise hit song when it became a worldwide sensation.

He believes the song is demeaning to women.

To make his point, he even brought his wife into the picture by tweeting,

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Furthermore, he stated, “As I also noted on the show, my only real worry is that the women involved – who reportedly require a ‘bucket and a mop’ – receive the medical attention they require.”

My doctor’s wife’s possible diagnoses are bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonas.”

When he brought his wife into the equation, he became the target of countless scathing tweets.

Furthermore, critics discussed the couple’s personal life.

Mor Shapiro’s net worth

Mor makes a good living as a doctor, so it’s not strange that she has a good income.

Having said that, we can’t place a figure on her total riches.

Her husband, on the other hand, is thought to be worth $20 million.

His fortune came from his work as a commentator.