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Milo Stewart

Milo Stewart

Milo Stewart with American nationality is better known online as the Transgender Bigot. Milo Stewart is well-known for her YouTube channel and social justice, where she mostly posts videos of her daily life.

Early life and Childhood

Milo Stewart was born on June 10, 1998, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Milo is now 21 years old.

She hasn’t spoken about her parents or siblings. But she does have a sister.

People claim that her parents and sister are not very supportive of her views on a variety of issues.

This is why she hasn’t spoken about them to this day.

Education Details

Milo Stewart is also said to not have been the most popular girl at school.

Because her classmates bullied and mocked her for her appearance and transgender tendencies

Even though it was difficult for her.

She graduated from high school and then decided not to attend college but to build her career on the internet.

Professional Career

Stewart’s career began when she launched her YouTube channel, with a description that read.

‘My name is Milo, and my pronouns are they/them.’

The Daily Dot named a gender-confused college student “YouTube’s most controversial trans vlogger.”

“How to be a Gender Confusion 2,” “The Gender Tag – One Year Later,” and “My Non-Binary Dysphoria” are among her most popular videos.

Her channel currently has over 30,000 subscribers.

she/he has over 2.3 million views on all of her videos combined.

Milo typically discusses social justice and feminism.

Other gender-related topics in her videos. S/he rose to prominence after publishing her not-so-smart tweet.

‘All white people are racist.’ Men are all misogynistic.

Transphobia is shared by all cisgender people.’

Every member of the majority is prejudiced against members of the minority or oppressed group.

‘ Milo declares herself to be a SocialJustice Warrior or SWJ.

And even members of the SWJ community were upset by her statement.

While other SWJ people are said to be hateful and unresilient.

Milo appears to be calm and is keeping her YouTube comments and ratings open despite receiving a lot of hate mail and insults, she doesn’t seem to mind.

Milo experimented with running a second YouTube channel, “Birchie Rants,” .

In addition to her main channel.

Milo stopped uploading videos to the channel after making 16 of them.

Even though she is no longer active on the channel.

It is currently subscribed to by nearly 2,500 people and has more than 150 views of all her videos combined.

Amazing Atheist, a popular YouTuber.

Posted a video on his channel in which he responded to Milo’s transgender bigot’s hate speech.

He mocked and criticized her at first after she barred one of her detractors, Mr. Saigo.

Milo’s YouTube description has been changed from ‘Snip Snoop it’s Miloop’ to ‘Snip Sneanis I wish I had a Penis’ by The Amazing Atheist.

Milo has also tweeted about the flood that hit her town an opportunity that the Amazing Atheist did not want to pass up.

And he joked about God sending the flood to punish Milo by sending her to the ocean.

Milo’s other interests are unknown, as she appears to only talk about politics and gender issues.

She appears to spend the majority of her free time outdoors and in nature.

But it is unknown whether she works to support herself, is supported by her parents, or survives

solely on income from her online accounts. According to some of the photos.

She has posted on her social media accounts.

She is an animal lover, but she does not have a pet.

Politics Milo describes herself as a “Social Justice Warrior feminist transgender queer.”

She also describes herself as a communist-socialist and is a staunch supporter of black supremacists like Gazi Kodzo.

Net Worth and Salary

Milo Stewart’s current net worth is estimated to be more than $10,000.

It is steadily increasing thanks to her YouTube channel.

Relationship Status

Milo Stewart is very private about her love life.

She hasn’t revealed any information about her previous boyfriends or girlfriends.

She sees sex as something society sees as adult life.

Something that is only there to make you happy and full of joy.

Milo Stewart
Milo Stewart with a friend. Source: heightline

She has stated that, if a person wants to be truly happy, he or she must be truly happy without sex.

She also considered becoming the oldest living person who does not have sex.

But after learning that the current record is held by a

person who is around 100 years old, she abandoned the idea and began having sex.

As she has stated, she has had sex numerous times with various partners (including threesomes).

Despite the fact that she has no qualms about discussing sex and her personal

preferences, she hasn’t shared anything specific about her previous relationships.

She mentioned dating anyone at the moment.

Milo is currently single, has never married, and has no children, according to her social media accounts.

Body Measurement

Milo Stewart’s hair is light brown and her eyes are hazel brown, but her height and weight are Unavailable.

Social Media

Milo is very active on several popular social media platforms as she works hard to establish a career on the internet.

She started her Twitter account in May 2015, and she has nearly 6,300 followers and has tweeted nearly 5,800 times.

Her Instagram account is currently followed by nearly 2,500 people, and she has uploaded nearly 100 photos to it.

She also has a Facebook page, which is currently followed  ‘liked’ by 63 people.

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  • Milo was born in Chicago, Illinois USA, on 10 June 1998.
  • She is popular for her YouTube channel, on which she mostly posts videos of her everyday life.
  • Stewart usually talks about social justice, feminism, and other matters related to gender.
  • Milo’s hate speech popular YouTuber who goes by the name Amazing Atheist uploaded a video onto his YouTube channel, in which he responded to Milo’s transgender bigot’s hate speech.
  • Milo is very secretive when it comes to her love life, and hasn’t shared any details of her past boyfriends or girlfriends.
  • She has also chosen a new name for herself, which is Quinby Stewart.