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Malika Kinison: Bio, Relationships, Controversy, and Careers

  • Malika Kinison is Sam Kinison’s ex-wife
  • Malika’s bodyguard sexually assaulted and raped her
  • Malika filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband Sam Kinison’s brother.
  • She has a successful career as an actress and make-up artist

Malika Kinison is the controversial ex-wife of comedian Sam Kinison. Sam is also an actress, having appeared in films such as Searching for Babby D, The Arrogant, and The Dangerous.

Malika rose to prominence after marrying Sam. She does, however, have a successful career as an actress and make-up artist. Malika’s life is also unusual and controversial.

She has been married twice and has been embroiled in a court dispute.

Malika Kinison’s Biographical Information, Age, and Height

Malika Kinison was born with the name Malika Souiri.

She was born on September 1, 1959, in Rabat, Morocco, to Moroccan parents, according to IMDb.

She is, nonetheless, an American citizen.

Malika is a stunning woman of Arabic descent. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and has a slim build.

Similarly, her physical weight is approximately 76 kg (121 pounds).

Likewise, she has long wavy black hair and black eyes.

She is a stunning woman with a fantastic curvaceous physique.

Malika is most known for her work in 90s genre films.

She has appeared in films such as Sex on the Saddle and The Bog Creature.

Malika Kinison
Malika Kinison is an actress and makeup artist Source: Gossip Gist

She also collaborated on the film The Dangerous with her husband Sam.

Malika is a dancer in addition to her acting profession.

Kinison tries to keep her personal life private. She does, however, have a sister, Sabrina Souiri.

Sabrina, like her sister Malika, is a professional actress.

Aside from that, Kinison hasn’t shared much about her educational background.

Kinison, on the other hand, has had a full life.

Malika created a reputation for herself in early Hollywood with her acting, dancing, and artistic abilities.

Malika Kinison is Sam Kinison’s ex-wife

Malika’s marriage to her late husband Sam Kinison lasted only a few years.

Sam perished in a horrible vehicle accident after the couple had barely been married for six days.

Actually, Malika began seeing Sam while he was still married to Terry Marze.

Sam finally fell in love with Malika, and he divorced Terry in 1989.

Malika Kinison
Malika Kinison eith her husband Source: Legendsbio

They dated for over three years before marrying in April 1992.

Malika and Sam married in Las Vegas on the spur of the moment.

They chose to spend their Honeymoon in Hawaii.

However, after six days of a fantastic vacation, Sam had to return to Nevada for his final gig.

The death of Sam Kinison

Sam Kinison and the state of his wrecked car as a result of the accident.

On their way back from the event, they were involved in an accident.

Sam died on the scene as a result of internal injuries.

He had ripped his aorta and blood vessels in his abdomen, causing him to die within minutes after the tragedy.

Malika, on the other hand, sustained significant ailments and physical impairments.

Fortunately, she recovered completely from the accident, but she lost her spouse in less than a week.

Unfortunately, Kinison’s death had an impact on his ex-wife Terry Marze.

Terry died on June 23, 1992, just three months after Sam died.

Malika’s bodyguard sexually assaulted and raped her

Malika had to deal with unpleasant situations in addition to her bad marriage.

Unway Carter, Kinison’s bodyguard, sexually raped her.

Carter, who was 22 at the time, grabbed Malika under the guise of comforting her, according to Malika.

Carter tried to get close to Malika in order to help her but instead raped her several times.

Kinison claims Carter raped her five times in a room following her performance.

Fortunately, she dashed to the bathroom, allowing her to flee the scene.

Malika filed a lawsuit against Unway and the case was pending for a long period.

She did, however, withdraw all allegations against him.

Furthermore, Malika did not provide any additional information in this regard.

Concerning the alleged rapist, Carter argues that their physical interaction did occur, but only with Malika’s permission.

Malika filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband Sam Kinison’s brother

Malika made headlines not long ago when she filed a case against her late husband’s brother, William Kinison.

Malika filed a case in L.A. County Superior Court on June 22, 2009, 17 years after Sam’s death.

William, according to Malika, forged Sam’s will, his signature, and seized his property.

As a result, the lion’s portion of Sam’s estate, according to Malika, went to his brother.

Many people addressed the issue of the postponed litigation.

Malika, on the other hand, claims she was kept in the dark until June 2007, when a friend of Sam’s supposedly confessed to being a co-conspirator in the fabrication.

However, no information on the lawsuit is available. Malika, in fact, veered off course and into the media following the baseless charges.

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Malika Kinison’s Current Location

Mallika is currently married to actor and producer Paul Borghese.

Her husband, Paul, is a well-known actor who has been in films such as The Family and Back in the Day.

Malika has a net worth of $2 million, while Paul has a net worth of more than $500,000.

Clearly, the pair is financially well and is not concerned about any problems.

Malika, on the other hand, leads a peaceful and happy life with her husband Paul.

The couple has no children together. As a result, they spend the majority of their time together.