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Jordan Beau Reveals Ex-Girlfriend Jordyn Jones Cheated on Him

Jordan Beau
  • He did not address his ex-girlfriend directly, but rather as a third person.
  • “I was with that person for three years of my life,” he explained. I had a home and a puppy, and we had recently relocated to a new state.”
  • He explained that he never expected it to happen to him because he treated everyone with “as much respect” as he could.
  • He went into greater detail about what happened and why the two split up.

Jordan Beau recently revealed on his YouTube channel that his ex-girlfriend Jordyn Jones cheated on him. He posted the video on October 12, 2022, under the title ‘Cheated.’ “My last relationship ended, and I was cheated on,” the YouTuber stated in his video. That is correct.” He went on to say that he was uncomfortable talking about or mentioning it.

Jordan Beau and Jordyn Jones ended their relationship in July 2021

Jones, an actress, singer, and podcast host announced her split from Beau on Instagram on July 23, 2021, after three years of dating.

Beau and Jones began dating in 2018. The YouTuber and singer quickly became the internet’s IT couple, and fans adored them together.

Jones had several hit songs, including “Cover Up,” “Leave,” and “Love You Less.”

In 2019, she appeared in an episode of AwesomenessTV and had a recurring role in Season 1 of Overnights.

She regularly updates her Instagram account with photos from her travels.

She also posts selfies and hilarious TikTok video outtakes.

Jordyn broke the heartbreaking news with a black-and-white photograph.

As she stated in the caption, the split was her decision. She continued by saying that she needed to prioritize herself and spend time alone.

The announcement came after they had quietly made the difficult choice, according to a recent episode of Jordyn’s podcast, What They Don’t Tell You.

Jordan Beau
Jordan Beau and Jordyn Jones. Source: j-14

“I’ve been single for about two months,” Jordyn revealed in an episode of What They Don’t Tell You aired on August 5, 2021.

“I am definitely evolving. I’m becoming more of a YOLO, carefree, and selfish person. And I think it’s a good thing that I’m changing.”

Jordyn, as she revealed in the same episode, moved to West Hollywood.

She also stated that she had stopped using birth control, which she claimed had a significant impact on her mood.

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Jordyn Jones was spotted at the home of her ex-boyfriend Jordan Beau

According to Hollywood Mask, the couple is still in contact despite their divorce.

Jones was seen at her ex-boyfriend Beau’s house in March 2022, leading fans to believe the couple had reconciled.

Jones later explained on her podcast that she was present to care for their pet dog Rarri.

When they were together, Rarri was their pet, but Beau later adopted their dog.

Jones seems to have moved on from her past relationship and has a new boyfriend.

However, on her March podcast, she revealed that she was single.

Beau, on the other hand, appears to have avoided dating and relationships.