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Mina Starsiak: Who is Mina?

Mina Starsiak
  • Mina Starsiak is an American actress best known for her roles in the television shows Good Bones (2016) and A Very Brady Renovation (2016). (2019).
  • Mina is a renovation expert as well as an author, store owner, and many other things.
  • Mina Nicole Starsiak was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 26, 1987.
  • Karen Laine and Casey Starsiak are her parents.

Who is Mina Starsiak?

Mina Starsiak is an American actress best known for her roles in the television shows Good Bones (2016) and A Very Brady Renovation (2016). (2019). Karen Laine and Casey Starsiak are Mina Starsiak’s parents.

Mina Starsiak Is A Natural Hoosier

Mina Starsiak was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 26, 1987.

Karen Laine and Casey Starsiak are her parents.

According to reports, her parents divorced several years after she was born.

Mina is of Caucasian descent with European ancestors.

She grew up in Indianapolis and completed her formal education there.

She attended Indiana University Bloomington.

Mina Starsiak
Mina Starsiak with her husband and son. Source: today

In 2009, she graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business or sociology.

Mina Starsiak has two biological brothers and three half-brothers

Mina Starsiak’s biological brothers are William and CR.

They are all in an intimate relationship with one another.

Although Mina rarely shares photos with her siblings, we can be certain that they have a strong bond.

The fact that Mina cared for her niece for nine months demonstrates her relationship with her siblings.

This occurred in 2017 when Mina’s sister was going through a difficult time in her life.

Mina described how caring for her niece changed her life in an interview with PEOPLE magazine.

“I think everyone likes me better now that I have Julie, my ‘Juju Bean,” she said.

I can be cold at times, but you can’t be when you have a child.”

She has two half-siblings from her father’s side and one from her mother’s side, in addition to her biological siblings.

With his second marriage to Cheryl, her father had one son, Tad Starsiak, and one daughter, Jess.

Her mother, on the other hand, has one daughter from her marriage with Randy.

Mina’s stepfather, Randy, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Mina Starsiak’s parents remarried after their divorce

Mina Starsiak’s parents exchanged vows again after their divorce, but with different people.

While her father married a woman named Cheryl, her mother married a man named Randy.

Despite their divorce, Mina’s parents remain close to one another.

They lavished love and affection on their three children.

Although the couple divorced when their children were teenagers, they made every effort to be present in their lives.

Starsiak, Mina What Is Her Husband’s Name?

Her husband, Steve Hawk, is the love of her life.

On June 11, 2016, the couple exchanged vows in a small ceremony attended by friends and family.

The wedding was held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Instead of a wedding cake, the couple served 400 donuts during the ceremony.

Their relationship has improved over time since they married.

She frequently posts photos of herself and her husband on Instagram.

Their intimacy shows that they are extremely close to each other.

Mina Starsiak and her husband Mina and her son

Steve Hawk and Mina Starsiak: What Was the Beginning of It All?

The couple met for the first time in 2013.

They met on Facebook.

According to Country Living, the couple met on the social media platform through mutual friends.

Mina was the first to notice Steve on one of her friend’s Facebook pages.

When she first saw Steve, she thought he was stunningly handsome.’

They met for the first time in person at a baseball game.

However, the date did not go as planned for Mina.

He didn’t pay enough attention to her throughout the game.

On top of that, his friends made advances toward her.

Thankfully, she gave him another chance, and thankfully, this time Steve did not blow it.

The couple eventually began dating and got engaged in March 2015.

How many children does the couple have? Mina’s Path Towards

The couple is the proud parents of two lovely children, a girl, and a boy.

On August 9th, 2018, they welcomed their first child, Jack Richard Hawk.

Mina explained how quickly she became pregnant when her first child was born, telling PEOPLE, “I got pregnant almost immediately after getting off birth control.”

Unfortunately, the next one was more difficult for Mina.

They began trying for another child just a few months after the birth of their first.

Unfortunately, she did not succeed.

After several failed attempts, the couple decided to consult a doctor.

The report has bad news for the Hawks.

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Her ng/mL level was 0.25, which is significantly lower than the normal range of 1.5 to 4.

The news was devastating for the couple, especially Mina.

She desperately wanted a baby and had given up hope.

Furthermore, the doctor told her that her chances of becoming pregnant were only 1%.

The couple underwent fertility treatments out of desperation.

Despite the difficulties, the couple maintained a positive attitude.

The couple chose a second option by chance, and everything worked out.

In September 2020, she became pregnant with her second child, a daughter named Charlotte Drew Hawk.