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Know about ‘House of the Dragon’ Star Ewan Mitchell

Ewan Mitchell
  • Ewan Mitchell is a well-known English actor.
  • In the eighth episode of House of the Dragon, a prequel show to Game of Thrones, viewers were introduced to Mitchell as Prince Aemond Targaryen.
  • Aemond One-Eye is poised to take over the HOTD world.
  • Mitchell was born on March 8, 1997.
  • In 2017, he made his television debut as Billy Taylor in the ITV historical drama The Halcyon.

Ewan Mitchell is a well-known English actor. Ewan Mitchell has appeared in historical dramas The Halcyon on ITV, medieval drama The Last Kingdom, and World on Fire on BBC. In addition, he appeared in Claire Denis’s film High Life and the television show Trigger Point.

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Ewan Mitchell lives a very private life

Ewan Mitchell lives his life away from social media and other forms of media.

It’s difficult to find any information about the HOTD actor online.

So much so that he has no social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Mitchell was born on March 8, 1997, and will be 25 years old in 2022, according to DnbStories.

The actor grew up in Derby, England. Ewan Robert Mitchell is also his birth name or full name.

There is no information on the internet about his parents, siblings, childhood, or education.

As previously stated, he is a very quiet individual who avoids all social media and rarely interacts with the media.

Mitchell’s co-stars are aware of how low-key he prefers to keep things.

On The Official Last Kingdom Podcast, Scottish actor Mark Rowley described Mitchell as “mysterious.”

Rowley mused, “Maybe he’s had amazing training we don’t know about… in life?” before his co-stars, Arnas Fedaraviius and Alexander Dreymon, unintentionally reveal that the actor is from Derby.

“Let’s exclude Ewan from this,” Fedaraviius continues. “Or we’ll get in trouble,” Dreymon agrees.

Ewan Mitchell began his career in Hollywood in 2015

Ewan Mitchell made his acting debut in the short film Stereotype and Fire in 2015.

He later appeared in Claire Denis’ High Life and Rebekah Fortune’s Just Charlie (2017).

He was set to star in the Amazon Prime Video original film Emerald Fennell Saltburn in 2022.

In 2017, he made his television debut as Billy Taylor in the ITV historical drama The Halcyon.

Ewan Mitchell
Ewan Mitchell in one of his acting scenes. Source: inews.co

But it was in the historical drama The Last Kingdom, where he appeared from the second to the fifth season, that he made his breakthrough.

He plays Osferth, also known as Alfred the Great, in the show.

The first two seasons of The Last Kingdom, based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel ‘The Saxon Stories,’ aired on BBC Two before Netflix acquired the rights and added three more seasons.

Osferth met a tragic and gory end in the previous season, much to the chagrin of the fans.

Aside from that, fans of crime dramas may recognize Mitchell as Billy Washington, Lana’s younger brother, in the popular ITV thriller Trigger Point.

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Ewan Mitchell played Tom Bennett in the 2019 BBC One World War II drama World on Fire.

His performance, as well as that of Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean, who played Douglas Bennett, was well-received by the audience.

Mitchell is currently enjoying the response to his role as Prince Aemond Targaryen in HBO Max’s House of the Dragon.

In addition, he is working on his next acting project, a short film called Stable.

He plays Conner in the short film, which is currently in pre-production.