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Kenneth Petty

Kenneth Petty

Kenneth Petty is a music executive of the company names, Zoo Bang, who is mostly known for being married to famous American singer and rapper, Nicki Minaj. Kenneth Petty is also famous for his nickname, Kenneth Zoo.

Early life and Childhood

Kenneth Petty is best known as Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend; he was born on 7 April 1978 in Queens, New York City, USA.

Under the zodiac sign of Aries and is of American nationality. Kenneth is 41 years old right now

His occupation is unknown, but he is a sex offender who was convicted of manslaughter.

Kenneth grew up in a bad neighborhood and began criminal activities at a young age.

He is attempting to avoid media scrutiny, so little is known about his family his parents have allegedly been involved in criminal activities as well.

They have two other children besides Kenneth.

Education Details

Kenneth Petty went to Queens High School and was a bit of a bad boy there he was the type of person no one wanted to mess with.

He met Nicki Minaj there, and the two began dating long before she became the world’s most popular female rapper.

It is unknown whether Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend has graduated from high school.

Professional Career

Petty worked several jobs after dropping out of school to be able to buy his drugs and financially support himself.

He is known to smoke weed on a daily basis, but he hasn’t stated whether or not he uses other drugs.

He and Nicki Minaj split up as soon as he graduated from high school.

And they didn’t start dating again until 2018, more than 20 years later.

Kenneth spent many years ‘working the streets,’ selling weed and possibly other narcotics.

While he was arrested several times on various charges, he was convicted of first-degree murder in 2006 and sentenced to seven years in prison.

He was released from prison in 2013, and some believe that his time in prison changed him.

And that he is no longer involved in criminal activities, others believe he is the same man he was before.

Kenneth attempted to break into the rap industry after being influenced and motivated by his girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

But he did not succeed and appears to have given up on the idea.

Kenneth has expressed his desire to work in the film industry; he grew up watching movies.

And his favorites are “The Godfather I,” “Fight Club,” and “Goodfellas.” He has only seen a few TV shows, his favorite being “Breaking Bad.”

Net Worth and Salary

Kenneth Petty’s current net worth is estimated to be around $50,000 .

It is unknown whether or not this figure is increasing.

Relationship Status

Kenneth Petty has allegedly dated a number of women over the years .

He is currently dating Nicki Minaj, the world’s number one female rapper.

Kenneth Petty
Kenneth Petty with his wife Source: Hollywood Life

Kenneth and Nicki fell in love the moment they met when Kenneth was in his second year of high school.

Kenneth was a troublemaker, which drew Nicki to him.

Despite the fact that she was interested in rap and was participating in rap battles with both boys and girls at the same school.

They dated for nearly two years, going back and forth and splitting several times.

Due to Kenneth’s cheating they split for good in fourth grade when Kenneth dropped out of school.

Kenneth found a way to contact her and ask her about her life over the years, and the two rekindled their relationship in 2018.

After going out for a drink, the fire between the two was rekindled.

And they began going out together Nicki made this official on her Instagram account.

They’ve been dating since 2018, and there have been no controversies or rumors about their relationship.

Body Measurement

Kenneth Petty is 5feet 11inches (1.81m) tall with short black hair and brown eyes, weighs around 78kg/171lbs.

He has short black hair and brown eyes. His biceps measure 14.5in, and his vital stats are 40-32-35. He wears size nine shoes.

Social Media

Kenneth isn’t very active on the internet.

But he and Nicki Minaj appear to have accounts on several social media platforms called “Nicky Minaj & Kenneth Petty” that they use together

Their Instagram account currently has over 870 followers, and they have uploaded over 50 photos to it.

They are not active on Twitter. The two have a Facebook page as well, but it only has about 60 followers.

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  • Kenneth has allegedly been with numerous women throughout the years.
  • He is currently dating Nicki Minaj, the number one female rapper in the world.
  • Nicki is an actress as well  she landed her first role in 2012 when she lent her voice in the “Ice Age:
  • Continental Drift” animated movie.
  • She has so far sold more than 20 million singles as the main singer, 60 million as a featured singer, and more than five million albums around the world.