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Jessica Namath: Do you want to know about Joe Namath daughter?

  • Jessica Namath is well-known throughout the world as the daughter of former NFL player Joe Namath.
  • She, like her mother and father, has had some bad luck with love.
  • Jessica Grace Namath was born on October 12, 1985, in Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.
  • She is the eldest child of former NFL player Joe Namath and his ex-wife, Deborah Mays aka Tatiana Namath.

Who is Jessica Namath?

Jessica Namath is well-known throughout the world as the daughter of former NFL player Joe Namath. When we hear the word Namath, we immediately think of the renowned Joe Namath Jessica Namath’s father.

Jessica Namath’s personal life includes her marriage to Brian Kennedy

Jessica Namath and Brian married in a private ceremony in July 2015.

The wedding took held at St. Therese Church in Montauk, New York.

Their wedding was small and personal.

Dick Cavett, a TV legend, was among those present.

Jessica’s mother, Deborah Mays, also attended the wedding.

The wedding reception was held in Fort Lane.

Jessica Namath
Jessica Namath with her father. Source: dailymail

Jessica rarely mentioned her affair when they were discussing their relationship.

Even on her social media handle, she never uploaded any images from her wedding.

Similarly, despite being married to a celebrity, Brian was able to keep himself hidden from the public for a long time.

Nevertheless, we do know the lovebirds started dating several years before their wedding in 2015.

Back in 2008, when Jessica lost her pet puppy, rumors indicated that she was living with her then-fiance, Brian.

Safe to say, they dated for approximately a decade before taking the big step.

Joe Namath Gifted Jessica Namath And his Son-In-Law A Million-Dollar Duplex

Just like other super-rich dads, Joe too gave Jessica Namath and his son-in-law an exorbitant wedding gift.

Back in July 2016, he bought a duplex situated on the Upper West Side of New York for his daughter and her spouse.

We can say it was a belated wedding gift.

The beautiful property was later named after Joe, Jessica, and Brian.

As for the apartment, it features two bedrooms, one bathroom pad with a formal dining room, a refurbished open kitchen, a living room, wide-plank bamboo floors, and a built-in bookshelf.

Apart from these mentioned characteristics, the house also comprises an outside deck and a stairway that leads to a lower-level garden.

Moreover, the property features one huge workplace for individuals who want to establish a workstation at home.

It can also be transformed into a third bedroom.

Jessica Namath Filed For Divorce From Brian Kennedy In 2019

At first, it looked like Jessica Namath and Brian would make an amazing pair.

On the contrary, their relationship didn’t even endure for a few years.

Just days after welcoming their first kid, the duo parted for good.

According to the divorce paperwork, their relationship had begun failing once Jess found her husband was a drug and alcohol abuser.

She found out about his addiction after discovering a bag of opioids when she was 38 weeks pregnant with their kid.

She also said in the filings that Brian also suffers from rage difficulties.

Meanwhile, her husband plainly refuted his wife’s claim.

He responded, “I deny all claims made against me.”

Jessica had first applied for an annulment of their marriage in 2017 but the application was dismissed.

However, this time, it had a legitimate stamp on it.

Brian Dragged His Father-In-Law Joe Namath Into The Divorce Proceeding

The divorce procedure didn’t proceed as easily as one would’ve thought.

After Jessica filed for divorce, her husband retracted by asking for her billionaire father’s bank information.

According to DailyMail, Brian has reportedly asked for Joe’s financial information, including credit card statements, bank accounts, and income tax returns.

As per Brian’s counsel, it is only reasonable to take a look at the paperwork because it’s evident Jessica is financially supported by her wealthy father.

As soon as Kennedy’s attorney asked for such details, Jessica’s legal team jumped in and touted the move as a blatant overreach,’ ‘an attempt to intimidate and harass the wife and her family and a backdoor attempt to get personal and/or corporate financial bank statements from Joseph William Namath.’

Apart from this, Brian also accused Jessica of isolating their son from him.

Besides, the paper also claimed Jessica and Brian separated in September 2016, days after giving birth to their first son.

Jessica Is A Mother Of Two Children

From her connection with Brian, the duo had one son named, John.

They welcomed their son in mid-2016.

As of now, he is four years old.

Apart from John, she is also the mother of one daughter named Jemma.

Now the identity of Jemma’s dad is still up for question but judging by the course of events, it looks like Brian might be her father. Let’s take a brief recap!

Back in 2008, several tabloids reported Jessica was living with her then-fiance, Mr. Brian Kennedy.

Her daughter looks like was born somewhere around the 2010s, so she might be Brian’s child.

But then again, we can’t be positive here!

Besides, an article from Jupitar Mag claims Joe Namath is a grandfather to five grandchildren, nevertheless, there are reports of just three of them.

Two of them are John and Jemma and the third one is Jessica’s sister Olivia’s son.

It seems either Olivia or Jessica became parents again but there has been no news about it.

Jessica Once Lost Her Pooch And Got Reunited With Him After Five Years

The tragic incident took place back in 2008 Jessica was living at her then-fiance Brian’s residence in Jupiter, Florida.

Their dog, a Shih Tzu mix pup, had run away from their backyard.

Instantly, Jessica asked the help of local authorities to find her pup.

She even announced a $2000 reward for people who can find him.

After months of searching, she decided to call off the search.

Fortunately, five years later, a man named Michael Cecere discovered her pet dog in St. Petersburg, Florida, some 200 miles away.

Jessica Namath: Who Is She? Her age, parents, and educational background

Jessica Grace Namath was born on October 12, 1985, in Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

She is the eldest child of former NFL player Joe Namath and his ex-wife, Deborah Mays aka Tatiana Namath.

Joe and Deborah tied the knot on November 7, 1984.

They first met a year before in Arthur Joseph’s voice class.

Unfortunately, after two decades of marriage, they divorced in 2000.

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Deborah later married Brian Novack, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, but the marriage was also annulled.

Jessica attended The Archer School for Girls for her education.

In terms of her job, she is a writer and photographer based in New York City.

She has her own website where she showcases all of the projects she has worked on so far.

Jessica has an older sister

Olivia Namath, Jess’s only sibling, was born on December 11th, 1990.

She is Joe Namath’s more rebellious child, having been entangled in a few issues.

Olivia gave birth to her first child, a boy when she was 16 years old.

She was also arrested for marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

Her father was a man named Edwin Baker, who had a history of serious problems such as marijuana possession, burglary, and grand theft.