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Kanye surprises model J Mulan with his performance at her birthday

Kanye West
  • Who is Kanye West? 
  • Kanye West pays an unexpected visit to J Mulan’s birthday party.
  • West’s brief biography

Who is Kanye West?

Kanye West is embroiled in a divorce battle with his ex-wife and mother of four, Kim Kardashian. Kanye West is feverishly attempting to entice her back.

In order to stay close to her and their children, he even bought a house in California directly across the street from where Kim lives with their children.

Despite his personal problems, he appears to be in excellent spirits.

He was recently seen at the birthday party of model and media sensation J Mulan, where he engaged with his followers.

Kanye West
Kanye West with Kim Kardashian source: Pinkvilla

Kanye West pays an unexpected visit to J Mulan’s birthday party.

Kanye West, 33, an American rapper, was recently seen at model J Mulan’s birthday celebration.

He had been invited specifically for the celebration, but it was supposed to be a surprise for the birthday lady.

She was overcome with emotion when he performed for her.

The celebration took place at James Harden’s Thirteen restaurants in Houston, Texas.

Kanye and Justin Laboy went there.

“Kanye arrived with Justin Laboy, and J Mulan was very taken aback when he arrived.

Throughout the night, Kanye remained calm and cheerful.

Kanye was grooving out to his music while DJ Maiya Papaya played all of his hits, and he showed the DJ love.

Kanye was gracious to all of his admirers and posed for selfies with everyone who approached him.

Kanye stayed at Thirteen until the restaurant closed, and they let him stay later than usual.”

J Mulan, a stunning model, was overjoyed by Kanye’s appearance and performance at her birthday party this year.

She announced the wonderful news to her admirers on Instagram.

J Mulan shared a video of herself and Kanye posing for photos together.

She wrote in the caption:


Kanye West and his new home

Kanye recently purchased a home directly across the street from Kim’s property.

According to a People magazine insider “Kanye’s new abode is a shambles.

He merely purchased it for the location. It’s close to Kim and the kids.

He has a vision for the house and intends to begin construction as soon as possible.

It will be suitable for children. He wants to have the kids over as often as possible.

Kanye’s trips were becoming more difficult as he lived solely in Malibu.

“Kim, 41, is terrified of all that is going on in her life.

She posted a strange message on social media that read:

“A guy will not know what he is truly capable of until he FACES what frightens him.”

Fear does not exist to stop you.

Fear exists to help you become STRONGER and BRAVER.

Approach each problem and obstacle with the mindset that it is occurring to help you GROW.”

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Kanye West’s brief biography

Kanye West is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and fashion designer from the United States.