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Jesse Bongiovi: Who Is Jesse?

Jesse Bongiovi
  • Jesse Bongiovi (full name, Jesse James Louis) is the son of Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea Hurley.
  • He is the eldest son and the second kid of the Sexiest Rockstar and his longtime spouse.
  • Jesse Bongiovi was born in New Jersey on February 19, 1995.
  • Jesse was still in his senior year when he came up with the idea for Hampton Water.

Who is Jesse Bongiovi?

Jesse Bongiovi (full name, Jesse James Louis) is the son of Jon Bon Jovi and his wife, Dorothea Hurley. Jesse Bongiovi is the eldest son and the second kid of the Sexiest Rockstar and his longtime spouse.

Jesse Bongiovi Has Italian and Slovak ancestors

Jesse Bongiovi was born in New Jersey on February 19, 1995.

John Francis Bongiovi Sr., Bongiovi’s paternal grandfather, was in the Marines.

Carol (Sharkey), his grandmother, was a waitress at Playboy Bunny before becoming a florist.

Jesse Bongiovi
Jesse Bongiovi with his father. Source: people

Jesse is of Italian (the name Bongiovi derives from Sciacca, Sicily) and Slovak descent on his father’s side.

His grandmother, Carol, also has German and Russian ancestors.

Jon Bon Jovi, his famous father, has alleged that he is a biological relative of singer Frank Sinatra.

James spent his early youth in the Mercer Street neighborhood.

Jesse Bongiovi had a stellar high school record

In New York, Jesse Bongiovi attended Poly Prep High School.

Bongiovi was a two-year letter winner in football there.

He also lettered in lacrosse and played in the New York City football all-star game as a senior.

The Bon Jovi’s second child assisted Poly Prep in improving its record from 2-7 as a junior to 6-2 as a senior.

He was also an all-conference lacrosse midfielder and a member of the BlueKey Society and SOUL Foundation.

At PolyPrep, the Brooklyn native played under football head coach Dino Mangiero.

Jesse Bongiovi’s College Football Career

Jesse Bongiovi, the senior cornerback, saw no game experience as a freshman with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in 2013.

Similarly, while recovering from knee surgery, number 34 missed the whole Sophomore Season (2014).

That came after he tore his ACL during spring practices.

Jesse didn’t make his collegiate debut until his junior year, in a game against the University of Massachusetts (Sept. 26, 2015).

James is also said to have played for the Duke Blue Devils.

He received his bachelor’s degree in political science and business economics from the University of Notre Dame in January 2017.

Jon and Dorothea’s eldest son likewise attended the College of Arts and Letters, concentrating in political science.

He had originally planned to work in banking.

Jesse is a die-hard Patriots supporter.

During his freshman year of college, the athlete-turned-entrepreneur interned at Mogavero and Lee before working as a sales representative at Slice.

Jesse Bongiovi hung up with hookers

Jesse Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi’s son, partied like a rock star in Cuba during a high school outing in December 2012 — and his prep-school pal shared the images to prove it.

The now-deleted social-media images then looked to show Bongiovi and his closest friend from Brooklyn’s prestigious Poly Prep Country Day School smoking on stogies and soaking up the rays from rooftop patios in Cuba.

According to the lawsuit, the trip included plenty of liquor, cigars, and a hooker on the Brooklyn school’s cash.

Sebastian Andersen, one of Jesse’s friends, captioned a grainy Instagram photo of him, “First night in paradise #cuba.”

It appeared to be inside a restaurant. Rooftop balconies, a package full of Cuban cigars, and a vast seaside pool were also shown.

Jesse and Anderson brag to their pals about sleeping with prostitutes, drinking booze, and smoking Cuban cigars.

While the disciplinary squad later conducted an investigation, characterizing the actions as debauchery, the incident was never fully reported to trustees “to protect a ‘high profile celebrity parent of a student who attended the Cuba trip such as Jesse, himself.”

Jesse Bongiovi works with his father in business, and his product is on Gordon Ramsay’s menu

In 2017, Jesse was still in his senior year when he came up with the idea for Hampton Water, a vineyard.

Although Jesse has his father, famed French winemaker Gerard Bertrand, and a few friends as partners, he created the label design and the entire marketing concept.

The Versace Mansion in Miami hosted the launch.

The company sources its roses from the south of France but distributes them from the Hamptons in New York.

From France to Napa Valley, the wine took off, selling 32,000 cases in its first year and forecasting a 130% increase in sales in 2020.

Furthermore, Wine Spectator declared liquor the top-ranked rosé and #83 overall wine in the world, placing it among the Top 100 Wines of 2018.

It’s also worth noting that Hampton Water is available on the cocktail menu at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

In addition, the wine was featured in Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis‘ frosé drink.

Umami Burger, a world-renowned premium burger brand, has joined forces with the venture.

Hampton Water, in collaboration with the Bon Jovi group, has also participated in various charities to help provide financial assistance to underrepresented communities in the wine industry.

The father-son team frequently advertises their winery on social media, whether through TikTok videos or Instagram Q&As.

Jesse used to sell lemonade when he was a kid.

So, how much money does he have?

While it may take some time for Jesse to match his father’s $400 million fortune, he may already be a millionaire.

Not to mention the potential that he has the power to retire at any time.

What’s remarkable is that if all goes well, he will almost surely outperform his multimillionaire father by the time he reaches his age.

However, if we are to assess his net worth, it may very well be in the tens of millions of dollars.

Bongiovi, Jesse Has three brothers and sisters

Jon has four children, including Jesse.

Stephanie Rose, Jesse’s elder sibling and sister, was born in 1993, while his younger brothers Jacob Hurley and Romeo Jon were born in 2002 and 2004, respectively.

Jesse’s sister nearly died from a drug overdose

Stephanie Rose, John and Dorothea’s oldest child, and Jesse’s elder sister were hospitalized in 2012 after ingesting opioids as a freshman at the Central New York school. Fortunately, she healed.

Previously, she had been charged with criminal possession of a controlled narcotic and criminal possession of marijuana.

However, the charges were ultimately dropped under New York’s Good Samaritan law.

It was in violation of a local statute that prevents prosecution of persons who have overdosed on narcotics, according to Ian Grant, 21.

Girlfriend of Jesse Bongiovi, Jesse!

Jesse Bongiovi, Jon’s son, is dating Jesse Light.

Yes, some have advised that they marry soon simply to see what happens with the name thing.

Although neither Jesse nor Light has stated when their relationship began, they began appearing at each other’s side in the year 2019.

In July of that year, the former cornerback released a short video on Instagram of himself giving a surprise peck to Light.

Not long after, in September 2020, Jesse’s girlfriend, Light, shared many photographs on her Instagram, the most recent of which featured Bon Jovi’s son and her having a lighthearted smooch.

The pair’s relationship was as apparent as the day after that.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was criticized by Jesse Bongiovi

In May 2017, a huge number of students protested the speaker, Mike Pence, at the Notre Dame graduating ceremony.

The ex-vice president was giving a speech that alternated between cliches about bright, dream-filled futures and a lengthy criticism of political correctness on college campuses.

Following that, the audience members who opted to sit booed and applauded.

Surprisingly, one former Notre Dame football player stated that he understood and chose to join his fellow alumni who walked out.

Jesse later tweeted that he did not protest with his peers because he was “disappointed and even outraged to hear boos from the crowd when the demonstrators walked out.”

The entrepreneur went on to say that those who refused to listen were no different than the young people who stood alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. many years ago.

Jesse Bongiovi’s Relationship With Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown, the Stranger Things actor, could become a part of the Bongiovi clan in the future.

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Brown’s well-known romantic relationship with Jon’s second son and Jesse’s brother, Jake, has brought the actress even closer to the Bongiovi clan.

Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi ignited suspicions of their romance on their individual social media accounts.

Beginning in early 2021, the duo began to appear on each other’s handles in a very adorable manner.

However, it wasn’t until the spring that the British actress and Jake’s romance received official confirmation.

The couple posted a few cute photographs to their Instagram Stories.

Brown was resting her cheek on Jake’s head in one image, and she added a sticker that read, “Happy weekend.”

The purported dating partner has not publicly commented on the status of their connection.

However, if they acknowledge hearing the hearsay.

Brown may be Jesse Bongiovi’s future sister-in-law if she can keep it up for a long.