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Know more about Soledad O’Brien? Husband, Children, and parents

Soledad O'Brien
  • Soledad O’Brien is a well-known on-air personality who presently hosts Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien.
  • Edward Ephrem O’Brien and Estela O’Brien are the parents of the journalist.
  • She was born in St. James, New York, on September 19, 1966.
  • Orestes, her brother, is an anesthesiologist, and Tony is a businessman.

Soledad O’Brien is a well-known on-air personality who presently hosts Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien. Previously, the award-winning journalist worked for a variety of well-known networks, including CNN, NBC, and MSNBC.

When both of O’Brien’s parents died, she went through a painful period. She has five brothers and sisters.

Moving on to her love life, Soledad has been in a loving marriage with her spouse Brad Raymond for many years. Do they have kids?

Due to interracial marriage, Soledad O’Brien’s parents were not permitted to marry in Maryland

Edward Ephrem O’Brien and Estela O’Brien are the parents of the journalist.

Her father was a military sniper as well as a mechanical engineering professor at Stony Brook University.

Soledad’s mother, Estela, worked as a teacher at Smithtown High School West, where she taught French and English.

Her mother came to the United States after growing up in a destitute Cuban household and fleeing Fidel Castro’s tyranny.

She then attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where she met Soldedad’s father. Her father was born in Queensland, Australia.

Mixed-race marriages were illegal in Maryland throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

As a result, Soledad’s father and mother married in Washington, D.C. in 1958.

She had lost her parents. Soledad O’Brien’s father, Edward, died in February 2019 at the age of 85 due to a lung issue.

She shared the heartbreaking news on Twitter. She scribbled on an old picture of her parents,

“My father died last night. He was 85.

He was a military sniper. A professional sportsperson. A researcher. Here he is in 1966 with my mother (and me):”

Soledad tragically lost her mother 40 days after her father died.

She announced the terrible news by tweeting an adolescent photo of her mother.

O’Brien routinely posts images of her late parents on social media.

O’Brien, Soledad Nationality And Ethnicity

According to her nationality, the journalist is an American with a mixed ethnic heritage.

Her father was Irish and Scottish, and he came to Australia. Her mother was of Cuban origin. She was an ardent Catholic.

Soledad’s Education and Date of Birth

She was born in St. James, New York, on September 19, 1966.

Her father picked the name Maria de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien to commemorate the Blessed Virgin Mary of Solitude in Spanish.

O’Brien graduated from Smithtown High School East in 1984.

She then enrolled at Radcliffe College but dropped out to begin working at WBZ-TV.

She later attended Harvard College and graduated in 2000 with a degree in English and American Literature.

Grew up with five siblings

O’Brien’s siblings are also well-read. Orestes, her brother, is an anesthesiologist, and Tony is a businessman.

Maria, one of her three sisters, is a law professor, Cecilia is a GE corporate lawyer, and Estela is an eye surgeon.

Career: Approximately a Decade At CNN

Soledad O’Brien began her career in journalism as an associate producer at WBZ-TV.

She was also a news writer for the station.

In 1991, the journalist joined NBC News and began working as a field producer for Nightly News and Weekend Today.

O’Brien was also a co-anchor of NBC’s Weekend Today, a news and conversation morning show with David Bloom.

From July 1999 through July 2003, she was a regular on the show.

The media personality joined CNN in 2003.

From July 2003 until April 2007, she co-anchored CNN’s main morning show, American Morning.

She worked as an anchor for Starting Point, a morning TV show, for nearly a year (from January 2012 to March 2013).

Soledad departed the network in late March 2013 to start the production business Starfish Media Group.

In addition, the writer hosts a podcast called Death on the Towpath, which investigates the 1964 unsolved murder of former JFK mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer.

The show was produced by FilmNation Entertainment.

What Is Soledad O’Brien’s Husband’s Name? Her Marriage Situation

Brad Raymond, her spouse, is a co-head of investment banking at the financial firm Stifel.

The pair married in 1995. Their marriage has lasted over two decades, and their connection is continuing well.

The two dated for a while before getting married.

The couple has kept the majority of their marital details private.

She has three children. Her Soledad and her husband Raymond are the proud parents of four children. Sofia Elizabeth Raymond, their first child, was born in October 2000. Cecilia Raymond, their second daughter, was born in March 2002.

Soledad O’Brien with her husband and kids

Soledad O’Brien and her family, which consists of four children.

In addition, the happy couple welcomed twin sons Charles Raymond and Jackson Raymond in August 2004.

Soledad O'Brien
Soledad O’Brien’s husband and child. Source: Soledad O’Brien

The six-person family presently resides in Pawling, New York.

O’Brien and her husband run the PowHERful Foundation

PowHERful Charity (formerly known as Starfish Foundation and Soledad O’Brien & Brad Raymond Foundation) is an education foundation co-founded by passionate lovebirds.

It primarily supports young women in starting college by offering financial assistance and mentorship.

It was established in 2011. Soledad stated that the major objective of its inception is to assist young people from low-income families.

Soledad stated the organization’s slogan as follows:

“The reason we chose to form a foundation was that in a lot of my travels and tales, I’d meet great individuals, typically young people, who were this close [indicates an inch’s length with her thumb and forefinger] to fulfilling their goal.”

They couldn’t always afford to pay for their schooling.

They couldn’t always afford daycare so they could finish high school.

And we recognized there was such a tremendous need, and I had a fantastic chance to meet individuals, and this was a very excellent way to finance some of the programs to which we were personally devoted.”

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How much money does she have?

Soledad’s net worth is expected to be $8 million in 2020.

She has amassed a sizable wealth as a result of her busy journalism career. She earns $3 million every year.