Lee Simms, Is she single?

Lee Simms
  • British content creator and YouTube celebrity Lee Simms.
  • Lee’s second and third videos are titled *FOUND MY NEW MCM* SMASH OR PASS?? and JUSTCKYZ OR ME TO SMASH OR PASS?
  • “DID I DO BITS WITH REUBZ?” is the video on her channel that has the most views.

Who is Lee Simms?

British content creator and YouTube celebrity Lee Simms. By uploading pranks, vlogs, and challenge films to her own YouTube channel, Lee Simms became well-known. She currently has a fan base of over 40.000 subscribers. Simms participates on TikTok as well.

What is Lee Simms’ age?

On September 2, 2002, Lee Simms was born in England.

She is a Virgo who is 18 years old and was born under that sign.

She has British citizenship.

The names and phone numbers of her parents are not yet known.

Even information about her siblings and other family members has not yet been made public.

She does, however, acknowledge her sisters in her YouTube video.

Simms also seems to desire to keep her family and personal life secret and to exclude her parents and siblings from her social life.

The names of the educational institutions Simms is currently attending or has attended are not known regarding her educational history and credentials.

She must, however, be enrolled in high school or have just graduated from high school and be getting ready for college given her age.

More Facts About Lee Simms

Full Name:Lee Simms
Age:18 years
Birthday:02 Sep
Marital status:Single
Net Worth:$9K
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Black

Lee Simms is she single?

Lee might be dating at the moment.

She is less interested in being in a romantic relationship and more focused on her profession.

There is no information regarding her love life or her ex-lover, not even while focusing on her prior relationships.

She does, however, have many male pals in addition to her closest buddies.

They are also a part of her YouTube videos.

What is Lee Simms’ height?

There is currently no information about Lee Simms’ height, weight, chest, waist, hip, or any other physical measurements.

Her entire set of metrics is currently being examined.


She also has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Simma is equally gorgeous.

How much money is Lee Simms worth?

She has a $9000 net worth based on her earnings and income, according to statsmash.

YouTube is her primary source of income.

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Work history of Lee Simms

The “Lee Simms” YouTube channel belongs to Lee Simms.

Since the channel’s debut on November 29, 2017, there have been 2,785,453 views.

She posts vlogs, challenges, reaction videos, and other types of content.

Additionally, she has a YouTube channel where she often uploads videos on Asmxlls.

Greetings from my channel!

? a video that she uploaded to her channel for the first time.

Since its release on December 31st, 2018, this video has seen over 10,000 views.

Similar to the first video, her second and third videos are titled *FOUND MY NEW MCM* SMASH OR PASS?? and JUSTCKYZ OR ME TO SMASH OR PASS?

There have been 15K and 48K views on each video as of right now.

“DID I DO BITS WITH REUBZ?” is the video on her channel that has the most views.

I have never before? KS Ldn, Reubz4k, Ronzo, and Raeee Babe are featured.

The video was posted on August 2, 2019, and as of now, 221K people have watched it.

Similar to this, some of her other well-liked videos on her channel include Take My V- Card Prank On Ronzo, Are We Still Friends After This, Whose The Ugliest In The Mandem…. Say It Or Shot It?, and Asmxlls:

The Player. DOING IT RIGHT? Over 90,000 people have watched these videos so far.

Simms also has an account on TikTok under the name “officialleesimms.”

She has shared 455 videos to date, and they have 3.4M likes.

Each of her films is fascinating and enjoyable.

Additionally, a lot of people enjoy, comment on, and watch all of her videos.

She also has a sizable fan base and is well-known on TikTok.

Simms is active on a variety of social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram.

She also has thousands of followers on Instagram.

She has published 27 times on her Instagram feed so far.

Her images are gorgeous, alluring, and fascinating.