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Julie Nolke: Is Julie Married to a Husband?

Julie Nolke
  • Julie Nolke is a skilled Canadian actor, writer, and comedian.
  • She is a YouTuber with over 965,000 subscribers on her self-titled channel.
  • She is married to her boyfriend-turned-husband, Samuel D Larson, or Sam Larson.
  • Their relationship can be traced all the way back to July 2015.

Julie Nolke is a skilled Canadian actor, writer, and comedian. In addition, Julie Nolke is a YouTuber with over 965,000 subscribers on her self-titled channel.

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Is Julie Nolke married or single?

As of this writing, Julie Nolke for 2020 is neither single nor dating anybody else.

Instead, she is married to her boyfriend turned husband, Samuel D Larson, or Sam Larson.

On June 20, 2019, the couple exchanged wedding vows two years ago.

They had been dating for a long time before heading down the aisle.

Their relationship can be traced all the way back to July 2015.

Julie Nolke
Julie Nolke with her husband. Source: celebsindepth

However, because they both desire to keep their relationship private, neither of them has been vociferous about their dating life, neither in the media nor on social media.

Nonetheless, they occasionally share photos with one another.

For example, on her first wedding anniversary, June 20, 2020, Nolke published a couple of photos.

She accompanied the photographs with a lengthy caption that read:

“My name is Sam. He’s really cool.

In my videos, he’s always behind the camera, so you never see him.

He is also a squatter in my home, which I tolerate.

We’re best friends, and we got matching rings last year that we use to assemble and power up.

In any case, I’m a great fan. “I’ll love you forever, huge goober.”

Nolke and her spouse appear to be enjoying their marital life and keeping their relationship as discreet as possible.

Nolke’s Brief Career

The Canadian native began her YouTube account on October 2, 2011, under the name of Feeling Peckish.

Although the channel was founded in 2011, Nolke began to submit videos frequently after May 2015.

Initially, she used to share cooking videos.

While she stood in front of the camera, her now-husband, Sam, worked behind the cameras.

Later, she was engaged by Tastemade and generated ideas for videos.

Years later, she changed her YouTube channel name to Julie Nolke and began sharing comedic sketches and vlogs.

As she continued to share the same type of content, her channel increased more and more.

Apart from generating comedy skits for her channel, she worked as an actress, producer, and writer.

As an actress, she appeared in various short movies & TV episodes such as Oil Men (2017), Are We Bad Feminists? (2019), The Boys (2020), and What We Do in the Shadows (2020). (2020).

Her employment in the entertainment business also led to an increase in her YouTube channel as well as in her social media accounts.

Currently, she enjoys 965,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 126,000 followers on Instagram, 21,000 followers on Twitter, and 119,000 fans on Facebook.

Nolke’s surge in popularity has directly affected her income too. In addition to her revenue from her YouTube channel and acting career, she earns a considerable sum from her merch store.

Currently, Julie Nolke’s net worth is said to be around $1 million – $2 million.

Short Bio: Age, and Parents Details

Hailing from the outskirts of Calgary, Canada, Nolke was born in 1990.

Just lately, she turned 31 years old, having celebrated her birthday on the 24th of August.

As per her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Virgo.

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On her big day, she tweeted a pair of photographs of herself and captioned it by writing, “If you ain’t 31 today, where you at?”

The specifics of the YouTuber’s parents and siblings are still to be discovered.

Although the identity of her parents is unclear, she occasionally publishes images about them.

For instance, on August 20, 2021, she published some images and wrote in the caption that her parents visited her and gave her an early birthday present.

Going into the intricacies of her schooling, she is an honorary graduate of Toronto, Ontario-based York University with a B.F.A. in Acting.

How Tall Is Julie Nolke?

The Canadian YouTuber stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 inches or 1.65 meters and weighs roughly 60 kg or 132.28 lbs.