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Kelly Tilghman

Kelly Tilghman

Kelly Tilghman is a well-known golf broadcaster, best known for being the PGA Tour’s first female lead announcer. Kelly Tilghmanworked for the Golf Channel for 22 years before leaving in 2018.

Early life and Childhood

Kelly Tilghman was born on August 6, 1969, in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA.

Under the sign of Leo and with American citizenship.

She grew up in the family of Katherine and Phil Tilghman, who were both avid golfers as children.

Kelly’s parents founded and managed a golf course for more than 22 years.

Which allowed Kelly to learn about golf at a young age and quickly develop strong skills in this sport.

Because there is no information about siblings, she is most likely the only child in her family.

Education Details

Kelly Tilghman graduated from her high school in North Myrtle Beach in 1987 and immediately enrolled at Duke University.

She was an active member of the university’s women’s golf team.

Winning the Lady Paladin Invitational hosted by Furman University in 1990.

Kelly graduated from her alma mater with a BA in Political Science and History.

But she decided to try her hand at golf and went on to play professionally.

Professional Career

Tilghman competed in numerous tournaments in many countries around the world during her professional golf career.

including Australia, several European countries, China, and Japan.

She also tried her hand at being a golf coach, training others and teaching them how to play the game properly.

Her career began actively in 1992, but in 1996 she decided to retire from professional sports to focus on her broadcasting career.

despite having extensive experience and a thorough understanding of all aspects of the game.

Kelly was able to secure a position on the Golf Channel team almost immediately after its inception.

Kelly Tilghman
Kelly Tilghman Doing her Working. Source: USA Today>Adam Schupak

Kelly, a veteran Golf Channel broadcaster, was the co-anchor of shows such as “Golf General,” “Sprint Post Game,” and “Live From…”.

She also hosted several Golf Channel original programs, including “Academy Live” and “The Grey Goose 19th Hole.”

As a seasoned pro, she was frequently asked to comment on and cover various golf events.

appearing on course and reporting the latest results.

Kelly signed a 15-year contract with the PGA Tour (Professional Golfers’ Association) in 2007.

at the height of her popularity and as one of the most experienced golf broadcasters.

According to the terms of the contract, the Golf Channel would have the right to broadcast three major events each year.

in addition to all weekday coverage of the tour’s events.

Kelly began co-broadcasting with popular anchor and lead analyst Nick Faldo on all PGA Tour telecasts.

The “Golf Channel” executives rushed to invite Vince Cellini to fill Kelly’s spot if she was suspended.

However, it did not go as Sharpton had hoped, as the “Golf Channel” only suspended Kelly from broadcasting for two weeks.

It is worth noting that Tiger Woods insisted he saw nothing wrong.

With Kelly’s words and even invited her to collaborate on his golf video game “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” (in 2009, 2010, and 2011).

Some other channels, however, refused to let the story die because they wanted to use another suitable situation to fire Kelly.

Kelly announced her departure from the Golf Channel in 2018.

Despite the fact that she stated she was going to focus on her personal life.

Kelly continued to work hard even after leaving the channel.

The Golf Channel then hired another reporter, Alexandra, who resembles Kelly.

because the channel’s audience frequently expresses such views in the comments section of their official Instagram account.

Kelly was appointed as an ambassador (and co-host) of the Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2017.

A year before she officially left the Golf Channel.

She also promoted the Gene’s Dream Foundation.

Which she co-founded with other professional players in order to develop young talent and assist junior golfers in getting into tournaments.

She now promotes the “Mentor Cup” project, which raised approximately $9 million in 2017 during the tournament at Tidewater Golf Club.

She is filming a stand-up routine for NBC’s Presidents Cup preview show, which airs on September 22nd!

Presidents Cup posted on Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kelly revealed that she was collaborating with Arnold Palmer’s daughter.

Amy and her husband Roy pool resources and work together to raise funds for juniors.

Net Worth and Salary

Kelly Tilghman’s current net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

according to authoritative sources; she was reported to earn up to $375,000 per year while working at the “Golf Channel.”

Her net worth will increase in the future as she continues to work hard on new projects with Amy Palmer.

Arnold Palmer’s daughter, and her husband Roy, the vice president of Bay Hill.

Kelly is said to own a 4,493-square-foot mansion in Windermere, Florida.

With five bedrooms and three bathrooms worth around $1.4 million.

Kelly and her family are currently residing there, as is her daughter

Relationship Status

Kelly Tilghman was rumored to be dating her co-host, Nick Faldo, in 2010.

After the audience sensed strong sparks between them while they were on-air together.

The rumors, however, were false because Nick was dating another girl.

Leslie Anne Wade, the CBS Sports communication chief.

Kelly kept her personal life private, never naming names when asked about her husband.

She gave up once and stated that she had a daughter named Ryan (who is around eight years old as of 2019).

Kelly is frequently rumored to be a lesbian, as the majority of her friends are female.

However, she never confirmed or commented on these educated guesses.

Body Measurement

Kelly Tilghman has naturally light brown hair that she bleaches blonde and blue eyes.

Kelly is 5feet 6inches (1.73m) tall, weighs approximately 138lbs (63kgs), and has the following vital statistics: 35-24-35.

In terms of clothing, she prefers sporty looks, frequently wearing sports suits and soft fleece jackets, as most golfers do.

Social Media

Kelly isn’t very active on social media because she doesn’t have an Instagram account or a Facebook page.

Kelly, on the other hand, is very active on her Twitter profile, which is read by nearly 180,000 people.

And has tweeted over 11,500 times.

Kelly’s Instagram presence was only supported by the official “Golf Channel” account when they posted her pictures.

Anyway, she hasn’t yet created her own page, probably believing that Twitter is sufficient for staying in touch on social media.

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  • Kelly is a popular golf broadcaster, who is best known for being the first female lead golf announcer on the PGA Tour.
  • She worked at the Golf Channel for 22 years, quitting in 2018.
  •  Kelly was rumored to date her co-host, Nick Faldo, as the audience felt the strong sparks between them while they were on the air together.
  • Tilghman is very active on her Twitter profile, which is read by almost 180,000 people and has tweeted more than 11,500 times.
  •  Kelly’s current net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.
  • She was reported to earn up to $375,000 per year while she worked at the “Golf Channel”.