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Jason Williams Married Denika Kisty in 2003: Their Marriage

jason williams
  • Jason Williams, an American former basketball player, has achieved enormous professional success.
  • He is married and has a good marriage with his wife.
  • Jason, a former NBA player, also has three children.

Who is Jason Williams?

Jason Williams, an American former basketball player, has achieved enormous professional success. And the same is true for his romantic life. He is married and has a good marriage with his wife. Jason, a former NBA player, also has three children.

His wife Denika, daughter Mia, and older son are all sports fans, much like him. This is a detailed account of Jason Chandler Williams’ marriage and children.

Jason Williams’ wife is Denika Kisty, whom he married in 2003.

Jason Williams is married to Denika Kisty Williams, a University of Florida alumna.

They married in 2003 and have been together since.

Needless to say, he has a special relationship with his wife.

Though the basketball player avoids discussing his personal life in the media, he is devoted to his family.

In fact, Williams described his family as his “most prized possession” in his NBA biography.

Denika frequently joins Jason at games and sporting events.

On March 17, 2007, the two arrived together at the “A Knight With The Champions” event in Miami Beach, Florida.

He has three children from a marriage that has lasted over 18 years.

Jason and his wife Denika have three children.

jason williams
Williams with his family source: CelebSuburb

Jason Williams and his partner Denika Williams have three children, as previously stated.

And, to your surprise, all three of their children, Jaxon, Mia, and Nina, are already involved in sports.

Jaxon, their eldest son, was born on September 23, 2001, and is now 18 years old.

Jaxon enjoys basketball just like his father.

Mia, their 16-year-old daughter, is also a softball player.

Mia, an infielder from Windermere, Florida, was the top overall player in the 2023 Extra Elite 100 in 2020.

Nina, the youngest child, is four years old and has already expressed an interest in tennis.

Denika said about the adorable little child,

Nina is a fantastic tennis player.

She also plays basketball and practices frequently with Mia, so she is familiar with softball.

Nina is without a doubt our best athlete.

Jason and Denika are very close to their children.

Jason and his lovely wife Denika, like other parents, have a tight relationship with their children.

They are both having a good time as parents and frequently post images

of their children on their individual social media accounts.

On September 23, 2019, Jason shared a lovely Instagram message with Jaxon,

wishing him a happy 18th birthday. The post describes their father-son relationship.

Similarly, Denika is very close to her children and is frequently seen out

and about aiding her daughter with all of her sporting activities.

Not only that, but she is full of praise and support for her daughters.

The following Twitter post reveals a lot about her relationship with Mia and Nina.

Jason has tattoos with his children’s names on them.

Jason is a major tattoo fan who has multiple tattoos all over his body.

In addition to a panther tattoo on his right arm and an eye on his chest,

he has tattoos of his children’s names on his forearms.

In regards to the eye tattoo on his breast, he frequently states, “It’s why I pass so well, I have a third eye.”

Similarly, he has inked “WHITEBOY” across his knuckles and a dragon image on his left arm.

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Denika Williams, Williams’ wife, is also a sports fan.

William like her NBA husband is a sports fanatic.

Denika is a University of Florida graduate and a member of the Florida Gators track and field team.

In addition, she was an All-American Javelin thrower.

While she is not physically involved in sports at the moment, she cheerfully assists her children with sports.

Denika Kisty Is On Instagram?

Denika does not have an Instagram account, but she does have a Twitter account, @denikaleew.

She only has about 213 followers on Twitter and is not very active on the platform.