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Libby Schuring

Libby Schuring

Who is Libby Schuring?

Darin Ruf’s wife is Libby Schuring, a TD Ameritrade corporate communications professional. Before getting married in December 2011, the couple had been high school sweethearts. Darin Ruf is an American professional baseball first baseman and outfielder for the Major League Baseball team the New York Mets.

Even before he became a renowned baseball player, Ruf’s wife, Libby Schuring, was always by his side.

The support and affection from his wife have made Ruf more successful in his work since love generates confidence and trust in making it large.

From high school friends to life partners, the couple has come a long way.

They have two lovely children, a son, and a girl.

A decade of marriage and friendship for the pair has shown that a happy marriage may make your work bright and successful.

To understand more about the baseball player’s marriage and personal life, read the whole article.

Ruf, Darin Wife: Childhood, Family, and Education

Betsy and Doug Schuring gave birth to Libby Schuring on April 6, 1987, in Omaha, Nebraska.

She grew up in the same town as her brother, Greg Schuring.

Doug Schuring, Libby’s father, owns an office and commercial furniture supply company.

Betsy Schuring, her mother, has a business.

She is an executive leadership and life coach who owns and manages Lightbox Coaching and Consulting in Omaha.

Greg Schuring, Libby’s brother, is a sales professional.

He appears to be quite close to her and her children since he is seen spending most of his time with them.

Libby received her academic credentials from the University of Kansas.

She pursued a bachelor’s degree after graduating from Westside High School.

In 2008, Libby earned a BS in Strategic Communications.


Libby worked as a student assistant on campus after graduating from university in 2009.

She also interned at G’Day Imports, an Australian Vodka import company.

Libby finished her internship and moved on to her next position.

She worked as an analyst with Talent Plus for a year in 2012.

She is currently employed as a corporate communications professional at TD Ameritrade.

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Relationship of Darin Ruf and Libby Schuring

Darin and Libby went to Westside High School, where they met for the first time shortly after they began dating and became closer.

After high school, the pair separated for a while as they attended different universities, but their bond remained strong.

During their college years, they enjoyed a long-distance relationship.

Libby was there for Darin when he was a struggling freshman baseball player in college.

Libby Schuring
Libby Schuring Source: Twitter

She even paid his bills and provided emotional and financial support to him.

Libby was always there to encourage and support him at his matches.

Darin proposed to Libby for marriage during their first trip together in early 2011.

After years of courting, they married on December 3, 2011.


They welcomed their first child, Henry, on November 5, 2015.

Darin was signed by the Samsung Lions the following year, thus he had to go to South Korea, and his wife and child followed him.

Henry, Darin’s kid, attended a Korean language school in Daegu, South Korea.

For nearly five years, the family resided in Korea.

Because of the global pandemic, the family was forced to return to the United States in 2020.

Libby gave birth to their daughter Olive on March 27, 2020.

Darin and Libby live in Omaha with their children in their homes.

They have gone to numerous places, which has strengthened their friendship.

Darin Ruf’s Salary

Darin Ruf’s net worth is believed to be $1.5 million.

His earnings and source of income come from his contracts with various clubs during his playing career.

In 2022, his salary with the San Francisco Giants is $3,000,000.

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Darin Ruf’s Professional Achievements

Darin Ruf developed an early interest in baseball. He was a baseball player in college.

Darin Ruf has been a professional baseball player since 2009 when he was drafted in the 20th round by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Darin has been active for over a decade and has received numerous awards and accolades during his career.

Ruf’s entire career highlights are included below

  • Player of the Year in the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) in 2007 First-team all-conference squad
  • Scholar-athlete named first-team all-conference
  • Summer collegiate baseball all-star in 2007
  • Darin Ruf was named Eastern League Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2012.
  • Ruf has the age of 36.

He is an impressive 6 feet 3 inches tall and is quite athletic.

It improves his performance on the field.

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential for athletes.

Ruf maintains his condition by adhering to a rigorous diet and working out on a daily basis.

Darin Ruf Agreement

Darin Ruf has agreed to terms with the San Francisco Giants on a two-year, $6,250,000 contract.

The agreement comprises a guaranteed sum of $6,250,000 and an annual average compensation of $3,125,000.

Ruf’s starting pay in 2022 is $3,000,000.

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Darin Ruf’s Childhood, Family, and Education

Darin Ruf was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on July 28, 1986, to Bill Ruf and Mary Ruf. Amy, CJ, Christa, and Scott were his four siblings.

Ruf was enthralled by the sport from an early age, and his parents were similarly enthusiastic.

He is close to his parents and frequently spends vacations with them because his busy schedule does not allow for regular family time.

He attended Westside High School. Ruf attended Creighton University after graduating from high school and played college baseball there.

Ruf has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a 3.51 GPA; initially, he planned to work in the business sector, but his passion for baseball compelled him to pursue a career in baseball instead.

The Philadelphia Phillies selected him in 2009 due to his exceptional skills and accomplishments.