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Julia Lazar Franco

Julia Lazar Franco

Julia Lazar Franco is a former singer, cook, and yoga instructor. Julia Lazar Franco was well-known as the wife of American actor Tom Franco, with whom she stayed married until her death in 2014.

Julia had a diverse career aside from being known for her husband’s work; she was a vocalist, manager, and the creator of 23Monkeytree.

In addition, she and her beau shared the directorship of the Firehouse Art Collective.

Early life and Childhood

Julia Lazar Franco was born on November 7, 1957, in Vienna, Austria, to Imra Lazar, a film director, and Marika Nag, an artist.

Lazar was of Hungarian-Austrian heritage and was an Austrian by nationality.

She acquired an artistic calling from her mother and excelled in sketching and painting.

Education Details

Julia studied Painting and Life Drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Austria.

She also studied fashion at Hetzendorf Modeschule for a short time.

Lazar Franco migrated to the United States in the 1980s and became a member of a Californian artistic community.

Professional Career

Franco pursued her singing career and was the lead vocalist of a local rock band called Exit while living in California for ten years.

Lazar Franco came to India in search of spirituality in the 1990s, where she learned yoga and cuisine while working in an ashram (a place for religious retreat).

Julia grew so enthralled with cooking that she flew to Paris to study at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy, despite the fact that it was her duty to do the kitchen while at the ashram.

She returned to the United States in the 2000s and worked for SYDA Foundation as the Food Service Manager.

Net Worth and Salary

Julia Lazar Franco had a net worth of around $1 million at the time of her death in 2014.

Her numerous careers as a singer, cook, and yoga instructor provide the majority of her income.

She was reportedly the creator and director of 23Monkeytree, a company that aimed to produce green food-cuisine goods.

In addition, she and her husband Tom Franco, the founder of Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley, California, shared the direction.

Tom supposedly has a net worth of $500,000 as of March 2021, owing to his on-screen work in addition to his art profession.

Relationship Status

Julia Lazar Franco had a ten-year romance with Tom Franco, although they were only married for a few months before she died in 2014.

Franco is the younger brother of well-known Hollywood actors David and James Franco, the latter of whom won a Golden Globe for his roles in the Spider-Man trilogy (2002-2007), Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), and Oz the Great and Powerful (2012).

Julia and Tom reportedly met in 2003 at an ashram in the Bay Area of California, where she was helping with the cooking while the Basket Case 2 star was running family retreats.

The couple immediately heated up thanks to their shared interest in spiritual connection, and they began dating shortly after.

Despite being secretly engaged throughout their 11-year romance, the couple never had a child.

Julia Lazar Franco
Julia Lazar Franco posing with her husband. Source: affairpost

They married on July 28, 2014, a month before Julia died, after she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C 2014.

Prior to Tom, she was married to Richard Schönherz and had a daughter named Dawn, who is now married to filmmaker Ramon Rigoni and has a son Rafael.

Franco has already moved on after her passing; in 2015, he married his second wife, film producer Iris Torres.

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Body Measurement

Julia Lazar Franco’s body dimensions are unknown.


Julia died on August 25, 2014, at the age of 56.

She was diagnosed with Hepatitis C earlier this month and admitted to UCSF Hospital’s ICU.

Her death was caused by complications from hepatitis C-related liver failure, end-stage liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer. She also suffered kidney illness, according to reports.