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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating: What is the reaction of Kim’s family on this budding relationship?

Kim Kardashian
  • The history of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationships
  • Family’s response to Kim dating Pete
  • More about how her family is responding to her new relationship

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are infatuated with one another. Even though they haven’t explicitly acknowledged or disputed their relationship, Pete and Kim are frequently seen together both online and off.

But what do Kim’s mother and siblings think of her dating this man who is 13 years her junior?

Are her close family members supportive of this new relationship?

How do her children feel about their potential stepfather and do they know about it?

The history of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s relationships

Kim, 41, appears to be dating a new man after divorcing her husband, musician Kanye West.

Following her appearance on SNL, Kim appears to spend more time with comedian Pete Davidson, 28.

The couple was seen holding hands in open spaces.

It originally occurred at Knott’s Scary Farm during the Halloween season.

Additionally, the two follow each other on Instagram.

Kim’s mother Kris Jenner joined them when they were gathered for Pete’s birthday.

The three are pictured wearing the same jammies on their Instagram.

Kim has obviously moved on since her breakup with Kanye.

Despite Kanye’s efforts to reintegrate her into his life, she shows no interest in doing so.

Currently, it appears that her relationship with Pete is informal, but they like spending time together.

And they frequently do it.

But with all of this, how do Kim’s mother, siblings, and kids feel about her burgeoning relationship with Pete?

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian with Pete Davidson source:

Family’s response to Kim dating Pete

Kim’s family seems to be supportive of her relationship with Pete.

According to a source who spoke to ET, Kim’s family believes that Pete brings out the best in her and that their relationship is positive. From the source:

“Pete is utterly beloved by Kim’s family, and they are thrilled at the prospect of their relationship. The family notices that Kim shines when Pete is present and respects Pete for bringing forth Kim’s best qualities.

Her family is supportive of Kim’s decision to date this new man. Added the source:

“Kim and Pete are frequently in fits of laughter and hysterics. Kim enjoys the aspect of Pete that he brings out. She finds Pete’s sense of humor to be hilarious, and their connection is extraordinary. Kim appreciates how true to himself he is. He is also quite kind and constantly prioritizes Kim. They get along incredibly well and have a truly unique bond.”

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More about how her family is responding to her new relationship

Kanye used to force many of his personal beliefs on Kim and his kids. Pete is a more laid-back buddy than he is. The insider went on to say:

“There’s no pressure, and it’s actually been incredibly enjoyable and simple. Pete adores Kim’s dual roles as a boss and a fantastic, involved mother.

Pete admires her much for having built an empire while juggling several lucrative businesses and a contentious divorce at once. He thinks she is a supermom and appreciates her class.”

However, Kanye is against Kim dating Pete. From the source:

“Kanye vehemently opposes Pete and Kim’s relationship and abhors the notion of Kim dating. He clearly doesn’t like it. Kim really couldn’t give a damn about the women Kanye dates.”

Kim’s children are too little to understand that their mother is with someone else.