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Jordan Sweeto, Artist, dating?

Jordan Sweeto
  • Jordan Sweeto is a multi-talented Canadian-Australian musician, animator, gamer, actor, and singer-songwriter.
  • He is under the astrological sign of Leo.
  • his net worth is believed to be in the $300,000 USD range.
  • Jordan Sweeto is dating Wolfychu, another YouTube sensation.

Jordan Sweeto is a multi-talented Canadian-Australian musician, animator, gamer, actor, and singer-songwriter. Jordan Sweeto’s YouTube channel, which has over 1.26 million subscribers, is well-known.

He was even a part of the My Digital Escape and Our World Away channels.

Jordan Sweeto’s parents

Jordan Sweeto is a 28-year-old man.

He was born in Canada on August 13, 1992, under the astrological sign of Leo.

His boyhood was spent with his two younger sisters.

He has not, however, mentioned his parents’ names.

For several years before moving to Australia, he and his family went regularly from Alberta, Canada to Australia and vice versa.

He now lives in Canberra, Australia.

He is the younger of two sisters. He holds dual Canadian and Australian citizenship.

Moving ahead, based on his age, he may have completed his high school diploma, but he may also have dropped out of college.

As a result, there is no information available about his educational background.

He acquired an interest in humor and acting in primary school, but this decreased after he attended several kid acting workshops.

He grew interested in music during his high school years.

He studied guitar at the time and eventually composed his own music.

Similarly, Metro Station, All Time Low, and Owl City are among his musical influences and favorite bands.

He also placed second in his school’s Battle of the Bands.

Kyle David Hall, BryanStars, Johnnie Guilbert, Alex Dorame, Jeydon Wale, and Shannon Taylor all appeared on My Digital Escape with him.

More facts about Jordan Sweeto

Full Name: Jordan Sweeto
Age: 28
Birthday: August 13
Nationality: Canadian
Horoscope: Leo
Girlfriend: Wolfychu
Net Worth: $300,000 USD
Profession: Artist
Sibling: 2
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

Jordan Sweeto’s net worth

Jordan Sweeto is a well-known Canadian-Australian YouTube sensation who has acquired substantial wealth.

His principal source of revenue is his three YouTube channels.

He has uploaded 512 videos on his main YouTube account, collecting more than 135 million views.

He averages one new video every month and has 95 new subscribers with 128k views per day.

As a result, his net worth is believed to be in the $300,000 USD range.

Jordan Sweeto’s girlfriend

Jordan Sweeto is dating Wolfychu, another YouTube sensation.

His girlfriend is a popular animation YouTuber with millions of followers.

Before they started dating, they had been friends for three years.

In a video titled “How I Met My Boyfriend,” the couple shared their experience on his girlfriend’s YouTube channel.

Jordan Sweeto
Jordan Sweeto with his girlfriend Source: YouTube

He also routinely publishes their gorgeous photo on his social media channels.

Sweeto, on the other hand, is a warm-hearted, down-to-earth, and endearing character.

His fans like him for his stunning long hair and warm demeanor.

Apart from that, he has happily avoided any contentious behaviors or scandals.

Jordan Sweeto’s height?

Jordan Sweeto is a young man with long dark brown hair and green eyes.

He has a thin build and a tall stature.

He has not, however, specified his actual height, weight, or other dimensions.

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Jordan Sweeto’s professional history

Jordan Sweeto is a YouTube star from Canada and Australia known for his channel DanSweeto, which has over 2.26 million subscribers.

He has contributed to the channels Our World Away and My Digital Escape as a vocalist, film creator, animator, gamer, and actor.

Sweeto also has two additional channels dedicated to gaming and animation.

Sweeto, a singer and musician, has covered popular artists’ songs and even composed his own.

He was a member of the band “Dan Sweeto” and competed in his high school’s Battle of the Bands.

Later, after searching for members on YouTube, he decided to pursue his singing passion and created a band with two musicians named Jamie and Brendan.

Three of them, together with several pals, used the identity “Dan Sweeto” and traveled across the country.

They began to amass a sizable fan base, which drove their motivation even further.

However, soon before the release of their first single (“Forever to Me”), more than half of the band left, leaving Dan Sweeto as a two-piece: Jordan and Brendan.

They didn’t leave their courage to work on passion, though, and instead released the song.

They even started planning a tour.

They collected several studio musicians because their second tour seemed incomplete with only two members.

Ben, one of the artists, remains friends with him and frequently appears with him in YouTube videos and YouNow live concerts.

As a result, Ben rejoined the band, making them a three-piece.

They changed their name to “Sweeto.”

They were taken over by a record label after only a few months together.

They even toured, made magazine appearances, and recorded with pros.

After a year, they felt as if life was tearing them apart, so they disbanded the band.

Sweeto then chose to go solo and started participating on numerous social media sites.

Sweeto then launched his main channel on March 15, 2009.

Initially, he covered songs such as “Love Drunk” by Boys Like Girls, “Vanilla Twilight” by Owl City, and “Fireflies” by Owl City.

Later, on his self-titled channel, he continued to produce animations, games, vlogs, and other videos.

He decided to establish another channel in 2013 after receiving some recognition.

‘SweetoGAMES,’ he named the channel.

He was made on November 8, 2013, and he has a lot of gameplay footage.

His videos include gameplay from Minecraft and Undertale, as well as Happy Wheels and Super Mario 3D games.

The channel is excellent for all ages of video game enthusiasts.

On August 27, 2014, the Canadian-Australian YouTuber SweetoTOONS’ established his third channel.

The following channel features his animated works and is a one-stop shop for animation aficionados.

He has uploaded several videos from the channel, including the “He Broke My Heart” meme, “My Girlfriend is an Anime Girl,” and “Losing My Mind” meme. The channel portrays himself as a skilled animator and talent.

Furthermore, all of his channels are performing magnificently in terms of views and subscribers in terms of channel popularity.

While his main channel has grown in popularity, with over 2.26 million subscribers and over 135 million views, his secondary channel has declined in popularity.

As of August 2020, his gaming channel, SweetoGAMES, had over 125k subscribers.

SweetoTOONS, his animation channel, has over 904k subscribers and over 48 million views to date.

Sweeto is currently enjoying moderate celebrity on social media.

Aside from YouTube, this personality has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.