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Lorenzo Zurzolo

Lorenzo Zurzolo

Lorenzo Zurzolo is a young Italian actor noted for his roles in films and Netflix programs, as well as his large Instagram following. Lorenzo Zurzolo began his career with a few appearances in advertisements and television series.

He enrolled in a drama school to further his education and continued to hone his art before achieving notoriety for his performance as ‘Niccolo Rossi Govender’ in the Netflix original Baby.

Lorenzo Zurzolo | Childhood and Family

Lorenzo Zurzolo was born on March 21, 2000, in the town of Lazio, which is located in central Rome, Italy’s capital.

Federico, his father, is a journalist and the former director of Radio 1.

Similarly, Gabroia, his mother, owns and operates a producing company.

Ludovica Zurzolo, his six-year-old sister, is his other sibling.

He has described his childhood as happy in several interviews.

Lorenzo had the freedom to do new activities and meet intriguing people in Rome, which is a busy and exciting city.

He was a gregarious individual who enjoyed meeting new people.

Because his parents were usually away at work, his sister was responsible for most of his upbringing.

Lorenzo Zurzolo
Lorenzo Zurzolo as a kid. Source: pinterest

Zurzolo, likewise, finished high school at the prestigious Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome.

He was a huge fan of Japanese anime and superhero movies as a kid.

Action films, such as ‘Dragon Ball,’ were among his favorites.

Furthermore, when he was 12, he saw ‘Kill Bill’ and was enthralled by the film and its director, Quentin Tarantino.

His early idols were directors Roberto Benigni, Wes Anderson, and David Lynch.

Lorenzo Zurzolo | Body Measurements & Description

Lorenzo Zurzolo has a well-developed muscular body that will enthrall any admirer.

Zurzolo’s gleaming blue eyes, as well as his excellent jawline and rich brown hair, go nicely with his Italian features.

His height of 5 feet 11 inches is a wonderful match for his powerful 70kg frame.

To keep healthy and fit, he works out and eats well on a daily basis.

It’s no surprise that Lorenzo receives modeling jobs and appears in editorials on a regular basis.

We don’t know his exact physique proportions, but we can’t quit adoring him for the way he looks.

Personality | Lorenzo Zurzolo

Despite his icy exterior, Zurzolo has a cheerful, optimistic, and determined mentality.

He has spent most of his life as an actor, which has contributed to his enthusiasm, hard work, and outspokenness.

His initial timidity was cured by his passion for acting, which required him to be more expressive.

As a result, Lorenzo considers acting as a form of escape, in which he forgets about his real life and assumes the identity of someone else.

Zurzolo, who is talented and hardworking, says he is not in a hurry to get to the top and instead believes in being patient and selective when it comes to doing work that is worthwhile! This is his mantra of success.

He also says that his love for acting is the motivating factor that pushes him to do better every day and puts a lot of effort into every audition or role he does.

The 20-year-old enjoys playing complex characters in movies and believes it makes him better at his art.

He dislikes and hence, avoids playing stereotyped characters and plots.

Zurzolo expresses his desire to play unique, well-written characters with specific nuances to them.

He also is very selective towards the characters he plays and will continue to do so throughout his career.

Facts of Lorenzo Zurzolo

Full name Lorenzo Zurzolo
Nickname Lorenzo
Country Italy
Home city Rome
Age 22 Years Old
Birthdate March 21, 2000
Birthplace Lazio
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Federico Zurzolo
Mother’s Name Gabroia Zurzolo
Siblings Older Sister, Ludovica Zurzolo
Profession Acting
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationships Not known
Body measurements Not known
Height 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters/ 180 centimeters)
Weight 70 kgs (154 lbs)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Profession Actor
Active years 2007-present
Notable works Un Passo dal Cielo, Baby
Social Media Instagram – @lorenzo_zurzolo
Twitter – Not Available
Tiktok – Not Available
Instagram Followers 1 million
Net Worth $500K
Last Update April 2022

Lorenzo Zurzolo | Net Worth and Salary

Lorenzo Zurzolo has a net worth of $500K. It is also predicted that his average pay is 50K USD.

At the young age of 20, Zurzolo has made enough for a comfortable luxury life in Italy.

With his talent and hard work, it is evident that he will raise the numbers much higher in the days to come.

Career Beginnings

Lorenzo began acting when he was seven years old when he auditioned for a commercial.

He was so taken by the event that he requested his parent’s permission to keep acting.

Decameron di Daniele Luttazzi was his debut TV show, in which he had a minor role.

Throughout high school, he continued to act in commercials, presentations, and plays. With a tiny group, he began learning theatre at the age of 14.

Young Lorenzo was given the opportunity to appear in three plays while he was there.

He claims that he grew up on sets, which aided in his development as an actor.

Young Europe, a drama directed by Matteo Vicino, was his first feature film.

Along with major actors like Sophie Blondin and Michele Gammino, he played the lead character Ruolo Minore.

His first big break came with this critically acclaimed film, which established him as a capable new actor in both Italian and worldwide cinema.

In 2014 show Una Pallotta nel Cuore, Lorenzo played Michele (Bulletproof Heart).

In the 2015 series Questo e il Mio Paese, he played Nino Ferrari, and in Don Matteo, he played the recurrent character of Nino Ferrari.

These performances and films helped him establish his acting skills and establish himself as a well-known figure in Italy.

Baby’s Search for Fame

When he played Niccolo Govender Rossi in the 2018 Italian series Baby, he reached the pinnacle of his career.

This Netflix original series is about elite high school life and the scandalous secrets that go along with it.

This show aired for three seasons, from November 2018 to September 2020, attracting millions of viewers around the world.

Baby, thanks to Netflix’s global reach, made Zurzolo and his character Niccolo beloved by people all over the world, well beyond Italy’s borders.

Similarly, Zurzolo had a successful year in 2020, with the public release of many of his works.

In 2020, he also starred in Sotto il sole di Riccione (Under the Riccione Sun), in which he played a blind adolescent.

Lorenzo starred as Alessandro in Riccardo Grandi’s psychological thriller Weekend, which was released in 2020.

Despite the film’s poor box office result, his performance was favorably received by the crowd.


This attractive guy has won multiple honors for his acting brilliance since he was a child.

For his 2017 film ‘Sconnessi,’ he received the renowned ‘Leopoldo Trieste Prize’ at the prestigious Reggio Calabria Film Festival.

He received the Magna Grecia Awards for Best Acting Reveal in 2020.

At the Giffoni film festival 2020, he received Explosive talent honors, which are granted to upcoming Italian artists.

He also received a unique award called Astro Nascente Italian Cinema at Italy’s prestigious Golden Graal Award.

He has also received numerous prizes, nominations, and honors for his contributions to Italian cinema.

Plans for the Future

Lorenzo has appeared in over 15 films and television shows and is looking forward to taking on new roles and honing his acting skills.

He is presently filming Morrison, a musical picture that is set to hit theaters very soon.

Zurzolo is also anticipated to undertake international ventures in the near future.

Lorenzo’s ultimate ambition is to collaborate with Christopher Nolan, but he believes he has a long way to go.

Lorenzo Zurzolo | Hobbies

When he is not acting or is packed with work, the young actor loves to relax.

Lorenzo loves watching movies, mostly classic Italian cinema.

He is also a fan of reading books, and he is learning to play the guitar.

Likewise, he is a big-time fashion lover and is seen collaborating with various stylists, brands, and magazines from time to time.

Since he is Italian by birth, his English is not very good, and he is keen on improving it.

Due to his busy schedule, he rarely gets to spend any time with his family.

He travels to London frequently to visit his sister and loves spending relaxing time with family and friends.

Furthermore, you can take a look at his birth chart at All Famous.

Relationship Status

Lorenzo Zurzolo has a fan base that would kill to be with him. But according to sources, he is currently single.

There is no substantial evidence of any past or public relationships with Zurzolo, which means that he is either utterly focused on shaping his career or very good at hiding his personal affairs.

However, he was linked to Carolina Cannizzaro who was of his age.

Nevertheless, things did not work out between the two and they parted ways.

Not to mention, there were rumors that Cannizzaro was Zurzolo’s fiance (fidanzata).

He regularly posts his pictures with his female co-stars on his social media.

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Social Media

Zurzolo regularly shares glimpses of his private life via stories and posts on Instagram with his 1M followers.

He is also seen doing brand collaborations with big fashion brands.

He doesn’t have an official Twitter account, but there are plenty of fan accounts that regularly post his swoon-worthy pictures!

His Netflix show BABY’s official Facebook page has 10k followers who periodically interact with the posts and leave messages for him.

His Instagram account is @lorenzo zurzolo.