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Kevin Mimms: Inside The Life Of Kevin

  • Kevin Mimms (actual name Kevin Miles) has been in a number of commercials.
  • Mimms’ acting career began at the Chicago Academy of Arts, where he studied Theatre and graduated.
  • He has also been in series such as Underdogs and the film Emmanuel and Me.
  • Mimms, in addition to State Farm, has an amazing marketing presence.

Who is Kevin Mimms?

Kevin Mimms (actual name Kevin Miles) has been in a number of commercials. Kevin Mimms Jake’s persona in State Farm (an insurance company) commercials have made his face and voice a household fixture.

Kevin Mimms was born in Chicago.

On July 5, 1990, Kevin Mimms was born.

He was raised in Chicago.

Mimms mentioned in an interview with the Chicago Tribune that he hails from the South Side and that Hyde Park was his favorite spot to visit as a child.

His parents encouraged him to pursue acting after witnessing his enthusiasm for the profession.

Kevin’s parents were foster children who had a difficult upbringing.

Kevin Mimms Was Once A DJ

Kevin Mimms began performing at a young age, encouraged by his father, while his mother and grandmother fostered in him a passion for theater.

In elementary school, the Chicago native began participating in acting activities.

One of his earliest acting roles was in the stage production of Romeo and Juliet, where he played Lord Capulet.

Kevin attends the ArcLight Cinemas premiere of “Lap Dance” in Los Angeles.Kevin Mimms

Kevin Mimms
Kevin Mimms with Emily Gaither. Source: ghananews

Photographer: Paul Archuleta Photographer: Getty Images For more information, visit

Following it, he developed a strong interest in the field.

Mimms’ acting career began at the Chicago Academy of Arts, where he studied Theatre and graduated in 2008.

He then attended Webster University (Conservatory of Theatre Arts) and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

During his college years, Kevin worked as a DJ in addition to acting and commercials.

In addition, he was chosen to open for Girl Talk at a school event.

Unfortunately, for some reason, this was not possible.

Mimms, on the other hand, was given the opportunity to open for performers Rockwell Knuckles and Tef Poe.

Miles may have continued his DJing career after graduating from college, as his Myspace site still describes him as an actor/DJ.

During Kevin Mimms’s early career, he slept in his car.

It is not simple for everyone to break into Hollywood.

And Kevin Mimms has his own battle tale about breaking into the media profession.

Following that, he purchased a one-way ticket to Los Angeles with the hopes of launching his acting career.

His mother accompanied him and assisted him in purchasing a used Mustang automobile before departing the following day.

Kevin’s situation quickly deteriorated.

He had to sleep in his car for a week since he couldn’t afford an apartment.

Unfortunately, even after locating a place to live, his financial condition was far from steady.

With bills and expenditures building up, he resorted to odd jobs to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, he continued to submit applications for acting roles.

After a while, he began to earn commercial work.

They are all unrepresented.

However, it wasn’t until the State Farm that he began to get noticed.

Following his performance on State Farm, he was given numerous opportunities to meet and work with celebrities such as Drake and Aaron Rodgers.

Kevin Mimms Owned His Own Business.

Kevin Mimms had started his own firm back then.

He founded Animal House Underground in 2011, while still in college.

It began as a student party house, with the goal of bringing city-style partying to universities.

Students from numerous local colleges would go to Animal House Underground, which was located near Webster University.

It later began to serve St. Louis students while operating from the Webster and Washington university campuses.

At the moment, it is unknown if Mimms’ college day hustle is still active.

Mimms’ Path to State Farm

While pursuing his big break, Kevin was invited to audition for a State Farm commercial.

He has worked for the company for ten years answering phones.

All of the candidates who attended the audition wore red polo shirts and Khakis.

Only Mimms was dressed in a white shirt, gray blazer, and trousers.

He was a member of the LA group.

Although Rand Harbert, the CMO for State Farm, did not view him as his Jake, his wife cautioned him after seeing Kevin’s call sheet.

Other Commercials He’s Done

Mimms, in addition to State Farm, has an amazing marketing presence.

He has appeared in a number of other advertisements.

The most well-known is that seen in Hyundai advertisements.

eBay Fashion – alongside Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi – Ford Escape, Taco Bell National Taco Day, Daytona 500 Super Bowl 2017, Bose Sound Link Color, and N.F.L. Fantasy Football are among his previous commercial appearances.

He has also appeared in commercials for McDonald’s Spicy Creations, and T-Mobile Jump! On-Demand, Slim Jim, 5 Hour Energy, Jersey Mike’s, Straight Talk Wireless, Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water, Pepsi Color Lights, Panera Bread Mac & Cheese, and others.

Guest Appearances in Films and Television

Miles has appeared in a number of major TV shows in addition to commercials.

The 31-year-old has been in S.W.A.T. and Criminal Minds episodes.

He has also been in series such as Underdogs and the film Emmanuel and Me.

Mimms has also appeared in American Typecast, Soda Jerks, Lap Dance, The Last Pick, Innocent, and The Tragedy of Mother and Son.

Miles had a brief role in the film Jake Squared in 2013, long before he became Jake (the film credited him as Kevin Mimms’, hence the Miss vs Miles misunderstanding).

Miles, on the other hand, played “Cool Party Guy,” rather than Jake. Kevin played a patron of a lap dance club in Lap Dance the next year, in 2014.

What Is Kevin Miles Up To These Days?

Kevin currently does not reside in Chicago, having relocated to Los Angeles after graduating from high school to pursue his acting career.

However, he has stated that he still misses the city, particularly the culture and food of the neighborhood where he grew up.

Mimms also considers himself a local, even referring to himself as “South Side Kev.”

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Is Kevin Mimms dating anyone?

Mimms is entirely private about his dating life.

Nonetheless, he had a girlfriend called Emily Gaither at one point.

Both apparently met at Webster University, where Gaither was also a Costume Design student.

Kevin and his girlfriend Emily Gaither have also appeared in a number of Emily’s YouTube videos.

Gaither and Mimms made their public debut in 2017 at the premiere of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry in Hollywood.

They, on the other hand, never addressed the reports of their dating.

Also, Kevin has yet to reveal anything about his romantic feelings on his social media accounts.