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Mark Stacey Talk Of Partner And Gay Support Amid Rumors

Mark Stacey
  • Mark Stacy’s Bio: Age and TV Career
  • Mark Provides Expert Antique Valuations
  • Stacey Declares Himself Gay
  • Mark Is Dropping Subtle Hints On His Unknown Partner
  • False Death Rumors Affect Gay TV Personality

Fans of Antiques Road Trip were whipped into a frenzy as news broke that the show’s popular host, Mark Stacey, had died. The Welshman rose to prominence after appearing on various TV auction and antique programs. His bombastic style and complete disdain for other people’s opinions when it comes to closing a sale have made him a celebrity.

Mark Stacy, the King of Ancient Dealing, examines an antique vessel in his show Antiques Road Trip
When Mark was auctioning off the Colchester house in 2014, he came across an Egyptian Pharaoh, which he later sold for a cool $13.5K.

Mark Stacy’s Bio: Age and TV Career

As a child, the Asian-Welsh TV personality was intrigued with collecting coins and stamps in Neath, Glamorgan, South Wales.

His boyhood indulgence would lead to a successful profession as an antique collector.

He sharpened his skills while working for Bonham’s and Sotheby’s, two of the most prestigious auction houses.

Mark used his expertise as a ceramics expert to obtain useful experience while working there.

The antique expert, who identifies as gay, has also offered his experience to television,

serving as the host of the British travel show ‘Antiques Road Trip.’

The show follows Mark as he travels around the UK looking for the best prices on antiques and antiquities, with all revenues going to charity.

Aside from Antiques Road Trip, the 53-year-old is also a regular on BBC’s Flog It! and Bargain Hunt,

making him one of the greatest names in show business.

He also appears on a show with a similar subject, ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!’

According to a BBC 1 feature on the showrunner, his specialty is ‘Anything Regency or Art Deco, Lalique glass, Blue and White transferware.’

Not only that, but his knowledge of arts and antiques earned him the position of Honorary Secretary of House Of Blues, a specialty collector’s organization.

As an antique dealer with a career spanning more than 25 years, he has seen his share of ups and downs.

His highs and lows were not hidden from the public.

Mark Provides Expert Antique Valuations

On September 16, 2018, Mark paid a visit to the Bridgend Charity Shop to provide value on antiques brought in by members of the public.

As his name stemmed from working at some of the best auction houses in the UK, he offered the service from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Donna Rogers, Wales Air Ambulance area retail manager, expressed her excitement about the unique possibility for customers to have their precious things valued by Mark Stacey.

There was a £2 per item charge and a £5 charge for three items to be valued during the event.

per item charge and a £5 charge for three items to be valued during the event.

The day’s revenues were donated directly to the organization.

Mark spotted an opening and seized it to do a good deed by assisting in the fundraising for the Bridgend Charity’s lifesaving work.

 Stacey Declares Himself Gay

He is one of four children, born on September 23, 1964, and has two sisters and a brother.

The television personality had a difficult childhood and struggled with his sexuality in his early adolescence, having acquired gay sentiments.

However, the ‘Flog It!’ host has accepted his sexuality and has become an outspoken LGBTQ advocate.

On and off the internet, he may be seen pushing for the LGBTQ community’s equal rights.

In July 2018, he retweeted the news and wrote, Well Said Mr. President, in response to ex-President Jimmy Carter’s claims that Jesus would welcome gay marriage.

Mark Is Dropping Subtle Hints On His Unknown Partner

Not only that, but he has shared countless photos with a mysterious hunk named Santiago.

In October 2012, Mark posted a photo of himself and his boyfriend with the caption “Me and My Santiago.”

Not only that, but in 2015, he posted a photo of himself in a cast with Santiago driving him in a wheelchair.

Furthermore, he frequently mentions his spouse on Twitter, and on July 11, 2018,

he posted condemning a law that stated that every foreign national in the UK had to pay an additional cost of 65 pounds to remain to reside in the UK.

He claimed that his partner had been contributing to the UK economy and should not be forced to pay any more fees.

Mark Stacey
Mark Stacey and Santiago source: Daily Express

According to rumors, Mark and Stacy have already married.

However, because neither of the couples has confirmed the news,

we may have to wait a little longer to find out if they have married or if the report is simply another hoax regarding Mark.

Not only did Mark have to deal with marriage rumors in 2015, but he also had to contend with death rumors, which confused his followers.

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False Death Rumors Affect Gay TV Personality

The Vancouver Courier published an obituary for a guy named Mark Stacey on June 20, 2015.

Coincidentally, the deceased resembled his famed ‘doppelganger’ in appearance and orientation, causing viewers of his show to go insane.

However, it was then revealed that the deceased Mark Stacy was not the Antique specialist Mark,

but rather a Canadian national of the same name.

Celebrities appear to have lived nine lives since the birth of the internet.