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Kimberly Fey

Kimberly Fey

Kimberly Fey is a singer famous for her soothing voice. Kimberly Fey is best known as the ex-wife and mother of singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg’s two sons. She works as a sound engineer and met her ex-husband at work.

Early life and Childhood

Kimberly Fey was born in 1969 and is of American descent.

Education Details

Kimberly Fey might need to complete her primary education in her hometown

Professional Career

Fey’s husband, Wahlberg has had 66 acting roles, but the most notable ones in his career.

Including his portrayal of Paul Rader in “Runaway” in 2006, and the role of Captain Horst Cali in “The Kill Point” the following year.

The singer-turned-actor has also appeared in both the second and third installments of “Saw.”

Donnie appeared in the music videos “New Kids on the Block: Summertime” and “New Kids on the Block: Single” by New Kids on the Block in 2008.

Following that, he was cast as Danny Reagan in “Blue Bloods,”.

A TV series that premiered in 2010 and follows the lives of a New York-based cop family.

Wahlberg was a narrator in “Boston’s Finest” in 2013, and he could be seen in “Return of the Mac” in 2017.

he is a well-known American actor, singer, record producer, and film producer.

His most notable accomplishments include co-founding the boy band New Kids on the Block and appearing in the horror film franchise “Saw.”

Their self-titled debut album included ten songs, including “I Wanna Be Loved by You,” and “Don’t Give Up on Me,”.

And “Stop It Girl,” received generally positive reviews in the UK, US, and Japan.

In 1988 and 1989, they released “Hangin’ Tough” and “Merry, Merry Christmas,”.

The latter features ten songs such as “This One’s for the Children,” “The Christmas Song,” and “The Little Drummer Boy.”

It lived up to the expectations set by its previous album, earning platinum in Canada and gold in Finland and the United Kingdom.

New Kids on the Block then released “Step by Step” and “Face the Music,” and after splitting up in 1994.

The band reformed in 2007, releasing more albums and an EP called “Thankful” in 2017.

Their music drew new attention and was covered by a number of media outlets.

Net Worth and Salary

Kimberly Fey’s Net Worth is $35 million

Relationship Status

Kimberly Fey reportedly began dating Donnie at the age of 22, but they didn’t marry until August 1999.

The couple had two sons before divorcing in 2008, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

kimberly fey
Kimberly fey with her Ex-husband. Source: liverampup

Fey’s current love life is unknown, whereas Wahlberg went on to date comedian Jenny McCarthy.

announced their engagement in 2014, and married at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles that same year.

Donnie made headlines in 1991 when he was charged with arson. According to reports.

He accidentally set fire to the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville.

The incident occurred when the New Kids on the Block singer poured vodka on a carpet, causing it to catch fire.

Fortunately for Donnie, the sentence saved his life; instead of facing up to 20 years in prison.

The singer agreed to make public service videos about dangerous substances.

Wahlberg is active on social media and promotes his work on Twitter, where he has 1.5 million followers.

He occasionally shares posts about his personal life, but based on his activity, he prefers to keep it professional.

Body Measurement

Kimberly Fey is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Social Media

Fey isn’t on any social media platforms because she prefers to keep a low profile .

And has withdrawn from the media since her divorce from Wahlberg.

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  • Kimberly is best known as the ex-wife of singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg, and the mother of their two sons.
  • Her husband, Donnie appeared in New Kids on the Block’s music videos “New Kids on the Block: Summertime”, and “New Kids on the Block: Single”.
  • Donnie was a subject of controversy in 1991 when he was charged with arson.
  • Her Husband is active on social media and uses Twitter to promote his work.
  • He has 1.5 million followers on that platform.