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Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian, call off their engagement after the finale episode telecast

Maurissa Gunn
  • Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn have called off their wedding.
  • The couple’s engagement on the show
  • Signs of imminent disaster in the relationship

Many Bachelor In Paradise couples do not get married. The same thing happened to the show’s stars, Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn. They got engaged on the show. And the couple has called off their engagement just three months after it was announced.

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn have called off their wedding.

Bachelor Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn, a Paradise couple, were deeply in love on the show.

This occurred during Season 7 of the show.

The station aired their on-screen engagement three months ago.

Now comes word that the couple has called it quits on their relationship.

They have called off their engagement and are no longer together.

Maurissa, 25, and Riley, 32, have issued a joint statement announcing the end of their partnership.

According to the joint statement on People:

‘We have chosen to part ways.’ We never expected this, but we’ve reached a stage where we both need to work on ourselves.’

They also stated:

“We’ve loved everyone’s love and support so far in our journey, and all we ask is that you please respect our privacy as we navigate this.”

Maurissa Gunn Riley Christian
Maurissa Gunn with Riley Christian source: People

The couple’s engagement on the show

Maurissa and Riley met on the show during the summer of last year.

On the show Bachelor In Paradise, Maurissa and Riley made history.

They were the first persons of color to form a couple and get engaged on the show.

The proposal took place on a beach in Mexico.

During his romantic proposal to Maurissa, Riley gave her a pear-shaped diamond ring.

Maurissa was taken aback and had stated before his proposal:

‘You demonstrated what a true man is.

You showed me practically everything I’d wished for my entire life.

And you proved to me that fairytales exist.’

Riley had also stated:

“The challenging part about what I’m looking for is that it’s not always visible.”

It’s the sensation of my heart racing, the sensation of butterflies in my stomach, the sensation of goosebumps on my arms, and I know that sensation is love.”

‘See, Maurissa, I adore you, and I have adored you from our first date… but I simply want to be certain,’

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Signs of imminent disaster in the relationship

Everything appeared to be fine until Maurissa recently erased all Riley’s photographs from her Instagram pages.

Fans suspected that something was wrong with the couple.

Furthermore, eagle-eyed admirers noticed that Maurissa was not wearing her engagement ring in a recent video she published on social media.

This was enough for them to realize that they were probably no longer together.

Maurissa also added the following caption to this video:

‘Not everything that glitters is gold.’