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Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux

Who is Mario Lemieux?

Mario Lemieux, the 2004 Men’s Ice Hockey World Cup winner, has a net worth of $200 million. Mario Lemieux is a Canadian professional ice hockey player who has played in the National Hockey League for 17 seasons.

Ice hockey is a highly skilled sport that requires players who are quick, smart, and strong.

Mario possessed all of the traits of a skilled puck handler, the ability to make dangerous plays pay off, and solid decision-making.

As a result, he guided the Pittsburgh Penguins to the NHL’s top spot, winning two Stanley Cups along the way. Lemieux, Mario

For the Penguins, Mario Lemieux. Source: NHL

Similarly, his most notable career successes include gold medals in the 2004 World Cup and Salt Lake City in 2002.

He was also named a Knight of the National Order of Quebec in 2009.

He is also well-known for salvaging his team from bankruptcy. Mario is now the primary owner of the team he used to play for, thanks to his substantial investments.

As a result, Super Mario is one of the most renowned figures in hockey and is liked by hockey fans.

Before we get into the details, here are some quick facts about the player.

More Facts of Mario Lemieux

Name Mario Lemieux
Full Name Mario Lemieux OC CQ
Nick Name The Comeback Kid, The Magnificent One, Super Mario, Le Magnifique
Birthdate October 5, 1965
Birthplace Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Age 56 years old
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac sign Libra
Chinese Zodiac Snake
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
Body type Athletic
Hair Color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Height 6’4″ (193 cm)
Weight 230 lb (104 kg)
Profession Professional Ice Hockey Player
Position Centre
Shot Right
Played for Pittsburgh Penguins
National Team Canada
NHL Draft 1st overall, 1984
Drafted by Pittsburgh Penguins
Playing Career 1984–1997
Medal Record 2004 World Cup (Gold),
2002 Salt Lake City (Gold),
1987 Canada Cup (Gold)
Parents Jean-Guy Lemieux (Father),
Pierrette Lemieux (Mother)
Siblings Alain Lemieux (Brother),
Richard Lemieux (Brother)
Relationship status Married
Married Year June 26, 1993
Wife Nathalie Asselin
Children Austin Nicholas Lemieux (Son)
Stephanie Lemieux (Daughter)
Alexa Lemieux (Daughter)
Lauren Lemieux (Daughter)
Net Worth $200 Million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Merch Hockey Card, Jersey, Signed Items
Last Update July 2022

Net Worth and Income

Mario Lemieux made this remarkable net worth of $200 million from his professional hockey career and investments.

Similarly, he’s had his fair share of engagement with sponsorships and endorsements.

Mario was picked in 1984 by Pittsburgh Penguins in first overall.

Per sources, he signed a two-year contract for $750,000, including his initial signing bonus. His salary at that time was $241,666.

Throughout, he stuck with the Penguins and rose to the top of the NHL.

Then, in 1986, he signed his first contract extension with the Penguins. The deal was speculated to be for $3.5 million.

Similarly, Mario signed a five-year contract with the organization again in 1989.

Again, the deal was worth $10 million, and his base wage was $2,000,000.

However, his most noteworthy deal occurred in 1992 after inking a $42 million contract with the Penguins for seven years.

But, despite the huge base wages, it was evident the squad was being mismanaged. T

The Penguins were $90 million in credit and owed Mario $32.5 million alone.

Nonetheless, Mario stepped up and utilized his credit to buy shares of his club.

As a result, he turned the team from a $16 million loss to a $47,000 profit in his first year as owner.

Over time, he turned the squad around, and this decision led to more than half of its net worth of Mario presently.

Furthermore, he had a major deal with Nike. Per sources, it was worth $500,000 (US) a season in a lifetime deal.

Mario Lemieux | House

Mario is one of the rare ones to win the Stanley cup as a player and an owner. He has progressed through the top of the category on his sheer tenacity. Hence, he prefers living a luxurious lifestyle.

Mario-Lemieux Mansion Source: Youtube

The residences owned by Mario Lemieux reflect his financial worth.

One of his favorite properties is at Mont-Tremblant. Mario purchased this house with his wife in 2007. However, they didn’t move in till 2012.

This palace was built in château-style and occupied a massive area of 7,000 square feet. Also, it contained 17 fireplaces and a home theater.

Mario Lemieux and his real estate

Mario Lemieux’s house in Mont-Tremblant.
Similarly, the property was created to satisfy his post-recovery demands.

It consists of a spa, a pool, a dedicated gym, and a tennis court. Also, it was set in a tranquil area and overlooked a lake.

Yet, they offered up this mansion for sale in 2020 for 22million CAD.

It has previously been on the market for more than 18 months, and the exact asking price is CAD 21,999,066.

Currently, Mario dwells in a well-heeled area of Sewickley Heights.

The hockey champ lives there with his wife and four children. However, a lot is unclear about this real estate.

Mario Lemieux | Lifestyle

Mario Lemieux is one of the richest hockey players in the world, with a tremendous net worth of hundred million.

Yet, everyone close to him recalls Mario as a beautiful person both on and off his game.

The new debut players for Penguin have numerous anecdotes regarding his kind demeanor.

He is known to have given sanctuary to new players trying to settle in the new settlement.

During the early portion of his career, Mario had been addicted to smoking.

His family recalls Mario smoking half a pack of cigarettes every day. Similarly, a reporter questioned his nutrition in 1985.

Mario confessed he enjoyed Hamburgers, French fries, and pizza while dipping a chicken wing in the sauce.

However, he has modified his lifestyle a lot since being diagnosed with cancer.

In an interview, he admitted that his lackadaisical attitude toward training terminated his career early.

Over time he altered his diet to 75 percent fat and protein and 25 percent carb.

Likewise, he grasped the need for diverse pre-game diets.

While talking about pastimes, he loves golfing with his friends as a retreat.

Additionally, he loves decompressing with his family at his mansion and sometimes viewing his old games.

Mario Lemieux | Charity

Mario Lemieux has always sought to use his reputation and stature to promote several charities. Hence, he is an active face when it comes to giving back to society.

Notably, when he formed a charity organization in 1993 after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease.

The primary assumption of the foundation is to sponsor research projects connected to the condition.

Similarly, the foundation plays an active role in aiding families.

Accordingly, the charity has provided $31 million in Cancer Research and Patient Care alone.

Likewise, the ML Foundation supports the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and the Leukemia Society.

Mario Lemieux foundation Source: Pittsburgh Photo Gazzute

Mario has also explored with other well-known athletes. In 2007, he was a prominent component of “Athletes for Hope.”

The org harnesses the voice of prominent athletes to carry out fundraisers and ask for volunteers.

Life has always thrown obstacles at Mario and his family.

Yet, he always learns from them and wants to make sure others don’t go through the same.

In 1996, his son Austin was born prematurely before the scheduled time.

Thus, the family had to stay in the hospital. Then they noticed the hospitals didn’t have areas to play for older children,

Over time, they established a program with the name “Austin’s Playrooms.”

As a result, the foundation presently has created playing grounds in several hospitals. Recently, the charity raised approximately $150,000 for Austin’s Playrooms.

Mario Lemieux | Movies, Endorsements, And Book Publications

Movies and Media

Lemieux is a standard name when it comes to National Hockey League. Fans adore him all over the world for his team-based playstyle.

Thus, he has a decent share of appearances in movies and visual media.

In 2005, Pittsburgh Penguins put together a genuinely emotional interview to celebrate Mario.

It was named “Mario Lemieux – The Best. Ever” and is one of the best documentaries.

Similarly, Mario is part of various NHL DVD compilations. In 2006, his matches and talks were made unique in NHL Vintage Collection.

The same year each of his spectacular plays was a spot in NHL Greatest Moments.

It is a 90 min long DVD showcasing the top plays and moments in NHL history.

Also, he has been included in NHL 2000: A Millennium of Memories also.

Likewise, he has been part of various celebrity competitions. Some of the matches have been televised on NBC.

At a glance, it looks as if most of his time on television is usually a byproduct of his career.

But, additionally, he has featured in several video games too.

In 1991, Sega Genesis named a videogame after him to recognize his achievements.

The name of the game was “Mario Lemieux Hockey.”

Also, he has featured as the cover athlete for EA Sports’ iconic NHL series, which was launched in 2002.

Furthermore, he was part of the “Be A Legend’ mode” from NHL2K12 to NHL2K15.

Mario is featured in one of the rarest trading cards in history, which costs about $14,000.


Mario Lemieux has a direct manner of dealing with undertakings.

He enjoys investing rather than being endorsed and sponsored.

Hence, sponsors don’t make up a substantial part of Lemieux’s net worth.

Yet, he received large sponsors from prominent companies like Nike during his early career.

Per ESPN, Nike and Mario negotiated a lifetime pact in the late 200.

This was the moment when Mario was making a comeback to the sport following a medical leave.

According to the arrangement, he would represent Nike by wearing their equipment in an office.

I would add not only footwear but also the golf equipment made by Nike. However, three years later, the couple split ways in 2003.

Mario is also famous for one of the humorous ads he did in the 1980s. The commercial features Mario promoting Colussy Chevrolet.


Lemieux accounts for much of his net worth from his diligent and dedicated investments.

He has typically been dubbed a valued investor for his astute investments.

Per Forbes, he makes roughly $100 million in net worth from his assets alone.

His most notable would be when he bought the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were in financial turmoil in 1999 and feared bankruptcy.

Mario stepped in to buy the franchise since the team owed millions in deferred wages.

Throughout, the squad has redefined itself into a serious contender.

Recently in 2021, reports started circulating that he had invested in a cocktail mixer startup.

He was one of the key investors in the $7.5M financing round.

Other renowned people in his venture were Lee Brice, Ryan Hurd, and many more.

Apart from this, Mario is a front-runner in philanthropic investments.

Towards 2019, Mario and his organization invested $2 million in heart health as a research fund.

Book Publications

Mario debuted with a team that was going through financial and internal upheaval.

Yet, he rose to it as a challenge and became one of the finest in the NHL.

Hence, there have been countless novels written about him. “Mario Lemieux: The Final Period” is one such book written about Mario.

He authored the book himself with Tom McMillan and Marc Serota.

This book is Mario’s life story, said to a writer in his own words illustrated with gorgeous images.

It contains a wealth of information about Mario’s career and displays what a gentleman he is.

It’s not just well-detailed but talks about how he achieved so much despite the medical problems.

“Hockey Heroes: Mario Lemieux” is another piece published on him.

Sean Rossiter authored this book in 2001 followed by Chrys Goyens’ “Mario Lemieux: Over Time.”

The book is famous for depicting his experiences of life throughout his recuperation on his medical vacation.

Other books written about him are “Mario Lemieux: The Best There Was,” “Mario Lemieux: Beating the Odds,” and many more.

Mario Lemieux | Career

The Pittsburgh Penguins selected Mario in the 1984 Entry Draft.

Because they needed a natural goal scorer after suffering in the previous seasons.

Things changed for the team drastically once he entered.

As a result, he was picked for the NHL All-Star Game and was named the game’s Most Valuable Player for the first time.

Also, he got the Calder Memorial Trophy as the best rookie.

During his injury-plagued 1991–92 season, he only played 64 games.

However, despite missing multiple games, he contributed 78 play-off points to the Penguins’ Stanley Cup Final.

But, his career faced a big obstacle a year later. Mario disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January 1993.

Thus, he was forced to miss two months of play owing to energy-draining radiation treatments.

Mario came to Philadelphia to play against the Flyers on the day before his final radiation treatment.

Eventually, he scored a 5-4 losing goal but received a standing ovation from the spectators.

Mario opted to quit for the first time in 1997.

Moreover, he became the only player in team history to average more than 2 points per game.

He returned to the NHL in 2000, playing against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Despite only appearing in 43 games, he scored 76 points, giving him the top points-per-game average in the League that season.

Yet, injuries and sickness were haunting his career.

And, there were financial difficulties for the Penguins. Hence, he retired completely on January 24, 2006.

3 Facts About Mario Lemieux

  • Despite being born in Canada, English wasn’t his first language. His ancestral roots were from France. Hence, he spoke French and later started working on his English.
  • Mario met his wife Natalie at a wedding for the first time.
  • Mario was the youngest among his siblings, and his father was a construction worker.

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“When I’m able to see the ice ahead of time when I get the puck, I’m able to make some pretty good plays.”

“We, as a league, must do a better job of protecting the integrity of the game and the safety of our players.”

“Hockey is a tough, physical game, and it always should be.”

Has Mario Lemieux ever been part of celebrity golf?

Yes, he competed in the American Century Championship.

It is an annual tournament that determines the greatest golfers among American athletes and entertainers.