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Marta Milan’s Dating Life: Relationship With Kylie Minogue’s Ex-Finance Joshua Sasse

  • Milan’s frequently generates waves with her relationship news.
  • Milan’s is yet to marry, and neither does have a husband.
  • She usually imports the products to the United States from Spain.

A captivating and diligent Spanish-American actress Marta Milan’s has performed smoothly across all genres in the entertainment industry.

The El embarcadero actress Marta gained her debut with her lovable part in the TV series No Tomorrow.

Besides her job, Milan’s frequently generates waves with her relationship news.

Milan’s’ love life went on to become a source of attention as the actress was suspected to dating co-star Joshua Sasse.

Apparently, the speculations shattered Sasse’s 18-month relationship with his then-fiancée Kylie Minogue.

Here, we’re talking about some interesting facts about Marta Milan’s’ personal and professional life.

Marta Milan’s Dating Life: Her Relationship With Kylie Minogue’s Ex-Finance Joshua Sasse

Back in early 2017, Marta Milan’s’ reported affair with Joshua Sasse became a major issue in the media.

Their dating allegations even drove Sasse’s ex-fiancée, Kylie Minogue to break off their engagement.

Joshua Sasse then-soon-to-be husband Kylie Minogue.

Joshua Sasse and Kylie Minogue

The former couple confirmed their engagement on 29th Feb 2016.

However, when their separation entered the public in February 2017, Marta became the center of their split due to her apparent relationship with Sasse.

Marta Milan’s And Her Rumoured Boyfriend Joshua Sasse First Met On A Set

The two first came across on the set of No Tomorrow, a comedy-drama TV series aired on The CW.

Sasse played Xavier Holliday, an eccentric and free-spirited individual while Marta represented Sofia, an avid traveller, and photographer.

Despite the massive suspicions, Marta and Joshua never talked about their suspected affair in the public.

Meanwhile, Milan’s’ brother, Sander was asked about his sister’s developing proximity near Joshua, but, he didn’t reveal anything about the potential relationship.

He said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about, no concept at all”

He further added, “I haven’t got anything to say because I don’t know anything.

If I did, I doubt I would say anything anyway.”

He continued, “I know who Kylie Minogue is of course but I don’t know where my sister enters into all this.

It’s something that’s entirely unfamiliar to me.”

Some tabloids even say that Milan’s and Sasse are just close buddies.

Is Marta Milans Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Milan’s is yet to marry, and neither does have a husband.

But, we can say how nice a wife she would make after witnessing her portraying a wife’s role on-screen.

Milan’s is hailed for her part as Rosa Vasquez, wife of Victor Vasquez (played by Cooper Andrews) in the blockbuster movie Shazam (2019).

Marta and her onscreen-husband Cooper were the foster parents of Billy and his siblings on the project.

She even hailed him as the best movie husband in her Instagram post made on 18th August 2019.

But they are just working colleagues off-screen.

Marta Milan’s Parents And Family

Marta was born on 19th April 1982, in Madrid, Spain to her father, Alfonso Perez-Andujar, and her mother, Maria Cavestany Milan‘s del Bosch.

Her dad is a dairy farmer as well as the richest landowner while her mother Maria is a sculptor.

The actress also maintains a great bond with her 92-year-old grandmother who first wanted her to pursue a career as a violist or as a prima ballerina.

In fact, Marta had even begun playing violin by age three.

Marta maintains dual citizenship, Spanish and American. She is caucasian by ethnicity.

Grew Up With Her Twin Sister And Brother

Marta Milan’s has two siblings; a twin sister Gadea Pérez-Andújar and a younger brother Sander.

Her sister studied Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii. She is presently a jewelry designer living in Hawaii.

Her brother is a scientist who received a master’s degree in wind energy in Denmark.

Her Family Runs A Business Called Santa Gadea Organic Goat Cheese.

Marta Milan’s aids her family in running their cheese business called Santa Gadea Organic Goat Cheese.

She usually imports the products to the United States from Spain.

Marta Milan
Marta Milan Source: LRMonline

It spreads out on a 2,000-acre property situated in northern Spain.


Marta Milan’s went to New York City as a teenager and attended New York University finishing with a double major in Art History and Acting.

Career: Movies And TV Works

Upon her graduation, Marta Milan’s went on to appear in local theatre plays.

She landed her first part as Carol in the movie Love in the Age of Dion (2006).

The actress participated in two short films Luchador Love in 2007 and Scandal in 2009 respectively.

Her other silver-screen efforts include Devoured (2012), The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (2013), and Asher (2018). 

Milan’s got great acclaim with her performance as Rosa Vasquez in the box office successful movie Shazam! (2019).

TV Roles

Marta is also noted for her work in small-screen films alongside her triumph on the big screen.

She portrayed Imelda Barros on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2011.

The actress performed in The Mysteries of Laura and High Maintenance in 2016.

Milan’s rose to notoriety as a television star after she played Sofia, a passionate world traveler, and an avid photographer in The CW’s comedy-drama No Tomorrow.

She appeared in the project from 2016 to 2017 alongside her once-alleged lover Joshua Sasse.

Additionally, the actress plays Katia in El embarcadero since 2019.

She earned the character of Kika in Netflix’s series White Lines, sharing the credit together with actress Angela Griffin and Jade Alleyne in 2020.

What Is Marta Milan’s Net Worth?

As to certain online sources, Marta Milan’s has a net worth of $500,000 in 2021.

She has mostly earned such a terrific figure through her acting jobs.

Is A Multilingual

Marta Milan’s is truly a versatile woman who can speak six languages; English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese fluently.

Furthermore, the actress is currently working in Russian.

She told the Chicago Tribune about studying Russian “is becoming a daunting endeavor, but I am not giving up!”

Charity Endeavors

Besides her work in films and TV shows, Marta has also kept herself busy working with some non-profit organizations.

She supports Art of Elysium which tries to aid such youngsters who are unwell and developmentally challenged in Los Angeles and NYC.

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Other Unheard Facts Of Marta Milans

The actress is a dog lover who owns a doggie named Matilda.

Marta likes to sing. She is an adherent of the soccer team Real Madrid.

Marta regularly practices yoga.

She obtained citizenship in the United States in March 2020.

The actress also likes swimming.