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Who is Marcella Samora? Her husband, profession and children

Marcella Samora
  • The Quintanillas had two more children, Suzette Quintanilla and Selena Quintanilla
  • Marcella Was Discovered To Have A Tumor
  • Marcella and Abraham Quintanilla have been married for 58 years
  • Marcella Samora’s firstborn son is an American record producer

Marcella Samora, also known as Marcella Quintanilla, is the late singer Selena Quintanilla’s mother. Marcella is also the wife of Abraham Quintanilla, a singer and music producer.

Abraham and Marcella are the parents of three children. Selena Quintanilla, AB Quintanilla, and Suzette Quintanilla are their three children. Fortunately, all three children had successful lives.

Marcella is a strong mother who has worked tirelessly to provide for her children. Selena Quintanilla, Samora’s second daughter, was brutally murdered.

Despite this, Marcella always found a place to call home with the love of her life, Abraham.

Bio of Marcella Samora

Marcella Samora was born in the United States of America on July 17, 1944.

She is half Cherokee Indian and half Mexican-American. Samora’s father was born in Amarillo, Texas.

Her mother, on the other hand, was a native of Colorado.

Marcella has not yet discussed her upbringing or education.

Despite this, she spent a significant portion of her childhood in Washington.

In addition, it was in Washington that she met her future husband, Abraham Quintanilla.

She will be 77 years old in 2021. Her husband, Abraham Quintanilla, is five years her junior.

Samora is a well-known celebrity mother with three gifted children. She has a total of nine grandchildren.

Marcella has two granddaughters and seven grandchildren.

However, she has no grandchildren on Selena’s side.

She was born under the sign of Cancer. Marcella, like her sign, is a strong woman who has always stood by her husband.

Samora even encouraged her children to be the best they could be in life.

Marcella did not give up even after the death of her second daughter, Selena Quintanilla.

Instead, she worked tirelessly to raise funds for The Selena Foundation, a non-profit organization.

While living in Washington, she became acquainted with Abraham Quintanilla.

In October 1961, Abraham was drafted into the military. Quintanilla was stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington.

In 1961, the couple became close and began dating. They eventually married on June 8, 1963, after dating for two years.

Marcella gave birth to her first child, Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III, on December 13th.

Abraham received his discharge papers from active duty on the same day.

The Quintanilla family relocated to Corpus Christi, Texas, within a month.

Abraham Quintanilla was born in Corpus Christi.

Marcella Samora’s husband Abraham Quintanilla

Furthermore, the Quintanillas had two more children, Suzette Quintanilla and Selena Quintanilla.

Abraham introduced his children to music in the 1980s. It didn’t take long for him to recognize Selena’s potential.

Following that, he formed a new band based on his former band Los Dinos.

He even gave the band the name Selena y Los Dinos.

Marcella Samora
Marcella Samora with her husband Abraham Quintanilla Source: Tuko

As of 2021, Marcella and Abraham Quintanilla have been married for 58 years.

Despite this, the couple remains soulmates. Marcella has always supported her husband.

In exchange, Abraham endured adversity in order to provide for his family.

As a result, Abraham left the music industry entirely to support his family.

Prior to becoming famous, he worked at regular minimum-wage jobs. The couple’s net worth is currently estimated to be $10 million.

Marcella Samora’s Children

Her husband and she have three talented children.

Abraham Quintanilla III, Selena Quintanilla, and Suzette Quintanilla are their children.

Their daughter, Selena Quintanilla, was brutally murdered in 1995, as previously stated.

They currently have one son and one daughter. In addition, the couple has a great-granddaughter.

AB Quintanilla, Marcella Samora’s firstborn son, is an American record producer.

He was born on December 13, 1963. As a musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer, AB has had a successful career.

Marcella has eight grandchildren on AB’s side: two granddaughters and six grandsons. Marcella also has the distinction of being a great-grandmother.

Svani Quintanilla, AB’s son, recently revealed his daughter, Yvie Quintanilla. Suzette Quintanilla is Marcella Samora’s second child.

Marcella Samora
Marcella Samora with her daughter and son-in-law. Source: Next Biography

Suzette is a multi-talented figure who previously worked as the drummer for Selena y Los Dinos.

In 1993, she married Bill Arriaga. Marcella also has a grandson on Suzette’s side named Jovan Arriaga.

Jovan is an aspiring singer who looks exactly like his aunt, Selena.

Selena Quintanilla, Marcella’s third child, was a glorious star. Selena is a well-known Hispanic artist.

She was the band Selena y Los Dinos’ front runner. Selena is still regarded as the Queen of Tejano music.

Selena had enormous popularity up until her death.

Yolanda Saldivar, the manager of Selena’s boutiques, however, murdered Selena in cold blood.

Marcella Was Discovered To Have A Tumor

Marcella’s doctor confirmed the presence of a tumor in her stomach sometime after Suzette Quintanilla’s birth.

Furthermore, the doctor desired that it be removed as soon as possible.

Marcella sought a second opinion before undergoing surgery.

And, much to everyone’s surprise, she was found to be pregnant. Because the fetus was misidentified as a tumor, they received an unexpected blessing in the form of a child.

Quintanillas was also informed by the second doctor that they were expecting a second son.

They even gave the unborn child the name ‘Marc Antony.’ Marcella gave birth to her second daughter at Freeport Community Hospital on April 16, 1971.

One of her roommates suggested the name “Selena.” Selena Quintanilla was born as a result of this.

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What Is Marcella Samora Up To Now? Is she still alive?

Marcella is currently enjoying her retirement with her husband Abraham.

The Selena Foundation is a non-profit organization run by She and her family.

Marcella, on the other hand, is an active member of the foundation.

The charitable organization assists young and underprivileged children in obtaining an education.

Furthermore, the foundation encourages children to succeed in life.

Marcella was recently seen in the premiere of the Netflix Original show Selena: The Series. Seidy Lopez plays the role of Marcella Samora in the show.

Constance Marie also played Marcella in the film Selena.