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Kelly Mi Li’s New Boyfriend: Who Is He? Examine Her Personal Life

Kelly Mi Li
  • Kelly Mi Li, is a well-known Chinese American serial entrepreneur, film producer, and investor.
  • The reality star announced that she had begun dating someone new.
  • Kelly admitted to dating someone else in the Season 3 finale.

Who is Kelly Mi Li?

Kelly Mi Li, a well-known Chinese American serial entrepreneur, film producer, and investor, may be dating someone after her destructive on-again, off-again relationship with Andrew Gray ended.

When Season 3 of Bling Empire began filming, the film producer was ready to move on with her dating life. Toward the end of the season, the reality star announced that she had begun dating someone new.

Is Mi Li in a relationship?

Kelly Mi Li
Mi Li with her boyfriend source: People

During Season 3 of Bling Empire, Li teased a mysterious new boyfriend.

Throughout Season 3, several of her friends were anxious that she and

Gray was going to reignite their rocky, on-again, off-again romance.

Her close friend Kane Lim intervened and discreetly built a dating profile

for her to help her get back out there and meet new people.

Even though Lim arranged a date for her with John, the relationship

ended after only a few dates since the entrepreneur wasn’t feeling it.

Despite the fact that her relationship with John did not work out,

Kelly admitted to dating someone else in the Season 3 finale,

however she was not yet ready to reveal his identity to her friends.

In “The One That Got Away,” the final episode of the third season, she admitted to being in a relationship.

Despite his eagerness to divulge the details of his friend’s new connection,

Lim managed to keep any information about him hidden.

Unfortunately, she just told her friends that her new boyfriend is “totally fantastic” and Chinese.

“You’ll love him,” she promised her coworkers.

Li has not provided any more clues regarding the mystery man’s identity on

social media since Bling Empire Season 3 was recorded in the fall of 2021,

thus it’s unclear if they are still dating or if she has found someone else.

Kelly Mi Li’s dating history

Previously, the Chinese American entrepreneur was married to Lin Miao,

the founder and CEO of a texting company.

When was in her twenties, she married Miao.

During the premiere episode of Netflix’s Bling Empire, she revealed her relationship.

“In my twenties, I was married to a Chinese guy, and we lived a rich, crazy lifestyle,” she explained.

The Bling Empire star also revealed that she and Miao spent a lot of money

together until the government stepped up one day and stole everything from them.

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Her ex-husband was arrested nearly a decade ago

for orchestrating one of the greatest cyber frauds in American history.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Miao and his associates

committed a multimillion-dollar fraud by charging text message services

to customers’ bills without their authorization. The couple divorced in May 2015.

Li was romantically involved with Gray after her divorce from Miao.

After a brief breakup in season one of Bling Empire, the couple rekindled their relationship.

However, it appears that the couple was doomed to fail.

Li and her problematic lover Gray decided to end their relationship officially

after being together for nearly 5 years after reuniting in June 2020.

She revealed the shocking news on Instagram, which has since been removed,

claiming that the couple had made the “tough decision” to split up.