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who is Kerrion Franklin? his father, relationships, career and Net Worth

Kerrion Franklin
  • Kerrion Franklin is the first child of Kirk Franklin, a well-known gospel artist
  • The Source of Kerrion and Kirk’s Disagreements
  • Kerrion was irritated by his award-winning father’s detailed words
  • Kirk’s eldest son now runs his own commercial video production company called Vimeo

Kerrion Franklin is the first child of Kirk Franklin, a well-known gospel artist. Kerrion was with the Grammy-winning choir director’s ex-wife, Shawn Ewing.

In March 2021, the eldest son gained notoriety after leaking a heated conversation he had with Kirk.

Kerrion’s father is one of the first people to be inducted into the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame.

It’s difficult to imagine such a decorated patriarch having problems with his son. But, in most cases, emotions triumph over fame and wealth.

But what exactly caused the men of Franklin to feud? Has Kerrion truly begun to live on his own?

Is he alone, or does he have a partner to help him get through this difficult time? And when did the schism first appear?

The Source of Kerrion and Kirk’s Disagreements

Kirk’s eldest son with ex-girlfriend Shawn Ewing is Kerrion.

Kirk was still in his late teens when he was born in 1988.

Kerrion appeared as a child in the Franklin family cover shoot for Jrt Magazine in 1998 and again in 2006.

Kerrion said the latter year was the last time he was close to Kirk.

It appears that the father and son haven’t seen each other in over 15 years. The father and son would eventually share their thoughts, though not in a pleasant way.

“I’m still his father, and when it becomes aggressive, I’ve got to have respect,” Kirk Franklin said during a visit to the Tamron Hall Show.

Both the father and the son clearly used profanities.

Kerrion Franklin
Kerrion Franklin (left) had a heated conversation with his gospel artiste father, Kirk Franklin. Source: Vim Buzz

“When yo’ b—h ass starts being disrespectful, get yo’ skinny motherf—-n’ ass out the… I put my foot in your ass,” Franklin said to Kerrion in the viral March 2021 conversation.

While defending Kirk, his biological mother, Ewing, admitted that neither she nor her husband had been perfect parents.

She admitted to hurting Kerrion and accused Kirk of doing the same.

Steve Harvey, a veteran television host, also weighed in on Kirk Franklin’s family situation.

Kirk, the 64-year-old broadcaster contended, was a man before he became a gospel singer, and he was a sinner before he was saved.

Similarly, radio host Ricky Smiley defended the gospel singer, saying, “I don’t think Kirk Franklin owed anyone an apology.”

Kerrion, despite his father’s apology, stood firm in his decision to speak out against him, claiming that he was only playing “mind games.”

What Other Phrases Did Kerrion’s Father Use?

Kerrion was irritated by his award-winning father’s detailed words.

“This is why I’m done,” the 33-year-old meme creator said. No father should ever speak to his children in this manner.

If I have any problems, it’s because of the type of treatment I receive behind closed doors.

Hanging up in my face, without an apology, compassion, or effort. Stop telling me to go home to my family; I have no idea where they are.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever trust my father enough to be alone with him again.” “I didn’t want to do this,” said Kirk Franklin’s first son.

During the argument, Kirk can be heard saying, “I will break yo neck (N-word).”

There were apparently a lot of words from the footage that the son decided not to upload because they were too embarrassing – even for himself.

On March 23, he threatened to change his name during an Instagram live with Larry Reid.

The Swank Media owner stated that he was on the verge of changing his surname.

“I’m one pen sign away from changing my last name,” Kerrion added.

What Is Kerrion Franklin Up To These Days? Is he dating anyone?

Kirk’s eldest son now runs his own commercial video production company called Vimeo.

The E-service aids in the creation and distribution of videos for the purpose of marketing and promoting products and services.

He also works as a cinematographer/director of photography at Evidence Film Studios in Los Angeles, California.

He has been with the company since 2015.

According to his Facebook page, the former creative director of AR Ferone currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Through the same portal, he also identifies himself as single and free of romantic partners.

Despite hundreds of photographs, fans have yet to see him posing with a love interest.

Kerrion Franklin
Kerrion Franklin in the advertisement of the Bad Boys Source: Youtube

That pretty much sums up Kerrion’s life on his own and his apparent decision to stand alone for the time being.

Particularly in the realm of romanticism.

Meanwhile, the Fort Worth native occupies himself by creating memes and photographing his daily activities.

Carrington Franklin, Caziah Franklin, and Kennedy Franklin are his three other siblings.

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Kerrion Franklin’s net worth

The net worth of @kerrionrashad is still a matter of speculation and conjecture.

However, based on his social media habits, he appears to be in good financial standing.

While an exact valuation of his fortune has yet to be determined, we’re going to go out on a limb and say he’s worth at least five figures.