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Jenn Sterger

Jenn Sterger

Who is Jenn Sterger?

Jenn Sterger is a model, writer, and interviewer. Jenn Sterger’s job as a matchday host for the professional American football team the New York Jets changed her life. It made her renowned across the United States.

Jenn is also the wife of Cody Decker, a well-known American former professional baseball player in Major League Baseball.

Early Years, Personality, and Exploration

Jenn Sterger was born in 1983 in Miami, Florida. In Florida, she finished high school.

She then relocated to Tampa to continue her education.

Her bachelor’s degree was split into two halves. She has a kind demeanor and prefers to keep her life simple.

Sterger is unique in that she does not choose to wear short dresses in real life.

Sterger, on the other hand, prefers to wear a baseball cap most of the time.

She stated in an interview with ABC that she does not wear high heels or topsy-turvy shoes.

She prefers to walk about in flip-flops and Converse sneakers.

She prefers to be a normal Floridian girl despite having appeared in world-famous magazines.

She opted to join the Florida State University cheerleading squad after finishing her bachelor’s degree.

Her job entailed dressing up and cheering on the squad.

She was cheerleading in a football game on a daily basis. But that encounter changed her life completely.

Body Structure

When Jenn Sterger was in high school, she applied to several periodicals.

Her desire to model grew as a result of her friends complimenting her breasts and body structure.

As a result, she decided to contact various modeling agencies.

Her height is only 5 feet 2 inches, as previously stated.

Because of her short stature, she was rejected by every agency.

Facts of Jenn Sterger

Full Name Jennifer Lynette Sterger
Birth Date 1983
Birth Place Miami, Florida
Nick Name Jen
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Florida State University
Horoscope Not available
Father’s Name Leo Sterger
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Age 39 Years Old
Height 5’2
Weight Not available
Shoe Size Unavailable
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement Unknown
Build Mesomorph (Muscular)
Married Yes
Spouse Cody Decker
Children None
Profession Writer, Interviewer, Model
Net Worth $1.5 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Merch The Tenant (Movie)
Last Update April 2022

Net Worth and Salary

Jenn Sterger has a net worth of $1.5 million. Jenn earns $50,000 per year.

She is living a decent life in Los Angeles. As mentioned earlier, she is a simple girl who does not prefers to show off.

However, including her husband, Cody Decker’s total net worth of $25 million, it will be estimated at $26.5 million to spend for Sterger.

Modeling Career Start | Maxim Photoshoot

Sterger gave up her dream of becoming a professional model until she was contacted by Maxim, a well-known men’s magazine that features actors and models.

Because she was exposed to the ABC news, Maxim made contact.

She later became a celebrity model after posing for a nudist photoshoot for Playboy.

Jenn Sterger
Jenn Sterger posing for a picture. Source: bestofcomicbooks

Sterger worked as a spokesperson for Dr. Pepper, a soft drink company, and Sprint, a telecommunications company, after becoming a model.

She quickly gained popularity by endorsing herself for various media outlets and giving interviews.

Breast Implant Removal and the End of Modeling

Sterger continued to learn from other celebrities while modeling and put in a lot of effort to maintain her physique.

But she hid a secret about her breasts.

In 2009, during an interview, she explained that she does not need her breast implants.

She said she didn’t want to do photo shoots anymore because her interest in modeling declined.

After modeling, she wanted to do work for TV shows.

Contributions to Sports and Media

After establishing herself as a prominent model, she also started working as a sports columnist in Sports Illustrated.

She actively engaged in writing about American football, baseball, and basketball. Sterger got involved in writing for a short time.

Further, she started posting things on She wrote about sports teams, their flaws, and strategies.

Seeing her writings, Sports Illustrated quickly hired her. When she started working for Sports Illustrated, her passion for her writing developed.

She found her niche and began to work under the editor, which was quite astonishing for a beginner.

Sterger gained status while working as a columnist. Her writings became eminent. In 2010, she also started her acting career.

Moreover, she had worked in a thriller-horror movie called The Tenant. However, the film didn’t impress audiences. Yet, she didn’t give up.

Likewise, she also worked on the documentary, The Push for Permission. Acting in films was her dream, so she decided to follow her passion for struggling in Los Angeles.

Struggles of Sterger

Sterger has faced many hard times, every time she hadn’t achieved success.

She failed many times in the media industry.

She hosted a TV show for the ABC channel — which later did not air due to low ratings.

After a time, she moved to Versus, a TV channel.

There, she hosted a show named The Daily Line; but it was also closed because it did not gain audience popularity.

Later, she was contacted by a sister channel from Fox Sports for sports reporting.

But she wasn’t satisfied doing that job, so she canceled the contract.

After struggling for a short period, the New York Jets recruited her as a Gameday host.

Her duty was to wear sexy dresses to appear in front of the audience and cheer up the crowds.

She was successful in doing this job. Furthermore, her appearance and glossy look attracted crowds.

After working with the Jets for a year, a controversy arose about Sterger and Brett Favre, the NFL superstar.

Controversial Brett Favre Allegations

When NFL superstar Brett Favre signed with the New York Jets, it created a sensation around the internet.

Favre is the only person to achieve the Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Award.

He won many Super Bowls while playing with Green Bay Packers. The jets also expected to grab the titles so, they brought him.

But in 2010, a news report published in — a famous sports magazine headlined Brett Favre Once Sent Me Cock [Penis] Shots: Not A Love Story.

It uncovered the shady truths about Favre. It exposed the voicemails sent by Favre to Sterger calling his home to have “fun” with her— and also revealed the pictures of a hand wearing an expensive watch and holding a penis — alleged to be Favre’s.

Favre’s Defame Turned Sterger’s Popularity

The controversy started in 2008 when Favre signed with the Jets. Favre had a generous personality. He had contributed to many charities and social works.

Brett fans did not believe in Jenn’s allegations, so she got trolled as a Gold Digger. His fans claimed Sterger as a mischievous unsuccessful woman who wanted to spoil a superstar’s career.

But Sterger’s fan also responded to the troll. They showed commitment towards her and kept her unstressed.

Sterger told the media that she was once depressed because her trolls circulated on Myspace. In a short period, Sterger entered mainstream media headlines.

She took a bold move to expose Favre through a prominent magazine. The leaked photographs and audio clips were strong evidence to verdict Favre.

But a problem arose when she interviewed with ABC. In the interview, she explained that neither she has seen Favre directly nor has he.

However, the committee conducted an investigation — and the result was not in her favor. But Favre had to pay a 50,000 dollars fine for misbehaving.

The commission concluded that there were no strong proofs to decide whether Favre had sent those photos.

And Favre was acquitted of the allegations.

Favre’s fame got degraded because of Jenn. Gradually, his reputation eroded due to the controversy.

There was a rumor that Favre and Sterger had a settlement. However, later Sterger denied that and stayed with her decision.

End of Agreement with the Jets

After the controversy, Sterger’s fame grew stronger. Media houses invited her for numerous interviews, talk shows, and TV programs.

Her demand in the media industry became rampant. Some media houses labeled her as a Gold Digger, and some admired her as a bold female.

However, the controversy allotted her to become an icon — a respected celebrity in her hometown, Miami, Florida.

She frequently used to visit baseball, football, and basketball games. Sterger’s desire for sports never died.

But she lost interest in working with the Jets, so she decided to quit the job. Sterger moved to Los Angeles to follow her career in acting.

Marriage & Husband

Jenn Sterger is happily married to Cody Decker, a former Major League Baseball player.

Decker and Sterger got engaged in 2016, and they married in 2018. They currently reside in Los Angeles.

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Social Media Presence:

Her Facebook has 567.7k followers and her Instagram has 55.2k followers.