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Meet Eleanor Patricia Whitesell: Lauren Sánchez’s Daughter

Eleanor Patricia Whitesell
  • Lauren Sanchez and Patrick Whitesell’s Second Child
  • Eleanor Patricia Whitesell’s parents divorced in 2019.
  • Ella’s mother began dating Jeff Bezos in late 2018.
  • Eleanor ‘Ella’ Patricia’s name meaning

Who is Eleanor Patricia Whitesell?

Lauren Sanchez and Patrick Whitesell were two of the most well-known couples in the entertainment world. Lauren Sanchez rose to prominence as an anchor on Fox 11’s Ten O’clock News and as a special correspondent on Extra. In 2005, she married Patrick Whitesell, an American talent agent.

Furthermore, the couple had two children, Evan Whitesell and Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, before calling it quits in 2019.

Furthermore, Patrick Whitesell’s ex-wife, Lauren, is now famous as Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, and their related stories are the new trend.

But we’ll get to that later. For the time being, let’s look into Lauren Sanchez’s daughter, Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, and her location.

Lauren Sanchez and Patrick Whitesell’s Second Child

Lauren Sanchez rose to fame after marrying a talent agent, Patrick Whitesell.

The couple was married for over a decade before divorcing in 2019.

Prior to their divorce, the former power couple had two children, the youngest of whom is Eleanor Patricia Whitesell.

According to People, Sanchez’s daughter was born in 2008 and was called Eleanor “Ella” Patricia Whitesell.

Lauren Sanchez’s brother, Michael Sanchez, also stated that the media personality named her daughter after her mother and mother-in-law.

He further stated that both mother and daughter were in good health following the delivery.

Ella, however, is not the family’s only kid. Evan, her older brother, was born in 2006.

Ella, being the youngest member of the Whitesell family, must have received a lot of love from everyone.

Ella also has a half-brother named Nikko Gonzalez, who was born to Lauren and her ex-boyfriend, Tony Gonzalez.

Ella’s development cannot be seen because both of her parents are not on social media.

However, we may presume that Lauren and Patrick Whitesell’s daughter, Ella, enjoys a happy life and has a close relationship with her brother and parents.

Eleanor Patricia Whitesell
Eleanor Patricia Whitesell with her parent’s source: Zimbio

Eleanor Patricia Whitesell’s parents divorced in 2019

Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, aka Ella’s parents, divorced after twelve years of marriage.

According to TMZ, Lauren filed for divorce in 2019 along with her ex-response. husband’s Laura Wasser, who has represented several celebrities, oversaw the court proceedings.

Furthermore, the divorce of the former Whitesell pair was formalized in October of that year.

They will have joint custody of Eleanor ‘Ella’ and her brother, Evan.

Furthermore, their property settlement was divided in accordance with their existing prenuptial agreement.

Lauren Sanchez’s daughter, Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, is just 13 years old, so adjusting to the new atmosphere must have been difficult.

However, she seemed to have managed her time well and maintained a positive relationship with both parents.

Furthermore, Ella appears to be on her way to becoming a member of the Bezos family.

Ella’s mother began dating Jeff Bezos in late 2018.

Human emotions are like a fluid that varies with temperature.

Lauren and her former partner, Patrick Whitesell, had a similar marriage/love/relationship.

The couple had been married for a little over a decade before filing for divorce.

She has, however, found a new love in millionaire Jeff Bezos.

As previously stated, Lauren Sanchez’s ex-husband, Patrick Whitesell, introduced her to Jeff Bezos a decade ago.

As a result, they’d known each other for a time before they began dating.

According to TMZ, the new couple split up with their prior partners before embarking on a new chapter in their life.

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos began dating after they split up with their prior spouses.

They revealed their romance publicly again in 2019 and claimed that a big load has been removed since they declared their love.

Furthermore, they are frequently spotted on multiple occasions together and have become hot stories overnight.

Patrick, like Lauren, her former boyfriend, and Ella’s father, has moved on with an Australian actress, Pia Miller.

On November 28, 2020, the couple got engaged.

Lauren is preoccupied with her job and building memories with her new fiancé, Jeff, while Patrick is busy organizing a wedding.

Who knows, but Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, Lauren Sanchez’s daughter, must have met her mother’s boyfriend when her brothers had previously met him at a dinner.

Furthermore, Jeff and Lauren are taking things slowly and acclimating to their new environment.

As a result, we might see Jeff and Ella hanging out in the coming days.

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Eleanor ‘Ella’ Patricia’s name meaning

Eleanor is derived from the Hebrew element, which means light and origin.

Similarly, the name Ella has various origins and meanings.

In Hebrew, however, it means “Goddess.” Similarly, Patricia denotes a Latin noblewoman.