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Macaiyla is a well-known internet personality who has her own YouTube channel where she uploads her own Volg and H1Z1 games. Macaiyla rose to prominence as Tyler 1’s partner in the popular League of Legends twitch stream.

She started her YouTube career with a self-titled channel on November 6, 2012.

Despite the fact that she started uploading videos in 2016, she launched her channel in 2012.

Early life and Childhood

Macaiyla was born in the United States of America on August 21, 1998. She is 24 years old as of 2022.

She was born under the sign of Leo and had a creative, passionate, giving, and warm-hearted nature.

She is an American citizen with a mixed heritage of Panamanian and Irish ancestry.

Her father is from Panama, and her grandmother is from Ireland.

She spent her childhood in Albany, New York, in the hamlet of Colonie.

She was a softball and volleyball player as well as a track athlete when she was younger.

In terms of her schooling, she was a criminal justice student who left out after six months because she couldn’t handle the stress.

Education Details

Her academic information are unknown.

Professional Career

She started her YouTube career with a self-titled channel on November 6, 2012.

Despite the fact that she started uploading videos in 2016, she launched her channel in 2012.

On August 13, 2016, she posted a video called ‘Macaiyla ‘H1Z1 Montage,’ which received 24,514 views.

Her vlog and gameplay videos are abundant on her channel.

Her YouTube account has roughly 52k followers and 2,350,051 total views as of February 2019.

Macaiyla is streaming on twitch. Source: twichmoments

Her most recent video was a tour of the house she and Tyler Steinkamp, nicknamed Tyler1, share in Missouri.

Aside from YouTube, she wants to be a fitness model in the future and has started going to the gym with Tyler 1. She is also well-known on Instagram, where she frequently shares images of herself in a bikini, displaying her toned physique.

Net Worth and Salary

Macaiyla is worth $700,000 as of 2022.

In addition, on July 3, 2015, she received a fresh new automobile, which she documented on Instagram. Theo, Nelson, and Emmitt are her three cats.

Tyler, on the other hand, is worth $1.5 million, according to her partner. He makes most of his money from YouTube videos and has his own brand, which adds to his fortune.

Tyler is currently one of the most popular and successful Twitch streamers in the world.

She also has her own YouTube channel, which has over 53.25 thousand subscribers as of 2019. It also contributes significantly to her financial worth.

As of October 2021, the online sensation has 170k followers on Instagram.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, she gets between $516 and $860 every sponsored post, with a 13.75 percent interaction rate.

Her self-titled YouTube channel also earns $2 to $39 each month and $30 to $473 annually, according to Social Blade.

According to Twitch Money Calculator, as a Twitch Streamer, she earns $6,243 for each video and has 283,311 followers and 5,876,046 total video views.

Relationship Status

Tyler, Macaiyla’s longtime partner, is the social media star’s current husband.

She initially met Loltyler1, a well-known League of Legends twitch streamer, when she sniped him online with several of her male friends, and then at TwitchCon2016.

After a few weeks, the couple decided to start dating. His looks and gaming talents were the two things that drew her in, and those are the two things she admires.

According to rumors, while both the lovers were on vacation in Hawaii, League of Legends broadcaster Tyler1′ secretly proposed to the 23-year-old. She said when questioned about their vacation:

“Oh, Tyler proposed, and we were married.” “Me and T! We’ve been dating for three years and are now married.”

She described her connection with Tyler as both the best and worst experiences of her life. Both social media celebrities are currently residing in Missouri.

In her spare time, she used to broadcast online like her then-boyfriend and had roughly 18,901 Twitch followers.

She regularly watches League of Legends and H1Z1 games on Twitch.

She was a huge hit on Twitch until she was permanently barred from speaking, streaming, and chatting.

Three days after her birthday, she was banished.

It all started when her best friend TThump invited her to join TeamSpeak with a bunch of other guys to respond to a harsh broadcaster named TrailerParkin.

After declaring, “I’m going to bomb you at twitch con,” she was banned from TeamSpeak. Welcome to TrailerParkin. She was also banned from Twitch after a week.

Her Twitter and Reddit accounts were also suspended last year.

Her second Twitter account was also suspended after she threatened NTC with a bomb in a message.

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Body Measurement

Macaiyla stands somewhat taller than her partner Tyler, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall (170cm).